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Doraemon Cartoon

Doraemon Cartoon
Doraemon Cartoon

Doraemon Ding Dong

Doraemon was created in 1969-70 by Hiroshi Fujimoto (Fujiko F. Fujio – pen name). Doraemon is an earless robotic cat from the 22nd century of the future, he travels back in time to aid a schoolboy named Nobita Nobi. Doraemon was sent back to the 20th century because the grandson of Nobita cant bear to see his grandfather suffer.

Also known by the name “Ding dong”, Doraemon’s birthday is 2112-9-3. He is 129.3 cm tall and weighs 129.3 kg, can run 129.3 km per hour and can leap 129.3 cms in the air. Doraemon has a small fourth-dimensional pocket on his abdomen which contains many amazing tools.

Doraemon hates rats and he is afraid of mice, his ears were eaten off by rats. Nobita often uses rats to take gadgets from Doraemon.

Doraemon Doll and Accessories

Nobita Nobi
Nobita Nobi

Nobita Nobi

Nobita Nobi is one of the main characters in the story. He is a pretty irresponsible boy who always being late for school, getting yelled at by the teacher and his mom because he always gets 0s on his tests. he is then helped by Doraemon whose gadgets are misused by this mischievous boy.

He likes Shizuka very much and often interrupt her while she is taking a bath. It seems like Shizuka is too good for Nobita. Anyway, whenever Nobita falls into trouble, this naughty boy always wants Doraemon to get him out of it.

Dorami Chan
Dorami Chan

Dorami Chan

Dorami is the cute little sister of Doraemon. She looks like Doraemon don't you think? The reason why she is not blue because she didn't have her ears bitten off by the rats. Dorami also has all the abilities that her brother Doraemon has, including the amazing fourth dimensional pocket.

Dorami is nice, she is not as grouchy as Doraemon. Dorami does not live with Doraemon and Nobita, she lives with Sewashi (Nobita’s great grandson in the 22nd century) and only appears when Doraemon cannot control the situations. She accasionally helps Nobita too and is shown as a more advanced robot than her brother Doraemon.

doraemon shizuka minamoto
doraemon shizuka minamoto

Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka Minamoto is the only main girl character in the comic. Shizuka is a very kind and forgiving person and because of this Shizuka is liked by all the boys especially Nobita, Suneo and Jyian. She is also a very good student and always get very impressive grades. Shizuka loves to take baths.

Although Shizuka prefers Dekisugi over Nobita but it has been shown several times in the story that she leads a happily married life in the future with nobita.

Suneo Honekawa

Suneo Honekawa
Suneo Honekawa

Honekawa Suneo

Honekawa Suneo is a fox-faced creep who cheats and lies his way through life. His knowledge is pretty extraordinary as he is very smart and bright (but not in school work). Jyian is his best friend. Suneo loves to pick on Nobita and get him into trouble. He can think of so many practical jokes to play on people. Suneo is pretty mean in all the cartoons except in the movies and sometimes he acts pretty brave.

Suneo also has a secret crush on Shizuka. Though he is a snob and a braggart, his true kindness stands out in some of the videos but of course he goes back to his old ways eventually. Suneo comes from a rich family and always making fun of Nobita’s cheap toys.


Takeshi Gouda
Takeshi Gouda

Takeshi Gouda - Gian

Takeshi Gouda, (commonly known by his nickname Gian) is the bully of the pack. He is strong and tough but has a terrible singing voice. He is often jealous of Suneo and Nobita because of all the things they have. When he feels jealous and not happy, he often just steals their stuff and tortures them.

In one episode, Shizuka is given a Snowhite apple by Nobita, it is a Doraemon’s gadget which can make anyone fall asleep after taken a bite from it. They can wake up only after someone kisses them. Unfortunately, Gian was the one who eat it and Nobita is forced to kiss him.

Gian loves to read comic books but his grades are terrible. He “rules” the neighbourhood with force and he is also the captain of the local baseball team – The Giants. His mother and father are the people he fears most.

Hidetoshi Dekisugi
Hidetoshi Dekisugi

Hidetoshi Dekisugi

Dekisugi is a perfect boy who is handsome, well-mannered, good in sports and all the extra-curricular activities as well as academics. Every girl in the neighbourhood likes him but Dekisugi only likes Shizuka. Although he is popular but Suneo is even more popular because Suneo likes to buy expensive presents and gifts for the neighbourhood girls.

Dekisugi’s name is a Japanese pun meaning “over talented”. Shizuka is the perfect match for Dekisugi, like-wise for Dekisugi. He is kind and modest about his own talents and he never brags. Because of this, Nobita always try to get him to do his homework in order to make his day at school a lot better.

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i am from bangladesh. on disney channel in hindi version i watch DOREAMON. I love ypu DOREAMON and your all friend.

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doreamon you are the best robot in the world and nobita is very good but

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Hi, Doraemon Iam your biggest fan and I have watched out all the episodes and movies but you have to do the best in all episodes.

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HI Doraemon you are a hero when i watch you for the first in hungama i thought you are a magician then isaw you helping nobi nobita i know tht u r a hero super super duper real hero

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Hi I am from Bangladesh and I am the biggest fan of Doreamon in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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doraemon is the best cartoon

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I am your biggest fan.I like steel trops

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doraemon is the best cartoon in the world.

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the best interestin cartoon i see is doraemon.

it is best B)

sometimes i feel to use the gadgets of doraemon !!

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I love you doraemon. You are the best!!!!! . I like your movie steel troops the most.and I like your all characters and episodes

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