I Joseph Potier started making videos about the Rushcards that are availiable at would like to do a commerial one day.Making videos is fun,but take time and practice.My son Dwayna is my camera man and he enjoy doing it so much.When i make a video and look at it to see it come out great the first time,that give me confidence to make even more.Making videos and uploading them to many different websites you have can really give you a known presence on the internet.I will be uploading videos on all my hubpages which i hope will bring me more traffic to them.When people see a picture or video of you they have more confidence in youwebsite.Lately me and my son Dwanya have stared making videos with a cell phone until we can get our hands on a camcorder which will be awsome to see those videos on the screen.I will be uploading videos on my facebook,twitter,youtube,myspace,and other accounts i have.I want people to see these videos as much as possible.So be looking out for those videos by Joseph Potier real soon.Don't forget to apply for your Rushcard at Everyone is Approved!!!se Referral i.d.- Code JOSEPHPOTIER4


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