What happened to Keasha Rigsby of TLC's 'Say Yes to the Dress'?

It WAS a mystery...but now we know what's going on with Keasha Rigsby!

Keasha Rigsby was one of the more popular consultants on the TLC reality series, Say Yes to the Dress, yet in 2011, viewers didn't see her on the show anymore. What happened to Keasha was a mystery. According to Wikipedia, TLC or the show Say Yes to the Dress never addressed a reason for Keasha's absence, a curious lack of information just made fans wonder even more where Keasha had gone.

Well -- we know where she is now.

The answer is ---

Keasha has moved to the Toronto, Canada area, where she is opening her own bridal shop and it looks like a television series of her own is in the works (but it doesn't appear to be a TLC show, which is why the network stayed mum.) I'm happy that she is doing well and it is good news for her, not bad news.

Calling All Brides --

Casting call for new bridal show!

Keasha Rigsby, formerly of Kleinfeld Bridal, has a new show & will be casting brides between May and August 2012. The name of the program will be Keasha's Perfect Dress and is scheduled to air on the Slice Network in Fall of 2012.

"If you want to be on TV and have Keasha help you find the perfect wedding dress contact Heidi at heidi@kpdproductions.com with your name, wedding date, dream dress budget and a description of your wedding dress style." ~ Slice Casting Call.

Join Keasha Rigsby's Official Fan Club

As of May, 2012, Keasha's fan club on Facebook had 200 members.

Wedding Dresses on Amazon

Would you consider ordering a wedding dress online? Many people are so busy they like this option. Others only feel comfortable being helped in person by a consultant. On the other hand -- these dresses on Amazon are MUCH LOWER PRICED than the wedding dresses in the $2,000-$15,000 range that are shown on Say Yes to the Dress! How do you feel about it?

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Your Comments are Welcome 22 comments

anonymous 4 years ago

Looks like she is going out on her own, This is what i found posted on May 30,2012.

Shaw Media-owned Canadian network Slice has ordered 14 episodes of bridal series Keasha's Perfect Dress.

Produced by Toronto-based Peace Point Entertainment, the half-hour program stars bridal consultant Keasha Rigsby of Say Yes to The Dress fame. The show will follow Rigsby as she opens a bridal boutique and consults with brides-to-be through the dress selection, fitting and alterations process.

anonymous 4 years ago

I am so happy for you keasha; missed you in "Say Yes to the Dress" but I am glad that you are moving up. Goodluck on your new show; I know it is going to be a huge success.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: just loved this young lady.... she made the show from kleinfelds would love to work for her.......just love weddings especially dresses & flowers........i wish her all the success in the world...hppy she is in t.o.

anonymous 4 years ago

'Keasha's Perfect Dress' premiers on Oct 2 in Canada. Watch for a USA premier in 2013,

Darla Dixon profile image

Darla Dixon 4 years ago Author

@anonymous: Cool! Thank you Les!

anonymous 4 years ago

I kept looking at her feeling like I knew her but couldn't remember where from. I forgot that it was Say Yes to the Dress - Kleinfeld. I thought it was a sitcom!

Darla Dixon profile image

Darla Dixon 4 years ago Author

@anonymous: It kind of was a sitcom sometimes. I have laughed so hard during Say Yes To The Dress sometimes!

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: how did you find out that show is coming to the USA?

anonymous 4 years ago

why did this network only select Keasha from Say Yes to the Dress?? I personally thought others were more experienced and knowledgeable..

anonymous 4 years ago

Thought Keasha was the most personable, and sweetest consultant on Say Yes. Congratulations to her and continued success. She deserves it.

anonymous 4 years ago

Good Luck Keasha! Loved you on say yes to the dress! I will watch your new show!

anonymous 4 years ago

Keasha originally decided to stop doing the show because kleinfelds doesn't give the consultants anything extra except added stress. There was no additional money no matter who you were.

anonymous 4 years ago


I am so happy that Keisha is well, I was very concerned that she was ill. I wish her much success.

anonymous 4 years ago

so happy to hear that Keisha had not succumb to bread cancer. She's such a joy to watch, wish L got the new channell, much success.

anonymous 3 years ago

Happy for her, but I definitely miss her on the show so much... She has so much soul

anonymous 3 years ago

Since she left, the show has no soul or compassion. I don't even watch it anymore, it just doesn't have that feeling anymore without her smile and heart.

anonymous 3 years ago

I miss her, hope all goes well.

anonymous 3 years ago

I'm glad to hear Keasha will be having her own show and will be back on TV. She was my favorite consultant on the show.

JES4GRAM 2 years ago

Miss you Keasha. You were one of my favorites. Best of luck in your new venture.

Mark Tulin profile image

Mark Tulin 2 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

I've been watching Say Yes to The Dress for a while now with my girlfriend and sometimes without her. I'm amazed at the patience that these consultants have with these, sometimes difficult, female customers who come in not knowing what they want. It has to be nerve wracking for the consultant.

miss Jackie 21 months ago

Oh my goodness!! I'm sooo excited for keasha. But, I have watched this show from the time it first aired. (SYTTD). And keasha was sooo heart filled with the customers. So she is soo truly missed. Her & Randy together, were priceless.

Gina 17 months ago

I loved Keasha! I'm in England so, any idea when or even if the new show will be aired here. Ta!

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