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Mark Farner NRG band-Mansfield Ohio 2006

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Throughout 2005 I was spending alot of time online in Mark Farners railroad forum where I had met a good number of grand funk people like me.We were trying to help Mark out at this time.The Grand Funk Railroad without Mark had been touring alot and were allowed to use the grand funk name in their promotions,where as Mark wasnt legally permitted to.We were trying to get Mark a spot on the pbs network show soundstage.People were contacting the show and requesting him to be on it but it just seemed as though it just wasnt meant to happen I guess.My 16th concert was that year in Miami townships park near Dayton Ohio.It wouldnt be until July of 2006 that I would attend my 17th Grand Funk Mark Farner show in Mansfield Ohio.In early 2006 I had moved back near my hometown.Things wouldnt end up working out between my girlfriend and myself and I would eventually end up moving to a place right along a big lake a few miles from my hometown.I had known for quite a while about this upcoming Mansfield concert.Quite a few friends from Marks online railroad forum would be attending and some of them were from out of state.I didnt know which one I was more excited about.Was it seeing Mark or meeting them?I did know one thing for sure.Despite my personal dilemmas and situations at the time,I was not gonna miss this show and did not care what it would take to make it.No was not even an option.In previous years I had gone to some of Marks and Grand Funks shows with friends who sometimes made things pretty difficult.Wed get to the concert late.Or someone would end up too drunk to even walk,let alone actually visit with Mark.Or theyd say,I wanna go now so we can beat the traffic.Or I dont wanna meet Mark because I will have to stand up for ten minutes in a line so why dont we skip all of that?It always seemed to be undependabilty from them in the extreme.I told myself,no not this time and no lazy and idiotic people either.After having weighed all my options I could see that everything was lookin rather bleak.I then remembered my friend Dave L.He had gone with me to two other shows in previous years and he was ussually reliable and none whining.I thought,Oh God I hope he doesnt have to work that day or something.I called him up and said,Hey Dave this is Chris.Ya wanna go see Mark Farners show again?He replied,I doubt if I can Chris because I have to be in Mansfield that day to see my girlfriend.Wheres Mark playin at anyways?I then instantly lit up as I said,its in Mansfield Dave!Dave laughed a little bit and says,youve got to be kidding me?Well we both left for Mansfield Ohio a full day before the concert and stayed at his girlfriends house the night before and the night after the concert.Even though we both would be practically broke this was still ideal.Dave had already borrowed what he had needed in order to get there and thanks to my friend I at least now had the means to be able to go.I was so thankful he wanted to go.Having driven through a major thunderstorm on our 90 minute drive there,we observed loud thunder and lightening and down pours all the way there and all throughout the night.It rained so much and seemed like it would never stop.Miraculously the following morning there would not be even one cloud in the sunny blue sky.We were blessed with a picture perfect day.It would be gettin up into the mid 90s today and it would soon become blistering hot at this show.And in more ways than one!Even though Dave and his girlfriend Sandy had no problems with going to sleep the night before and wouldnt awake until late morning,I had fell asleep very late and awoke early.We were all very low on finances.In fact,I had to actually make the decision of do I dehydrate today and buy Marks new cd or do I hydrate and not buy it?To hydrate or dehydrate,that was the we arrived at the festival just before 4pm,we were dismayed that no containers whatsoever were permitted past the gate and on the premises.Not even plastic water bottles.The woman working at the gate was kind though and permitted me to come in with a bottle of water but I only had the means of buying one more bottle if I was to get this cd that I really wanted and it would have to last me the entire day.Dave and Sandy were both facing the same dilemma.When we got to the seated area in the front of the stage I could see a couple that were seated up front.Not many people were seated yet.Turned out to be two fellow railroad forum members Deb and Greg.It was so cool meeting these folks.I had called my friend Mr.C a few weeks before this show to see if they were planning on attending it since I had attended Marks shows with them in 2004 and 2005.They were out of state and wouldnt get to make it to this one.Man it was blistering hot out.I went up to them and introduced myself and my friends as we talked with them for awhile and took some pictures.We then sat back down in the hot humid sun that was beating down on us.As the crowd was getting a little bigger at the stages seating area we had to endure a karaoke contest which I found at best to be extremely boring.At 7pm local performers The Jimmy Vincent Band took the stage as the opening act.I was very impressed.This was some of the best hard rockin blues I had ever seen performed,and thats saying alot for I have seen many and had jammed with alot of blues musicians