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Are you struggling to get your songs published, tired of getting the run around, or wanting to get your songs copyrighted but don't know how? is the place for you to go. is making its mark as the next "youtube" for songwriters. It was created by songwriters, specifically for songwriters.

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How to join?

How to submit songs to record labels

There are no signup fees, gimmicks, or free trial periods to become a member of Membership is 100% free. Once a member, you can immediately begin using their music social networking tools, as well as begin making contacts with other songwriters, artists, music publishers, and other important contacts within the music industry. The only time they charge a fee is if you choose to utilize their paid for services.

Click the link below to become a member of one of the fastest growing songwriter communities on the web!

Services they offer

Be discovered as a songwriter online

In addition to providing the next leading viral platform for musical talent and artistic discovery, for a small fee they also offer the following services.

  • Copyright Protection
  • Song Development
  • Major Publishing Deals
  • Online forum to buy/sell songs


Copyright Protection

How to copyright your songs

One of the most important ways a songwriter needs to protect themselves is through copyright of their songs. offers an amazing deal to allow you, the songwriter, to copyright an unlimited quantity of songs and lyrics for a flat fee of $50. Every song you have ever written or ever will write will be copyright protected under their service. That is an unbelievable savings. Most companies charge upwards of $100 per song to copyright let alone an unlimited number.

Piracy and copyright infringement is one of the largest forms of theft in the music industry today. This is where copyright protection can help. offers a unique service that protects both songs and lyrics through their copyright protection service that allows you to digitally upload your songs with a date and timestamp into their music archives.

Song Development Services

Anyone can critique a song, but can they tell you what is wrong or how to fix it? Do they give you the tools needed to perfect your craft? Typically, the answer is no. Smashsongs founder, Steve Scarlett, wanted to provide more than just a critique of songs, he wanted to establish a service that would give artists and songwriters the means to learn the tools necessary to be successful in songwriting.

How does it work? For a small service fee of $75 per song, you will receive an in depth song evaluation that may include:

  • Lyrical and vocal analysis with potential improvements
  • Melody and hook analysis with potential improvements
  • Analysis of instrumentation, mix and production techniques with potential improvements
  • Analysis of themes/moods/emotions and overall feel of the song with potential improvements
  • Detailed market assessment analysis including strength of song and potential success in current market

With the detailed song evaluation, you also get unlimited communication and feedback in reference to your song until you are comfortable that it is market ready. Most song developers charge per the hour, or per song iteration. With's song development deal you receive unlimited one on one feedback with a music industry professional. In addition, also provides a full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service you received regarding song development, they will refund you money in full.

Major Publishing Deals

How to get a publishing deal as a songwriter

For many songwriters, the ultimate goal is to receive a major music publishing deal. To have your song featured on a major television network or feature film is the ultimate feat. That is why has teamed with some of the most powerful music publishers within the entertainment industry. Some of the most current song placements have been featured on "American Idol", "Jersey Shore", and "Cribs", as well as other popular networks including Spike, CW, and many more. boasts an extremely high success rate in getting their community members publishing deals. "A staggering 80% of artists we forward, get offered deals."

So what's the catch right? One would expect that would expect a large piece of the deal, but that's not the case. They make no commission on these publishing deals. The only fee that is charged is a $20 per song evaluation fee. This helps maintain the quality and credibility of the songs submitted for publishing evaluation.

How does it work? The publishing services steps are pretty basic. You submit your song for evaluation, if likes it and it fits the criteria they have received from the major publishing contacts, they will then submit the song for consideration. If accepted, you will be offered a non-exclusive standard contract of a 50/50 split with the major publisher. If you choose to accept the contract, the publisher will then present your music for placement with some of the largest television networks and movie studios.

Buy and sell songs online

Submit songs to tv shows

Smashsongs main focus is to be the leading online marketplace for songwriters, bands and artists to license and sell their songs, music and lyrics directly to other artists, bands, T.V, film, and other media outlets.

The online marketplace not only helps songwriters and musicians license, advertise and present their songs, lyrics, and music to a variety of media sources in countries all over the world, but is also aides t.v., film, and advertisers the ability to purchase and/or lease material directly from these artists without the hassle of another 3rd party.

It is also a great place for all music artists to interact and collaborate with each other and enable them to sell and license their music, songs, and lyrics to each other. allows songwriters, artists, and musicians to have complete control of their own material by allowing them to choose the type of contract that best suits their needs and wishes.

The online forum makes it easy for songwriters to connect with other artists and entertainment/music industry professionals around the world to sell and/or license their musical material. When artists use the online forum on SmashSongs they remain in control of the transaction from beginning to end. They get to set the price and the terms, as well as decide which standard contracts work best for them. The artist can retain 100% of the rights to their music material depending on the contract they choose.

The transactions are handled through and not a 3rd party administrator, which allows the songwriter/artist to maintain control over the release of the material. No material is released unless the songwriter/artist is completely comfortable with the terms of the contract, the purchaser has satisfied their terms, and payment has been received.

Many sites would charge an upfront fee for any material placed on the forum for sale or for the right to buy, but charges "No upfront management fee".

The only fee you will pay is a flat fee of $25 for each song sold under $250 and a 10% fee for songs with a final sale value over $250.

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Novel Treasure profile image

Novel Treasure 4 years ago from US Author

Thanks for the link. I like exploring media sharing and music sharing companies. The only other one I have written is about a company called They give songwriters some protection with copyright as well, though I don't know as many details.

Jason Mills 4 years ago

Smash is ok but there is a much better and faster way to get this done (doing it yourself)

Do you have any other copyright articles? What do you think of poor mans copyright?

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