satan as agent of equilibrium

The positive and Negative Vibrations



Many people who dream at night would agree with me that some of their dreams are regrettable, some are scary while others would be like… why is this not naturally real? Well it is very good to dream good dreams but when a dram looks scary sometimes it is a preparatory measure by nature to placing individual what we may term as manhood. Manhood is a state of being within the cosmic realm whereby one can be able to withstand vibrations that comes from the cosmic entity. The secret of the universe depends on the different levels of vibrations abound in the universe. These varying vibrations operate at different frequency. No single person can operate and understand all the levels of frequencies that exist. The positive vibration is that which brings harmony to people when we are properly attuned to it; otherwise the positive vibration could turn into negativity due to lack of responses by individuals to the tune of the vibration. We are created to make good use of these free give for spiritual development. When we cannot be in harmony with self we switch off the positive tone of the cosmic and turn on the negative vibration. The result is that the magnetic flux-like vibes which radiates like the rays attracts negative entities to our surroundings thus making every situation naughty and unfavorable. This result to making in our being and spirit within us exist in discordant.

As the saying goes: “excess of anything is bad”… the same goes for nature for anything that exists there must be equal and opposite force in order for the entity to exist and stay stable. However it is a critical natural law that any unbalance would bring about a discomfort. At this point we should understand that all scientists were inspired before they came up with their propositions of natural laws. The law of equilibrium exists in all ramifications of existence hence the need for every entity to be inert. The inertness of any entity is as a result of a state where the negative vibration is equal to the positive vibration. In a chemical reaction an element remains unstable until it can combine with another element to form a stable compound. The same principle applies the state of being in terms of negative and positive vibrations.

In order to maintain the stability of life the Satan was created to send in the negative vibrations which was lacking due to perfect creation. Do you think God made a mistake? Hell NO!!!. He did his creation and saw “ALL was GOOD” and thus he continued…Gen: 1-31 in any Bible. This is why God remains the greatest Architect. No entity has ever produced a perfect object. Do not ask me… “If the creation was perfect why do we die?” I know why and if you want to know I will produce my article on the subject matter.

Ian idea of what would have happened if the Satan was not made to be: Food id a good thing and you will agree with me that those who have money to do whatever please them either get sick due to eating all sophistications in dietary or die of health related issues. Perhaps some of you have seen a laughing dyeing person meaning person laughing while dyeing. This is as a result of what I may call over happiness. That is insane. There is no balance of such person’s life. You cannot assume that the person is in full harmony of self. To be in self harmony is within not without. It does not appear in form of Psycho. In a nutshell when the right balances strikes any person will be in harmony of self without any abnormal look.

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