Rio Movie Toys Include Blu Jewel and Lui Plush Toys

Toys From The Rio Movie

Rio Movie Toys will include a colorful selection of 3.75-inch mini figures, 8-inch basic plush, 10-inch talking plush and beanies of several characters including Blu, Jewel and Luis. Signature items from the line will include a 9-inch interactive plush and a 7-inch walking and talking plush toys. Recommended retail prices will range from $4.99 to $17.99 but this will vary once the movie is released. Produced by the makers of Ice Age, Rio (2011), is a colorful animated movie with plenty laughs for the whole family. Apart from comic relief the movie filled with song and dance too and a showcase of Brazilian spirit associated with Rio De Janeiro. Rio Movie Toys will be produced by Toy Quest.

Blu Rio Movie Toys
Blu Rio Movie Toys | Source
Jewel  Rio Movie Toys
Jewel Rio Movie Toys | Source

Plush Toys from the Rio Movie

Blu Toys

  • Blu is one of the lead characters of the movie. This rare Macaw. Voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, Blu is described as a socially awkward domesticated Spix's Macaw, but he soon adapts when faced with new challenges during his adventure with Jewel.
  • The Blu toys on offer include mini figures as well as plush toys. The Blu mini figures retail from $ 13.99 for a pack of two Rio Movie Toys. Blu plush Toys retail from $36.99 (As adevrtosed for a pack of Blue and Jewel Plush toys.

Jewel Toys

  • Jewel is the feisty female Macaw voiced by Annie Hathaway. Jewel toys also include mini figures and Plush toys.

Nico and Pedro Plush
Nico and Pedro Plush | Source

Pedro and Nic Toys

Pedro and Nico, voiced by Will I. Am and Jamie Foxx two sidekicks who provide constant comic relief. Nico and Pedro toys include mini figures and plush toys from $14.99. 8As advertised 11.04.2011).

Luis Plush Toys

Luis (voiced by Tracy Morgan) is fierce looking Bulldog with a soft heart. Luis helps Blu on his mission to get back home. Luis Toys includes the Luis Talking plush which retails from $ 34.99. 8As advertised 11.04.2011).

Nigel From Rio
Nigel From Rio | Source

Nigel Toys

Is the villain in the Rio movie. This white cockatoo helps his bird napping employers capture rare birds like Jewel and Blu. Nigel Toys inlcude mini fiigures.

Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio

The Angry Birds Rio

Angry birds from the Angry Birds game make a special appearance in the Rio Movie. Angry Bird toys form the Rio Movie includes a series of plush toys including talking plush toysand plush key rings.Angry Birds Rio plush toys range from $11.99 (As advertised

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  • Jewel
  • Nigel
  • Nico and Pedro
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