my grand funk concert stories mark farner rockin in the key of lost c

grand funk railroad closer to home 1970

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Meeting Mark for the first time at the Lost C

One late afternoon in December of 1984,friends Johney Cakes,Victor and Kevin and myself headed for a club in Versailles Ohio called the Lost C to once again see the Mark Farner band in what would be my fourth Grand Funk show.It wasn't a very big club.Mark had always been the frontman of Grand Funk but he was a solo artist now even though he still exclusively played Grand Funk material.Afterall,he did write most of the songs.Word has it that this Lost C venue had burned to the ground in later years but to this day I don't know if it really did or not.We reached our destination on time.With tickets in hand we waited in line as we gradually made our way into the lost c.The place was so packed.We sat through a really great band that really knew Led Zeppelin stuff and even had a singer with a Robert Plant voice to boot.Marks show was high energy all the way.This was a new experience for me for the club wasn't huge and the crowd was permitted very close to the stage with virtually no barriers and the best view one could ever expect.It couldn't have been any closer.There was more comraderie with the band and crowd because the stage was much closer,and it wasn't like dealing with thousands of people.It was a much smaller stage and all really awesome.Mark would do a song like footstompin music and be dancin all over that stage one minute,then go into a soulful mean mistreater next.The songlist they did was a vast one.I found it ironic that about a month prior to this show,I had a dream one night that I was standing there talking with Mark inside some building and he was wearing an army type t-shirt and a white hat.Man would I later be in for a surprize.During the concert Mark would be grabbing hands and high fiven fans who were right on the edge of the stage.Altogether a great concert and atmosphere.

When we had arrived we had to park closer to the side part of the building going towards the back of the place because the parking lot was packed.We would be the very last to leave though.When the show was over and everyone was filing out,my friends all seemed rather anxious to leave.I said wait a minute guys.Lets walk on around to the back of this place just to see what's there.At first they all protested.Finally they all went along with it and we all walked to the back of the building where a large motorhome was parked.That's them,I said.Lets go over and knock on the door.Aint no way were doing that Chris,they all exclaimed.We aint goin over there.So,I slowly approahed the large parked vehicle as I could hear my friends laughing and chuckling about how I was about to get into a bunch of trouble.A part of me believed them but I kept walking closer to it.As I approached I could feel my stomach knot up and my nerves were shaking as well.My friends were still laughing at a distance.At first I hesitated but when I finally did knock on the door,it opened and one of Marks colleauges answered.Is ah um,is ah Mark around?I slowly blurted out.He replied,he sure is.Hes cleaning up but hell be out shortly.Ok thank you,I replied.My friends who had been standing at least twenty to thirty yards away began moving closer as they watched me conversing with this man.A few minutes later Mark came to the door.Oddly enough,he was now wearing a white USA ballcap and wearing an army t-shirt.Yep,just like in the dream.On impulse I guess,I then pulled out a small leather backed keyring from my pocket that had a large gold colored C attached to it.The C represented my name when I had bought it.The C stood for my name but it seemed more appropriate since this show was at the lost C.I want you to have this Mark.I then handed him the keyring and he thanked me.He then grabbed a piece of notebook paper and signed an autograph and handed it to me.By this time my friends had moved much closer and were now at the door as I had to step inside in order to give them all some room.Mark did up some more autographs and took some time out to talk with us for a short while.I couldn't believe it.I was now standing in this motorhome and conversing with all of them.Kevin says,Hey how bout a picture Mark?Mark said sure and so he and I posed for a couple pics and it was now time for them and us to leave.What an experience that was.It was very awesome and one that I wouldn't soon forget.As they drove away I had to ask myself,could another encounter such as this ever happen again?I guess it was anybodys answer.


anybodys answer-Grand Funk Railroad from the LP-On Time 1969

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Grand Funk Railroad and Mark Farner album releases.Of course this list does not include all of the various foreign imports that are out there.All Mark Farner releases in the list will say mark farner All others are Grand Funk.

1.on time 1969

2.Grand Funk-(the red album) 1969

3.closer to home 1970 album 1970

5.survival 1971

6.epluribus funk 1972

7.mark don and mel 1972

8.phoenix 1972

9.were an american band 1973

10.shinon on 1974

11.monumental funk 1974-believed to be a bootleg by lucky eleven/ quadico records

12.all the girls in the world beware! 1975

13.caught in the act 1975

14.born to die 1975

15.Grand Funk hits

16.good singin good playin 1976

17.flynt-(the band)1977-All original members except Mark Farner

18.mark farner solo album 1977

19.mark farner-no frills 1978

20..grand funk lives 1981

21.what's funk 1983

22.Live in concert 1987

23...mark farner-just another injustice 1988

24.mark farner-wake up 1989

25.some kind of wonderful 1991 (christian version)

26.grand funk railroad the collectors series 1991

27.closer to home 1992 (christian version)

28.Bosnia 1997

29.Thirty years of funk 1969-99 1999

30.grand funk classic masters 2002

31.mark faner-red white and blue 2002

32.Mark Farners NRG live 2004

33.Mark Farner-for the people 2006.

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cw_star 5 years ago from Largo Florida and Bellefontaine Ohio Author

Hello Susan.I hate to tell you this but I am not Mark.If you visit Im sure there is a link to email him.Give it a try sometime.He can be reached on myspace and facebook as well.I hope this helps and thanks for reading about my concert stories:-)Im sure hed be delighted to hear from you.


susan 5 years ago

Hi mark how are u doing I just wannt to now if u still no me n my parents

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