Meet Karine Vanasse, Pan Am's Colette Valois

Karine Vanasse
Karine Vanasse

Quebec actress Karine Vanasse plays Colette Valois, one of four sexy flight attendants on ABC's new series Pan Am. Vanasse, best known in Canada as the star of Denis Villeneuve's 2009 feature Polytechnique, was most recently seen in Woody Allen’s romantic comedy Midnight in Paris. She will also star in the romantic comedy I’m Yours alongside Rossif Sutherland, to be released later this year.

Karine Vanasse won numerous awards, including a Genie Award for Best Female Performance for her role in Polytechnique.

From Montreal, Vanasse now resides in New York.

Pan Am Stars Vanasse as Colette Valois

Colette Valois (Karine Vanasse)
Colette Valois (Karine Vanasse)

1963: Pan Am’s Clipper Majestic is about to embark on its inaugural flight. Karine Vanasse plays stewardess Colette, born and raised in France, who lost her parents during World War II. She tries to fill the void left by their absence but her choices often lead her down paths she wouldn't really want to be on. She thinks of others first and foremost, leaving her vulnerable. But regardless of her bad decisions, she's an eternal optimist: she's the best friend one could ever have.

In an interview she gave to the Montreal Gazette, Vanasse tried to downplay the notion that Colette Valois is the sexy French stewardess.

“They say in the press release that she’s a seductress but I don’t think that’s exactly how she’s portrayed in the pilot,” said Vanasse. “She likes her freedom. She wants to explore. She’s really passionate. [The seductress thing] is one part of her but it’s not the only thing.”

Pan Am will also feature actresses Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie and Kelli Garner in the roles of flight attendants and Michael Mosley and Mike Vogel (replacing Jonah Lotan) in the roles of pilots. The stories and intrigue take place in the glamorous atmosphere of this airline, the most prestigious in the world at the time.

Produced by Sony Pictures, the series is primarily intended for ABC, which will broadcast it on Sunday evenings at 10PM, immediately following Desperate Housewives. A very good case. "We take advantage of the ripple effect of Desperate Housewives, that attracts a predominantly female audience, which is also that of our series", said Karine Vanasse.

Pan Am has already found buyers in the UK (BBC), Canada (CTV), Australia (Nine Network), France (TF1), and Spain (Canal+).

Karine Vanasse is also a producer
Karine Vanasse is also a producer

Biography / Filmography

Born in Drummondville, Québec, Canada, November 24th,1983.

Karine Vanasse was spotted and hired by producer Lorraine Richard and director Léa Pool to play the role of Hanna in her first big break Emporte-moi (1999). The film was presented in 40 festivals across 20 countries. After that, she had the main lead in several movies; but her teen roles began to stick. She broke from the rebellious teenager typecasting by playing Donalda in Séraphin: un homme et son péché (2002), with actor Roy Dupuis. Vanasse later appeared in various Canadian productions in both French and English.

Vanasse was a producer and cast member of the 2009 film Polytechnique which portrays the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre in Montreal. She won the Genie Award for Best Actress for her performance.

Emporte-moi (Set Me Free)
Emporte-moi (Set Me Free)
Seraphin: un homme et son peche (Seraphin: Heart of Stone) with Roy Dupuis
Seraphin: un homme et son peche (Seraphin: Heart of Stone) with Roy Dupuis


  • 1999 : Le Souper
  • 1999 : Emporte-moi (Set Me Free) : Hanna
  • 2001 : Du pic au cœur (Games of the Heart) : Alice
  • 2002 : Séraphin : Un homme et son péché : Donalda Laloge
  • 2004 : Nous étions libres (Head in the Clouds) : Lisette
  • 2006 : Sans elle (Without Her) : Camille
  • 2006 : La Véritable Histoire du Petit Chaperon rouge (french dubbing)
  • 2006 : Alerte tsunamis (Killer Wave): Sophie Marleau
  • 2007 : Ma fille, mon ange (My Daughter, My Angel): Nathalie
  • 2007 : Vague meurtrière : Sophie
  • 2008 : High School Musical 3 : Sharpey Evans (french dubbing)
  • 2008 : Emma Fire : Emma
  • 2008 : Polytechnique : Valérie
  • 2008 : Un jour, peut-être : April Hoffman (french dubbing)
  • 2009 : Confessions d'une accro du shopping : Rebecca Bloomwood (french dubbing)
  • 2009 : Jusqu'en enfer : Christine Brown (french dubbing)
  • 2009 : Planète 51 (Planet 51) : Neera (french dubbing)
  • 2010 : L'Enfant prodige (The Child Prodigy) : Camillette Mathieu
  • 2011 : Angle mort : Stéphanie
  • 2011 : Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris
  • 2011 : French Immersion : Julie Tremblay
  • 2011 : Switch : Sophie Malaterre


  • 1999 : 2 Frères : Lucie Chaput
  • 2001 : Mon meilleur ennemi : Franny Anderson (young)
  • 2003-2005 : Radio Free Roscoe : Lily Randall (french dubbing)
  • 2006 : Un homme mort : Kim Blanchard
  • 2006 : Octobre 1970 (October 1970) : Christine
  • 2006 : Marie-Antoinette : Marie-Antoinette
  • 2008 : Blaise le blasé : Fabienne Lajoie (french dubbing)
  • 2009 : South Park: Wendy Testaburger (french dubbing)
  • 2009 : Lumière et caméra
  • 2011 : Pan Am : Colette Valois

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