Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

Mark Ronson is internationally known for his DJ skills. He takes a famous song, throws in a little musical twist, and BAM! He's got a pretty darn good jam for your listening pleasure. Sure, he's got talent, charming style, good looks, and an infamous sister. But that's not all. Mark has something new up his sleeve. It's totally his, and completely original.

Mr. Ronson has provided my car stereo with a brand new album. It's not just any CD, really. It's a Record Collection. A collaboration Mark dubbed, simply enough, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. What does this collaboration entail, you ask? Just an incredibly large and eclectic mix of artists from the around the world. Young and old, black and white, rappers and rockers, etc. Heck, even Boy George made it on!

I stumbled upon them (thank goodness) while they opened for one of my favorite bands, Miike Snow. Every song is new and original, and most of all, very different from the last. Mark never misses a beat, and I never skip a track. Where as most bands have a particular style of their own, Ronson has produced quite the musical salad; making sure that each and every note will never taste the same.

Seriously, buy their album - you wont regret it. Mine is already scratched, so maybe you could get me one too?

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The Bike Song

Bang Bang Bang

Hey Boy (Live)


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