Learn Guitar Tabs

Learn Guitar Tabs: The Advantages and Disadvantages

In learning the guitar, you can choose to learn playing the basic chords or just learn guitar tabs. Guitar tabs are very different from your normal music sheet but some prefer playing it because it is easier to read. Although some may like to start from the basic chords and some like to start with guitar tabs, what really matter is where you will learn best. There are benefits to learning to play the guitar by guitar tabs and there are also downsides of it.

What are the benefits when you learn guitar tabs? Guitar tablature will only show you a number on what note you should play. It will show you what string to hold and strum and at which fret you should hold it. It is more visual, thus, making it easier to learn. Another benefit when you learn guitar tabs is that they are readily available in the Internet. Since it is easy to write, some musicians can easily share song tabs online. And if you want to compose your own songs, writing the notes as guitar tabs will be easier and faster.

On the other hand, guitar tabs won’t show the rhythm and pace of the piece you will be playing. This means that before you play the tabs of the song, you will need to be familiar with it first. The length of the notes won’t be specified as well. Another disadvantage of playing guitar tabs is that you have to figure out which finger will you be using for the specific string. Guitar tabs don’t specify which fingers should be used for the specific chord. Moreover, guitar tabs won’t give any information on the beat of your strums and picks, it will be up to you to listen if you are to do some upstrokes or down strokes. As said, playing with guitar tabs will more or less require you to be familiar with the song to begin with since this is how you will know if you are playing the right length, rhythm and beat.

Well, it is really up to you if you want to skip learning chords and just jump to learning guitar tabs. But let me tell you that guitar chords are the most basic thing in guitar playing and it is something you should really know. If you learn guitar tabs, it should just be a plus but you shouldn’t make it as the foundation of your guitar playing.

Tablature is known to be one of the languages used in guitar music.  Tablature is most commonly referred to as guitar tabs.  These tabs are very easy to read when compared to the other traditional musical notes of other instruments.  Deciding when is the best time to understand methods to learn guitar tabs is up to you.  This is because making sense out of all the chords and tabs in guitar music takes time, usually weeks, before you can actually make sense out of it.

Basically, a guitar tab is composed of six lines that run horizontal to the guitar base.  They represent the strings of the guitar.  Looking at it is similar to looking at the fret board that is located at the body of the guitar that is on your right and the head of the guitar located on your left.  The topmost line is the E string which is a thin.  The bottommost line is the E string which is thick.  The lines have numbers alongside it which helps tell you what you will need to fret by placing your fingers to sound out the notes.

One of the many methods to learn guitar tabs is to first have some music sheet specifically for guitar playing so you can start practicing.  If you do not have a guitar book around, you can download these things from the internet where you can specify the type of song you want.  If you want to become an expert in guitar playing, it is important that you know how to read guitar tabs. 

It might take a day or two to be fluent, but you get the basics almost as soon as they are explained to you. There are guitar enthusiasts, however, who can read guitar tabs in thirty minutes or less while others usually take a day or two just to learn how to read it. As a beginner, you can download from the internet several guitar tabs of your favorite songs and then start playing.  Each guitar player will have their own teaching, learning and playing methods. 

Learning how to read guitar tabs can become dull with beginners quitting almost instantly.  However, as long as they persevere, they will get to reach the stage where they learn that professionals and experts have their own methods of teaching new students how to play guitar as well as read guitar tabs. Sharing their ideas and methods to learn guitar tabs to newbies is their way of teaching.  

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