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Online Photo Effects

Social sites like Instagram, which offers its users free photo-touching enhancements that are pretty much easy to use, are becoming really popular nowadays.

Usually, these photo effects are a bit overdone by users for the sake of having a unique profile picture on social media networks, especially on Facebook.

Of course, if you're really serious into editing your pictures, then you should always use a pro photo editing software. It has a steep learning curve though, so logically, photo effects sites are really popular as it saves you the trouble of learning to edit yourself.

But Hey, How Do They Do Those Effects?

Well, usually, they're just point-and-click, meaning there are a lot of filters available to users and they just choose from them. This process is pretty much mix-and-match, completely up to the liking of the user.

Technically though, these are like special filters in photo editing and enhancement softwares like Adobe photoshop. It's just they're exported into a social website that offers algorithms like these to their users.

So What Photo Enhancement Site Should I Use?

Well, the answer to this question might be simply any site that you like. The most popular one would be Instagram. Actually though, there are standalone webcam effects sites out there, and some even offer even more filters and effects than what the popular ones can give you. Of course, stand alone ones would give you the option to immediately share them to Facebook or Twitter.

As for the formats, jpeg and png should always be your choice. Especially pngs, as they're often the ones fully optimized for the net.

Fun Camera Effects Tips

To be able to create the perfect photo for your social media profile, there are quite some tricks. They may require quite some effort, but surely they'll make you look even more awesome.

  • Check the lights. The brighter the light in the background, the better. If you're aiming for a sepia or some kind of a hipster filter, don't worry, as you can just add them up later. What's more important is for the camera to be fed with as much light as possible from the background.
  • Proximity. Well, profile pics can show just about anything. You can emphasize your face, or go picture out your whole body. Actually, this is just a matter of preference but as a tip, just go emphasize the face, as it's really the most attractive part of your body.
    For this, you can do a little bit zooming or just go for the popular selfie pose.
  • Post-production. Don't forget to add enhancement effects, like auto contrast or auto lighting adjustments. Do this before you even add filters, as applying filters before these steps would simply overlap them making the faults even more noticeable. So what's the best filter? Depends on your mood. But usually, the one that makes you look like a hipster will always draw attention.

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