myself.These guys were really amazing.They jammed for a whopping two hours straight and the crowd was really gettin into it.They were really that good.During their entire set they were throwing out t-shirts and other various memorabilia out into the crowd.I soon had a frisbee,various cupholders and a few shirts.The shirts actually came in very handy as I went through wearing three of them throughout the day due to the sweltering heat.During this opening act I had left for awhile to the restrooms and afterwards in search of a water fountain but there was none to be found.So I bought a bottle of water.It was all I had left and I shared it with both Dave and Sandy who were now visibly hot and thirsty.When I had returned with my water my railroad forum friends Suzie,Nancy and her husband were there along with Greg and Deb.These were all folks who had came from out of state for this show.Theyre some really awesome people.There were other forum members there too but I had trouble in deciphering who was who.Most of them were staying at the nearby hotel that Mark and them were staying at.This was so cool seeing all these folks.When the jimmy vincent band had finally finished their set,it didnt take long for the stagecrew to have everything set for Mark Farner and his NRG band.Very soon they would be taking the stage.It was now evening and it was still extremely hot out.The crowd was now much larger and we were all right up in front of it all.They started out the show with the song rocknroll soul and would play an array of various Grand Funk hits in true funk fashion.They even played TNUC in its entirety.I hadnt seen them play that in years and Hubert Crawfords drum solo was something you would need to experience to believe.Three songs from Marks new cd -for the people-were played as well.Two of which I had never heard before.We were all right up in front of the stage including Dave and Sandy.I was so very relieved.Aint no whiners,drunkards or complainers here for sure.The show wasnt as long as we all wouldve expected it to be but it was still performed in true Farnerific fashion.And there was another first for me.A first was seeing that Marks brother Ricky Farner had joined the band in their stageshow playing both electric and accoustic guitars and a backing vocal.I thought he made a nice addition to Marks band.Directly in front of the stage about five to six feet out from it were plastic road pylons all connected by yellow police tape.It was not to be crossed under any circumstances.So of course during the concert Nancy went ahead and climbed right over it and got us all to cross over it as well.Afterall,the tape was too easy to cross so we all did it.As we were all jumpin around because we were now all funked up,the police came up and ordered us all back to the other side of the barrier.But Nancy would have another plan.Since we cant cross the barrier of road pylons,lets just gradually move them closer to the stage as she picked up some pylons and moved them closer and closer.But this wouldnt last long.The police came back and placed the barrier back in its spot and warned us to not move them again.As this happened my eyes suddenly opened wide with delight.Looking down in front of my feet I beheld a large bottled water that had not even been opened yet.It was as if it was meant for me to find and have it!I quickly grabbed it up and looked to the sky and gave thanks for it for we were really dehydrated by now and this was like a lifesaver.I shared it with Dave and Sandy and we were all very thankful for it.When Mark went into the locomotion Nancy and Sue began chugging through the huge crowd as dozens of people got behind them to form what appeared to be a long chain of people and increasing larger as they all were going through the crowd.This became known as the first locomotion cobra.The band finished with encores of closer to home-and-we gotta get out of this place.After the show people were lining up to see Mark.He and they would generally go clean up first and then come out to do a meet and greet.This sometimes includes the whole band.When it was our turn to see Mark I had a copy of his new cd For The People that I had purchased earlier and my studiorocks cd which featured me and twelve other artists that had been released the previous year.However the company got into legal trouble and the cd was discontinued.Even though it was discontinued and never went anywhere,it still represented a great deal to me that I had acheived.I genuinely wanted him to have a copy.When I handed it to him and told him what it was he took it but visibly appeared like he really didnt want it.But he graciously accepted it and I was happy for that.Grand Funks music had a big influence on my guitar playing back in those days.I was proud to share with Mark what I had done.I was absolutely delighted with his kind words he imparted to me as he signed my cd and it was just a plain old great feeling.Soon we were the only remaining people.There was roughly about eight of us as we talked among ourselves and to Paul and the rest of the band until the line had dwindled down some.I personally enjoyed talkin with Marks brother Rick.When all was done and it was time to leave,I knew I had attended another super concert.When I came home the following day I was asked how the concert was and I had to reply that it was a grand concert for the people.


For The People-by Mark Farner 2006

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