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Lord Of The Rings - An unfinished Urukaii sketch

Lord of the Rings memories


One of the biggest memories I have as a child is sitting down to read the colossal book of the lord of the rings, I remember it must have took me at least 4 months to read it through completely and even then I had to go back and re read somethings that escaped my memory.

When the animated film was kicking around I just had to watch it over and over again eating my m&m's, stuffing my face with wonder, because it was at this time that I begin to wonder and almost expect when a film version would be made, I also expected the 2 other parts of the animated instalments but that wasn't to be.

When the recent films came I was excited by the creativity of it all as it had played in my mind for some time on how it would be presented to cinema goers, although it was quite long in terms of other films, they really stood out from what was put forth into the general mould of films that are supposed to be popular these days!

I look forward to when they film the hobbit as it would fit nicely into this trilogy of films, Guillermo Del Toro was attatched as the director of the hobbit film, but he bailed, so it looks like Peter Jackson may step into the world of Middle Earth, which will be split into two films and would see what is intended as a seamless integration into the lord of the rings films.

Smeagol/Gollum would be the same cgi animated character from the LOTR films, but what I am looking forward to is Smaug the red dragon, and how they would create that on screen, ahhh the technical aspects of film making, tis a wonder to behold!

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LOTR - Lord Of The Rings 4 comments

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes the location of New Zealand did help to bring the vision of Tolkiens Middle Earth to a reality and with the added computer graphics it made it seem more fantasy like and magical.

Tilly Holiday profile image

Tilly Holiday 7 years ago

Hehe, Tolkein is great! And they filmed the films right here in beautiful New Zealand too. It is wonderful to see Tolkein's vision expressed on our great landscape.

aglocoincome profile image

aglocoincome 9 years ago from Ostrava Poruba


By is in our family we love Tolkin Storries too.

ClicksnAds profile image

ClicksnAds 9 years ago from Fairmount

Tolkien is definitely one of the greatest storytellers ever...however, the man is very wordy in the Lord of the Rings, he tends to wander on aimlessly into the details of scenery all the while I am silently screaming inside "Get back to the story!!!" LOL, I never did finish any of the Lord of the Rings novels. The Hobbit was great tho, I can vouch since that is the only one I ever finished...and re-read.

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