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In Japanese culture, manga and animation are some of the most popular entertainment sources. In the United States, live action genre movies tend to have a large budget and brings in lots of money for the producers. In Japan, the movie and live action industry is rather small when compared to Hollywood. Over the past few years, Japanese manga and animation are now known as part of the Japanese culture world wide by Japanese and foreigners alike.

Japanese manga can be produced on a limited budget compared to movies with real actors. With movies, you will need scenery, actors, actresses, directors, makeup artists and many others. However, Japanese manga and animation only need few people to produce. That makes it very economical. Another advantage is that the artist can virtually create any kind of settings he wants to without much trouble.

Japanese manga usually have exaggerated human features. One of the most notable is the tennis ball eyes that are very large and round. Because manga and animation are so popular in Japan and Asia, it had influenced the concept of beauty. That’s why the most popular plastic surgery in Asian countries is the double lid surgery that creates a fold on top of the eye. This surgery is so common nowadays that it is no longer considered a major alteration.

Animation in other places is usually oriented for children. In America, most animation lovers are children. This is not the case in Japan. Adults and kids alike enjoy manga and animation. Because manga and animation is so popular, artists are producing it in many genres to satisfy a wide variety of consumers. Manga artists are excellent artists and create lots of beautiful drawings.

The most popular Japanese manga and animation today is called Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. It is an anime that appeals to both young people and adults. To get you started on Japanese animation, watch an episode of Naruto or Naruto Shippuden to decide if you like it or not.

Furthermore, Bleach and Pokemon are also very popular Japanese animations that many foreigners are aware of. Bleach is for young adults; Pokemon is more geared for children. These two animations are very interesting and can entertain an average person for many hours.

Japanese anime: naruto
Japanese anime: naruto

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shailja 6 years ago

i like naruto so much... i love this cartoon so much... and i love japanese animation too......

Trenton 5 years ago

Naruto is the worst anime ever...It killed a kid.

zani 4 years ago

naruto is the most popular??...COOOOL!!...i love naruto its the best manga and anime ever!!

howtoguides2learn profile image

howtoguides2learn 4 years ago from Chennai, India

Nice cartoon.

Takhie 4 years ago

Rurouni Kenshin! Takeru Sato wa hontou kakoii!!!!!

shiori 2 years ago

Naruto wa hontou ni suge na!

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