Pikkon(Dragon Ball Z Profile)


This is Pikkon, a highly powerful warrior in the other world who takes care of evil villains that are wreaking havoc in other dimensions. He is the West Kai's best student and the Grand Kai's number one mercenary. He is also one of the series' central protagonists, but he rarely makes an appearance.

Pikkon resembles Piccolo in appearance, though he's certainly not a Namekian, as indicated by his fairly large lips not seen in Namekians. He is serious in every way, even in looks.

Like most deceased fighters that were permitted to keep their bodies after death and are residing in the other world, Pikkon died thousands of years ago and has been training in the other world since death. This is why his strength is so phenomenal that he's generally entrusted by the Grand Kai to handle no ordinary matters such as putting bad guys that are causing troubles in hell to sleep.

In the Kid Buu Saga, when Kid Buu made it to the Grand Kai's planet via the Instantaneous Transmission, Pikkon approached and mocked the little guy, telling Kid Buu that the training was tough and he might not be able to handle it. However, Pikkon along with other fighters were easily blown away when Kid Buu made a loud and maniacal scream.

Power Level

Considering the time he's spent in the Other World torturing his body through gruesome training, Pikkon is without a doubt a formidable combatant. He wears a weighted-clothing that Goku wouldn't dare put on and can still move at incredibly high speeds. He surprised Perfect Cell with a boot to the face, which shocked even Goku. He hits so hard that he took down King Cold just by droppping his elbow to Cold's belly and he nearly shattered Frieza's jaw with a mere swing of his arm. It's been hinted by the Grand Kai that Pikkon can take on the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly.

Pikkon's power level is at least equal to Goku's Full-Power Super Saiyan, but it is possible that Pikkon is even stronger(at least during his first fight with Goku) that his strength may be near Majin Vegeta's or Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2. Also, since the battle between Gohan and Cell was about seven years before Pikkon's debut and it is assumed that Goku has gotten stronger over those years than he was during his fight with Cell, it is no wonder Pikkon was able to hurt Super Perfect Cell.


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Stevennix2001 6 years ago

very good analysis. although i was kind of sad he never got a bigger role in the series.

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