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rapper rick ross exposed as a former corrections officer

rick ross


gangsta rap

 superstar rapper rick Ross has been exposed as a fraud.turns out that Ross was never a super thug kingpin or"boss"as he loves to call his self in his songs.turns out he was a C.O,a corrections officer who worked in a Florida his hardcore base fans are dropping Ross like a hot potato not because of the fact that Ross was a c.o but because he lied.Ross patterned his lifestyle and songs after the real life cocaine king from L.A known as FREEWAY RICKY ROSS, the real RICK ROSS.freeway was supplied by the C.I.A in the 80's he was the largest kingpin in the country at the time, and when the Iran/contras Oliver north scandal hit the news,freeway was the only one that went to prison.everyone else was pardoned by George bush,and walked away with billions of dollars of blood-money with no consequences what so ever.that is where the superstar got his name that he has been exposed his career is in jeopardy,because now he is looked at as a phony.which is kind of silly to me,because all rappers do what he has done all gangsta rappers any way.they make up a gangsta personality,and write wild gangster stories and act them out in their videos and on stage,then go home to their wife and I don't see why Ross should be punished,because at the end of the day RICK ROSS is a entertainer,a superstar rapper,a young man that is really doing a lot of positive things with his time and money,so I hope his fans gives the kid a break.I mean it should be obvious that gangsta rappers really aren't gangsters because real gangsters can't talk,and gangsta rappers either kill somebody or sell a hundred kilos in every other song.its kind of like the movies scarface,goodfellas,godfather,but instead of images and backgrounds gangsta rappers use words and music to convey their stories.So hip hop community lighten up.GANGSTA RAPPERS are not GANGSTERS.they are ENTERTAINERS.

truth about our justice system


Freeway Ricky Ross and other drug dealers get a life sentence for selling drugs on the streets,Oliver North gets a presidential pardon and gets his own radio show.Danilo Blandon gets a green-card and a free pass to traffic drugs in America for life.What's criminal?Justice is not blind Justice See's race.Justice See's The rich.Justice See's the powerful.Our justice system is for sale.I personally know people that have bought their freedom.Example:In high school one of the star basket ball players was a drug dealer,a major drug dealer,He was busted with a Kilo of cocaine this made the newspaper one time and made the news one time and one time only.The basketball player's father was a very rich man and had tremendous influence within the city.His father made a few calls paid out a lot of money and guess what?no court date no charges filed nothing happened.One night spent in jail,the average man would have been sentenced to a decade or more.You see money talks.Money talks to the judges and the politicians every single day.If a Judge had make A decision between you and some one like Bill gates a decision that could destroy either of your lives that judge would make his decision for Bill Gates,Gates would get a second chance you(the average person) would be sent up the river and screwed for the rest of your life.The Justice System is for sale.I have a criminal record from 18 years ago,I can easily get it expunged,I just don't have the money.It cost Thousands of Dollars,But at the same time I know wealthy criminals that have been locked up for years when they are released they are walking out of prison with No Criminal record!!!! Because they have the money to pay for it.GET ALL CHARGES EXPUNGED WHILE THEY ARE IN PRISON WALK OUT THE DOOR SCOTT FREE,NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND,only to return to the streets to do what they have always done.JUSTICE IS FOR SALE.THATS FOR REAL.

what's really going on?

can't understand hate just for hate

Give the video to the right a little time to load,it talks about the skinheads that was trying to murder OBAMA,how they was caught red handed weapons and all admitting they came to the state to kill a SENATOR how the US DISTRICT ATTORNEY JUST LET THEM GO.That is what I mean when I say JUSTICE is not BLIND.I never could understand people that had the ability to hate other people just because of the color of they're skin.I have experienced racism all my life.I was the only black kid growing up in the suburbs in 70's and the 80's so I have plenty experience when it comes to racism,but at the same time racism never made me hate all white people I only hated the ones that hated me.I really can't understand how a person can be feeled with so much rage that they can just blindly hate a entire race or group of people with out even having a chance of meeting them!And I'm from the SOUTH so Racism is thick down here.Don't get me wrong I have been discriminated against by black people too,I'm multi-racial AFRICAN,NATIVE-AMERICAN,BRAZILLION,AND CAUCASION,I guess I'm what the skinheads call a MONGRUL or MONGEL I know its one of the two.And the funny thing is the skinheads and the KKK GO OUT AND KILL PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES and the GOVERNMENT still allows them to parade around like peacocks!!!what's really going on here?Scower the world to stamp out terror but let the terror at home alone?Whats criminal!!???

the big joke

Did you know that SUPERMAN is really Jewish?SUPERMAN was created by Jewish people.Did you know that Magneto was Jewish?Magneto survived the death camps in the marvel universe.Now lets look into the real world,and find famous Jewish people,everybody knows that greatest man to ever live was JESUS everybody knows JESUS was Jewish,but who else do we have here let me see oh ADOLPH HITLER.hitler is half Jewish,a mixed breed,isn't that funny,all these neo-nazis running around screaming racial purity and their messiah,their greatest leader is a mixed bred mongrel.A man that betrayed his own race pretending or wishing he was something else.A very sick man who committedincest by marrying his niece his brothers daughter.This is the man that WHITE POWER GROUPS ALL OVER THE WORLD WORSHIP.Do you know the real reason Germany lost the war?hitler lost the war because the German people was trying their best to kill him.They viewed hitler as THE ANTI-CHRIST.The Nazi scientist developed the science to develop the nuclear bomb BEFORE America did,But the scientist kept that information to themselves because they thought hitler was a mad-dog and did not want that monster to win the war.hitler had so many body doubles because there was NAZI'S from grunts to commanders trying to pin down hitler's location so they could kill him and end all the madness that hitler had spread through out Europe.

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Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 5 years ago from Stepping past clutter

okay, i read your comments on viz's site and i wanted to know who was so angry and i clicked on your site. i figure the best way to find out about someone is to listen to their music choices, so i clicked on this hub. i listened to the first two videos and the ron paul video and read your articles. thank you for expressing yourself here at hubpages. certainly i am an old fart and your experiences are fresher than mine. but i appreciate your honesty- it helps me figure out where your comments about 1776 presidents originate. i do find it curious that you forgive some folk for being human, but not presidents who are also human beings existing in corrupt times, like slave holder times. i get it, though. i am still angry that christians slaughtered anyone in Norway who would not convert. even if i was a speck on the horizon back then. hang in there, kid. you have a lot to share.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 5 years ago from sourcewall Author

Thanks for stopping by. I am not full of anger it just pisses me off when I here people screaming about states rights and the old constitution, if you are black that translates to slavery. So if viz wants a 1776 type of president than that is what he is hoping for.

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