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Neha Biography

This extremely beautiful actress was discovered by Vidhu Vinod Chopra for his new movie 'Kareeb'. This Delhiite made Mumbai her new base and plunged into the world of glamour and hope.

The 'Kareeb' heroine was more applauded than her co-star Bobby Deol. The songs 'Chori Chori Jab Nazrein Mili...' and 'Chura Lo Na Dil Mera Sanam...'became immensely famous because of her free-flowing 'dupatta' and cute umbrella. She was here to stay. Her very next movie 'Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet' with Ajay Devgan saw a totally different Neha altogether. She had given up her old tradional dressing style and taken upto a fresh modern appealing look."but she looks good enough in simple chiffon salwar kameezes than anything else and should stick to her old looks"..confides in one of her admirers. Anyway, let's hope she is able to make her presence felt in this rat race where destinies have a strange way of shaping up and fates are spinned as if on a random wheel of fortune..

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montu 4 years ago

i lov neha only on..

Amberdj 4 years ago

u's one the only natural innocent beauty in this whole world love u

Ahad 3 years ago

I love Neha becaouse my grill friend was look Neha, when i see her i remember my grill friend, oh but she is dead.

Avinash gupta 22 months ago

I love neha because you are my favorite I

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