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Grand Funk Railroad 2003

Poor GFR pics from far away

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Grand Funk Railroad rocks out Limaland motorsports park

In the summer of 2003 we had gotten word that Grand Funk Railroad would be having a concert in Lima Ohio at the Limaland motorsports park July 26th in what was called racerock II.Gates opened at 2 pm and grand funk would be playing at 9pm.Special guests were the Kentucky Head Hunters along with two local and two regional bands as well during this all day event.Friend John and Fermin would go along and wed set out for the show fairly early.This concert was a nice diversion from my then regular routine of being online with some friends I knew down in Florida even though this was Grand Funk Railroad without Mark Farner.This would be Fermins 1st,Johns 4th and my 12th Grand Funk concert.Unlike the concert I had atteneded in 2001,at least I knew this time that it was the band without Mark Farner and that he would not be there.This was alright with me though.It was hot and sunny that day when we had arrived and I was surprized that there were so few people around.Local and regional bands were playing.All reserved seating was at ground level and all general seating was towards the very back of the place in the grandstands and had a high wired fence that stood up right in front of these grandstand seats.It was more than obvious why nobody wanted these seats.Though our tickets were reserved seating,so was everybody elses and we ended up being seated in the very last row of this place.The stage and band appeared rather small and distant to us.By the time the kentucky headhunters had taken the stage at 7pm the crowd had gotten quite a bit bigger and very soon the entire place would be jam packed.However,the general seating would still have only a few people in them.Every ground level seat had appeared to be taken yet very few actually remained seated as everyone was always standing on their feet as Grand Funk Railroad rocked things up.This was an extremely rockin concert.Prior to the concert I had takin a good walk around and beheld a large red tour bus and a very large tent that was fenced off some distance from behind the stage.Stage passes were required to go back there.We had somehow overlooked all of this and all of the passes had already been given out so we would not get to see the band after the show.This wasnt really of much concern to us though.Yes it wouldve been cool and it appeared that just about everyone around had a pass except us,but fact be known,we probably wouldve felt alot differently about it if it had been Mark that we were seeing.It was soon approaching 9pm and itd be showtime.Grand Funk Railroad belted out alot of Grand Funk hits along with some new stuff I dont think I had ever heard before,and Max Carl did some of his own stuff as well.Dons TNUC drum solo was absolutely incredible.A rendition of the star spangled banner and were an american band was done and a guy dressed as uncle sam and a large American flag were brought on stage.Bringing our binoculars was a definite plus.An extra long version of inside looking out blasted forth and from our view not one soul in the place was seated.We hung around for a little while after the show.We watched as hundreds of people were making their way to the tent back behind the stage to meet the bands afterwards.But again it didnt really matter without Mark there.I carried on a rather pleasant conversation with a person who seemed to know the band rather well.Perhaps he was a stage crewman.Saying goodbye and wishing him well,we headed for the car to set for home when in the parking area I had began another conversation with a fellow concert goer who gave me an attractive concert poster advertising this event.With poster in hand we headed back for home.It would be summer of 2004 when I would see Mark again for the first time in years.Once again this new Markless Grand Funk had put on a great jammin concert and indeed it was a night of rock and roll soul.



rock and roll soul-Grand Funk from the Lp Phoenix 1972


Some Mark Farner facts-Mark Farner was the singer and guitarist frontman of Grand Funk during the years of 1969-76 and 1981-83 and 1996-1998.His solo career goes from 1977-78 and,1984 to1992 but what about after 1998 and up to today in 2009?After leaving Grand Funk Railroad in the late 90s he put together his own band called the band Mark Farners nrg band.Like Don Brewers Grand Funk,Marks band still performs to this day.His high energy show of mark farner and grand funk hits is something you just have to experience for yourself.In 2004 Mark and his band came out with a live cd called Live NRG.In 2006 Mark and the guys came out with the cd-for the people which I personally feel is Marks best stuff hes done to date.This cd was/is dedicated to Marks friend Bob Grunder whom had passed away.Bob Grunder was a member of the famous rock band Bloodrock.Marks nrg band consists of-Mark Farner on guitar and lead vocals, Lawerence Buckner on bass and vocals,Hubert Crawford on drums and vocals and Karl Propst on keyboards and vocals.Paul Ojibway was keyboardist up to 2006.They really are pure rockin NRG.

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