Mallika Sherawat

SuperHot Model And Actress Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat is an indian model and actress. Her birth name is Reema Lamba. She was born on 24 October 1981 and her age is 27. Her onscreen debut was in Lak Tunoo. She appeared in 2003's movie Khwahish. In 2004 she was appeared in Murder. A film inspired from the hollywood movie Unfaithful. The film was the one of the biggest hit of that year. She is known for her openness to express her opinions in public. She was in the news when she had a small role in a Jackie Chin movie, The Myth. She charged Rs. 1.5 cror (around 208,288 USD) for her item number in the movie 'Aap Ka Suroor'. So she became the most expensive item girl in a indian film industry. Hong Kong based fashion and beauty magzine has been voted Mallika as one of the Asia's 100 most beautiful people.

Interview of Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat and Jackie Chan in The Myth

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dollys 6 years ago

imiss u you are very beautiful

ankit 6 years ago


sandip nikam 6 years ago

she is very very hot i love it.

hot 6 years ago

i wanna make marriage with mallika sherawat.

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