Out with the Old, in with the You.

I've been thinking about the domino effect a lot lately. You know that feeling when you look back, and realize that your life is a result of a million tiny pieces of random or purposeful steps? That whether or not you choose to think things are meant to be, your existence is a collection of these moments that have brought you to this very day.

This can be daunting. You realize you may have no control to begin with. There are usually external factors that are not within our hands. However, you do what you can to grab a hold. You try to do what feels right, what you can foresee will be the best decisions. That said, even the things that feel seemingly correct, can later take a turn. Sometimes for the worst, but oftentimes simply in a different way than what you'd originally imagined.

So you roll with it, you can only do your best at the end of the day. After all, we can't look into the future. We don't see the pieces form in creation, life sort of just happens. It creates itself. But there is one thing you can do with the little control you have, whether you know it or not. You can transform.

In looking back at your life, see what has become of you. What choices you've made, what regrets you hold onto, what you wish you could take back or make better. Think of all the things that have brought you to this moment. At the same time, honor the fact that you are a result of it all. Now, what if you took what became of you, and turned it into something else? What if you took the loss, the accidents, or the mistakes and turned them into something brilliant? Sure, you can't take back time. But you can wind the clock up again.

While driving to work one rainy morning, I heard a song by Lost in the Trees. It was Golden Eyelids, from their new album which came out in March. I felt comforted by it, for some reason. The far echo of an old doo-wop with a flawless symphony, blanketed me with the rain. I was familiar with the band, a fan of their last album, All Alone in an Empty House. However this one sounded different. There was a certain growth, a metamorphosis of sorts. And I was charmed.

I began my search, intrigued. I stumbled on the beautiful song 'Red', equally as impressive with gallant symphonies and mixed ghostly undertones. I wondered, what happened along the journey to create this album? It wasn't long before I got the answer to my question. Lead singer Ari Picker wrote the album about loosing his mother, who took her own life. Says Ari, "The album attempts to kind of create a space for my mother's soul, I guess..to go. Because I can't really satisfy myself with just thinking that she went to heaven." He continues, "So it creates a space for her to kind of become everything that I thought she wanted or needed to become in life. This very beautiful autistic entity that has a lot of power, and is equally beautiful as it is intense."

There it was. The reason behind this beauty was the result of transformation. Ari couldn't take back time, much less prevent the domino effect in his life. But he took the pain and confusion of his loss, and turned it into work of art. In Ari's own words, "I feel like if God had some sort of way of speaking, it would be through music."

I can't wait to hear more.
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