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The world of music is waiting for you - to listen to and to perform. But to get deep enjoyment out of your experience, it really helps to be able to read music.

Music for most instruments is written on two sets of lines called staves - the treble stave and the bass stave.

The individual notes - which look like dots or dots with rising or falling tails attached - are written on or between the lines on the staves.

Each note is further identified as being of a certain length (one beat, two beats, etc.).

It is great to be able to follow along with your favorite guitar, piano or other music by reading the music written down in note form on the treble and bass staves.

Invest some time in learning the notes and you will get a new thrill out of your favorite music!

How to Read Music. Lesson 1: How to Focus.

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midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 8 years ago from Hermosa Beach

I love listening to music and I wish to know how to play the guitar but its just not forte. lols. nice hub

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