People are not really looking forward to hitting the age of 60 and above.  That's the start of counting how long you will still live and all that.  Ofcourse, no offense meant to oldies who will read this hub.  Honestly, I myself can't imagine how I will be like when i reach that age.  If only we can stop the time and be young forever...Well...If only we can, right? Anyway, I still have 31 more years before I hit that age so lem'me make fun(oopppssss...), er, I mean, allow me to site symptoms of old age. 

1. Having arthritis is part of your daily life.

2. Your neighbor's house is on fire and all the people are shouting but you don't even know.

3. You want to tell your grand kids stories when you were still young, but you don't know where to start since you can't remember any memory.

4. You are looking forward to a boring weekend.

5. Watching The Weather Channel is your favorite past time.

6. Coffee is the most amazing beverage in the world for you.

7. Clock ticking is music to your ears.

8. You're amazed how you son grows so fast.

9. You threw the gum you're chewing and your teeth went together with the gum.

10. You can't bear the sight of the grass in the lawn growing half an inch longer.


11. Your eyes seems close when you're laughing hard.(Then you cough like it's the end of the world after)

12. When you're sleeping, family members are all around your bed, afraid you're already dead.

13. You have more hair on your thigh than your head.

14. You feel that that there's always a sparkle in your eyes but it's just cataract.

15. Whenever you're typing in the computer (that is, if your hands can still take it), you use bold fonts and font size 20 and it takes you 3 hours to finish a paragraph. 

16.You confuse yourself with left and right.

17. Sandals with black socks is your favorite footwear.

18. You're a certified know-it all, but nobody would dare ask you questions.

19. You can love without your spouse, but you definitely can't live without your glasses.

20. Sex is the last thing on your mind.

21. It takes you forever to finish taking a bath.

22. You can't even get out from your bed, much more go out with friends.

23. Your heart won't hurt but every other past of your body does.

24. You throw a party but that is just plain get together with old friends and you will just talk about the gas hike.

25. You call your daughter Amy when her name is Katherine.


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hubby7 profile image

hubby7 7 years ago from Chicago

Hi Mhei, I know that you know the terms "sexist", 'racist", and other "ists". You might be said to be an ageist. You are being insensitive and, at the same time, making fun of so-called "old folks", and misrepresenting them all at the same time. To me, mind you, you are not old at 60. No, I am not 60, but I am not very far away. I just made 54 just two days ago. Notwithstanding that, I can still do 100-half sit-ups. I can still do 100 crunches. I can still run three miles. I can still climbs--nay, run up a flight of stairs without running out of breath. Not only that, I can still load more than 100 heavy bags in the cargo pit of an aircraft in less than 15 minutes and not be winded. In fact, I stronger and healthier than a lot of people half my age! Someone once said that "Perception is reality". In other words, what you believe becomes "your" truth although it does not necessarity square with reality. People who are 60 are not old. If they are old, they have made themselves that way by the life style that they chose to pursue--smoking, an unhealthy diet, a lack of exercise, no passion for living, a lack of development of hobbies or other interests--the list goes on. Again, Mhei, 60 is by no means old. It's the concept that you have in your mind that makes it so!


mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

thanks for your feedback hubby7.I am not an ageist nor making fun of the elderly.I respect you opinion for everyone is entitled to express their perceptions.I LOVE my grand parents soooo much and even my mom and my dad who's over 60 now. Let us just say that in the Philippines where I live, 60 is the sign of being old. we consider a person who reaches 60 a senior citizen here.and Im not being insensitive.some people are just overly sensitive.I wrote this hub not to make fun of old people,  I am writing for fun-which are two different things.  Feeling old is how you live your life. I appreciate your comment :)

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

Very funny. Thanks for that. I don't know about hair on the thigh but as I lose more on my head it sprouts in abundance from my ears and nostrils. It is a pain. Other than that sixty is great for me and I would not have my hair back on my head if it was possible.

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Peter!! Thanks for reading and commenting!!! I bet life is even better after 60!! :)

Sammy 4 years ago

It's "cite" not "site". Look's like you're already at that old age if you can't even remember to spell correctly

johnson cia 4 years ago

i'm getting old also.... but have fun reading your article....always looking at the humor side of life :-)

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