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For most my life, I've struggled with some big existential questions. What’s the meaning of life? Where does your soul go when you die? Oh, and don't forget the age old question. Does God exist, is there some supernatural force that made this all possible? I'm not here to try and answer any of those big questions at this time. In fact, as I get older, I become more and more accepting of the mystery in it all. The knowledge that we know so little, and the ability to humble ourselves with that.

But what I do want to do is tackle a question that seems to haunt most of us at one point in our lives: how do I stay in the present? For as long as I can remember, I have wondered how to rid myself of dwelling on the past, or snap out of dreaming about the future. To simply live and be in the now. Recently though, I had this epiphany. What if we have it all backwards; what if ‘now’ is rarely attainable, and against human nature?

Let me try to explain. Living in the present is a great idea.. like communism. It is dreaming that makes us human. It is in our memories and hopes of the future that we are able to create art, compose music, and write books about our lives. We may live in the now, but essentially we live because of what once was, and most importantly for all that we could be.

What would we live for if not tomorrow? And what would we be if not story tellers? Making plans with ambition, imagining the future, and entertaining the ‘what if’ is what makes us human. Sure, I'm all about that moment at sunset where you are truly present, soaking it in. There's nowhere else you would rather be. I not only applaud that, I admire and encourage it. But there's nothing wrong with letting your mind drift. Because it is only through letting it go, that you are truly able to slip into that state of presence.

Don’t get me wrong, no one should put their life on hold for day dreams. Quite the latter, waiting is the worst thing you can do in life. But we should encourage our thoughts so as to manifest the future we dream of. It's the anticipation, planning, and looking forward that makes life so wonderful.

Building a machine, a home, or even raising a child; it all comes from a dream. And it is only when you dream it, that it has the chance to become real. Yes, we should live in the now, but while we're at it, a little fairy dust won’t do us harm. Let us always wonder, ‘what's next’. And if not now, when?

For no other reason than me wanting to feature new music in addition to my thoughts above, I give you: Beirut. To check out past musicallyinclined articles, click here.

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josh3418 profile image

josh3418 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

These are some great questions you have asked here! Voted up and interesting!

musicallyinclined profile image

musicallyinclined 4 years ago Author

thank you, josh! glad you enjoyed it :)

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