my grand funk concert stories mark farner rocks dayton town square

grand funk were an american band live 1974

Mark Farner Rock and Roll American style.Tampa Florida 2001

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Marks in the square

In September of 1984 I had heard that the Mark Farner band were going to be playing a free concert in town square in Dayton Ohio.Not having a car at that time I searched for a ride.My friend Dave B and his girlfriend would just happen to be going to Dayton that very day to visit relatives and coming back home in the later evening.This would be ideal.They had no interest in going to the concert but had no problems with dropping me off.When we had arrived I was a little awestruck.Even though Dayton wasnt the size of Cleveland or some other bigger city but downtown was huge as compared to my little hometown an hour and a half away.The stage was set.Even though it was a big stage it seemed so tiny while amidst all of these tall skyscraper buildings around it.The album entitled Grand Funk- Whats Funk?had been released in 1983.Grand Funk had called it quits in 1975-76 and Mark Farner had released two solo albums in the following two years.Grand Funk had reunited in 1981 through 1983.It was during this time that they had released the two albums,Lives and Whats Funk and Denny Bellinger would be filling in for Mel Schacher on bass.

Now here it was 1984 and my third Grand Funk concert.However this concert was not advertised as a Grand Funk show because Mark was the only original member and it was his band.Mark was now a solo performer.This would be a very wide song mix in that theyd be playing Grand Funk material as well as Marks solo stuff.The concert was in the afternoon.Mark and some new unfamiliar faces soon made their way out onto the stage as they opened up with footstompin music.The crowd went crazy.This concert being an outdoor show was also a new experience for me.I went to this concert alone.But man there were alotta really cool people all around me and those Dayton folks sure can party.It was a blast.The concert continued with songs paranoid,save the land,he sent me you,and then into the longer song called loneliness,at which time the electric went out.The crowd and band just had to wait it out.Finally the problem was resolved and they resumed the song where they had last left off at.Then came songs queen bee,rock and roll american style,second chance to dance and mean mistreater.The band then went into a medley.These were shortened segments of various songs all linked together.They fit alot of them in this way.The song medley went as-are you ready,rock and roll soul,responsibility,mr.limosine driver,bad time,closer to home,heartbreaker,in need,and some kind of wonderful would end the show.The crowd cheered.As the crowd noise echoed off of the tall buildings and throughout the square,they returned to the stage to finish up with songs-we gotta get outta this place and the locomotion.

I had brought with me an 8 by 10 photo which had came from the survival album in 1971 and had written Mark some kind of message as well.Why I chose this pic I do not remember.Security and crew had pretty much ignored me earlier when I had tried to relay it to them to give to Mark.The concert was now officially over.People began filing out as the crowd began to thin and I was awaiting my ride to pick me up.Soon the crowd would be entirely gone as I was still waitin.Stage crew were still there.Most of the stage was already broken down and I imagined that they too would soon be gone.I began talking with this guy on the stage and he offered to relay my message to Mark for me.We both sat along the ledge of the stage and talked for a good while.He was very kind.We talked all about Mark and Grand Funk Railroad among other things.I think he could sense my worry as Dave still hadnt arrived.Finally they pulled in.I breathed a big sigh of relief and before leaving ,he had given me a concert list that Mark had written that was duct taped to one of the microphones.I thanked him for this and still have it to this day.I then said my goodbye to he and the stage crew.It wasnt easy for a small town guy like me to be in the very center of a big city all by myself while still waitin for my ride to get me home,while listening to the song closer to home.


Closer to home-Grand Funk Railroad/Lp Closer to home 1970

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Grand Funk/Mark Farner bands from 1969 to 2009

Grand Funk Railroad 1969-71-Mark Farner.Don Brewer and Mel Schacher

Grand Funk 1972-76 Mark Farner.Don Brewer.Mel Schacher and Craig Frost

Flint (the band)1977 Don Brewer.Mel Schacher.Craig Frost and John Escosa II.

Mark Farner solo 1977-78 Mark Farner.Dick Wagner,Phil Aaberg,Bob Babbit,Jimmy Maelan,Bob Kulick,Ricky Farner,Dennis Bellinger,Andy Newmark,Karen Lawrence and John Tropea.These are the musicians on Marks first two solo LPs.

Grand Funk 1981-83 Mark Farner.Don Brewer.Denny Bellinger

The Mark Farner band-1984- Mark Farner,Bob Grunder,Dennis Bellinger,Howard Eddy

The Mark Farner band-1985-Mark Farner,Dennis Bellinger and Bob Grunder.John Badanjek,Mark Gougeon,Dave Kiswiney,Some of these artists alternated with each other through 1985 at various times of that year).

Mark Farner with the group Vision 1985-Mark Farner,Rocco Marshall,Lawrence Buckner,Billy Powell and Mike Maple.

Mark Farner band 1986-Mark Farner,Dennis Bellinger,Howard Eddy and Bob Grunder.

Mark Farners Common Ground band 1987-89-Mark Farner,Lawrence Buckner,Michael Blair,Note:Guitarist Arnie Vilches joined in mid 1988.

Note-During the late 80s Don Brewer and Craig Frost toured with the Bob Segar band

Mark Farners common ground band 1990-Mark Farner,Michael Eddy joined in mid year,Lawrence Buckner,Mike Maple and Arnie Vilches

Mark Farner and The God Rockers 1991-94-Mark Farner,Paul Finaczo,Howard Eddy,Mike Maple,Lance Abair and Arnie Vilches.Note-Arnie Vilches wasnt with them in 1994.

Mark Farner in Ringo Stars all star band-1995.

Mark Farner with Northwest airlines all star band 1995-96

Grand Funk Railroad-1996-98 Mark Farner,Don Brewer,Mel Schacher and Howard Eddy.

Mark Farner band 1999-2001 Mark Farner,Rick Farner,Lawrence Buckner,Paul Ojibway and Hubert Crawford.

Mark Farners NRG band 2002-2009-Mark Farner,Rick Farner,Lawrence Buckner,Paul Ojibway and Hubert Crawford.Note-As of 2007 keyboardist Paul Ojibway was replaced by keyboardist Karl Propst.

Grand Funk Railroad 2001-present Don Brewer.Mel Schacher.Max Carl (formerly of 38 special)Bruce Kulick (formerly of kiss) and Tim Cashion-(former Bob Segar band)

Grand Funk at the grand lowest prices

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