South Indian Actress Tamanna Bhatia Details and Stills

Tamanna Bhatia

South Indian Actress Tamanna Bhatia was born on 21 December 1989 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.Her parents are Santosh Bhatia and Rajni Bhatia.

Tamanna has an elder brother, Anand.Tamanna did her schooling in Maneckji Cooper Educational Trust School,she presently doing BA degree at National College.

Her Skills

She is one of the most talented actress in south indian film industry.It's not only her beauty, but her talent that made her famous.She is good at dancing, acting, she is even doing well in humor roles.

Film Career

In the film "Chand Sa Roshan Chehra" she acted as heroine and it's her first film.After that film she did not act in any hindi films, but entered into south indian film industry.

"Sri" is her first film in Telugu and "Kedi" is her first film in Tamil.In 2005 and 2006 she did not get many films but, later she got many films and still doing great.

Tamanna Bhatia is at the moment, one of the leading actress in south Indian film industry.She is busy in acting most of the south Indian languages. She is presently acting in few Telugu films, and couple of Tamil, she has quite a few releases this year.

At the start of her acting career she stated that her resolution is to act not in bikini and lip kiss scenes, she is still keeping that resolution.Her confine has been respected by many.

At the moment, she is doing only glamorous roles, it would be nice if she can shuffle it with some homely roles. She is one of the famous actress in south Indian film industry and it's not because of fluke but her talent.

Tamanna Films

Chand sa roshan chehra - Hindi

Sri - Telugu

Kedi -Tamil

Vyapari -Tamil

Happy Days -Telugu

Kalloori -Tamil

Kalidasu -Telugu

Ready -Telugu

Netru Indru Naalai -Tamil

Padikathavan -Tamil

Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam -Telugu

Ayan -TamilAnanda Tandavam - Tamil

Kanden Kadhalai - Tamil

Paiyaa - Tamil

Sura - Tamil

Thillalangadi - Tamil

Tamanna Awards

Nominated - Filmfare Best Actress Award (Tamil)

Nominated -Filmfare Best Actress Award (Telugu)

Nominated - Vijay Award for Favourite Heroine

Nominated - Filmfare Best Actress Award (Tamil)

Nominated - Vijay Award for Best Actress

Tamanna in saree

tamanna sleeveless top

Tamanna navel

tamanna hot

Tamanna smile

Tamanna kiss

Tamanna cute

Tamanna in chudithar

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ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 5 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

A very beautiful woman

PRAMOD 5 years ago

Hai, Thamanna cheachy i Like your acting

hi sexy 5 years ago


Pinky 5 years ago

You are very glamour s

Don-A.K.A-DARERAGE. 5 years ago

she is beautiful.great body figuration.yet lack that explosiveness in the style throughout the film.she does act as the film calls for sexiness,but she could give her taste to it.let her play the way.also try some roles with feelings,but not too much,cause its young to do that stuff.come to will be blown away.if she is qood enough to take a good story.

satya 5 years ago

i love u milky b


Tamana 5 years ago

what a beatiful angel..=)

dipak 5 years ago

U r so hot.i like yur smile

rajeev 5 years ago

surya thamanna ruper jodi

karthikeyan 5 years ago

neega paakka rompa cuta irukkenga

sai 5 years ago

i love u

P.krish 5 years ago

I like tammanna

patil 4 years ago


RAHEEM 4 years ago


tarun sannad 4 years ago


Arthesh 4 years ago

I like thamanna because she is a very hot and very good actress

Kumar 4 years ago

I love tamanna

jibin 4 years ago

i love u tamanna

Prem 4 years ago

TAMANA u are hot

priya 4 years ago

tamanna u r dam cute i really like u

MUNENDRA BABU 4 years ago


pinky 4 years ago

ilove you

ambrish 4 years ago

i likes ur acting,decent and beauty

Bhavana 4 years ago

Hot&still A movie

Sriya 4 years ago


divya 4 years ago

i like very much tamana.

saravanan 4 years ago

i like very much tamana

premji 4 years ago

I Love u

raja 4 years ago

hai tamana your look ing soonice i like to kiss u

Iftekhar 4 years ago

Aapki her ada pure Indian.

I like so much

nandhini 4 years ago


a vignesh 4 years ago

hai di tamana oon padam vantha frist showla frist rowla first seetla naan irupean

Krizz 4 years ago


i am an upcoming Director from Kerala.I am going to shoot a movie based on novel"Don Quixote".can you act?

monirul islam 4 years ago

tamanna you looking so cute

Shreekant nayak 4 years ago

Hello tamanna ur vry cute nd beutyful girl...

I love u

shiny 4 years ago

tammana u r just' tremoudous' cute girl

u r my favorite heroine i like u sooooo much

sobhan sekhar 4 years ago

your warm eyes your laugh sincere way , you speak and kindness you showed me all became a part of my life i have never seen so much gentleness in anyone

smd 4 years ago

hai tamannayou tare bute

Mohammed 4 years ago

I love tamanna as she is very cute,very beautiful,very bold,very gorgeous,very friendly,very talented,very sincere,very dedicated and very humorous.She will become a great actress.i wish her all my best wishes.Last but not lease,since the day i started watching her,i felt very much in my heart to toch her.

Ankit 4 years ago

Tamanna i luv u very much since i hv seen you

pooja 4 years ago

not bad

kalyan 4 years ago

plz kiss me darling u r so cute

charan 4 years ago

I love you tammanna.i want to kiss you c

ome to vizag beach

Gokila 3 years ago

hai tamanna i like so much ur so cute

My RaaZ 3 years ago

Tammanna is beautiful Ok , But My lover is so beautiful

s.sutharson mosea 3 years ago

tamanna my lovewer

mohd. Ahmad 3 years ago

Hii..Tamannaah you are very nice

arjun 3 years ago

i like you movie i'm big fun i like you

Md Nashimul Islam 3 years ago

I love your acting

prathyusha 3 years ago

i love u tamanna because u r cute and beautiful i want your auto graph and photo come to vizag beach my family loves u very much

pravallika 3 years ago

i love u tamanna i and my family loves because nevu anti pichi first i love you, pawan kalyan ,prabhas , mahesh babu ,tamanna .

first i want to tell i want to kiss u come to vizag

samy 3 years ago

tamanna nega sareela romba alaga irukiga i love u

ranjunavi 3 years ago

hi thamana my boy frnd likes u so much...and me 2...i like ur lips....

sam bhoir 3 years ago

I love U Tamanna

I like You.....

Mere Sapnoki Rani Tuhi Hai..........

vinay 3 years ago

i love sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mch tamanna

srikanth 3 years ago

i love tammana acting

raju 3 years ago

I love you so much thamanna

Rupesh 3 years ago

In a word,chand se aya chandni ho tum,

amitha 3 years ago

i like u tamanna i am a big fan of u.

pazhani.d.v.b.r 3 years ago

i like a ur hip..,lip...,i like a tamanna bhatia

white beauty girl tamanna bhatia

i love you tamanna bhatia

My Numer 3 years ago

I love you so much thamanna

Pradeep kumar 3 years ago

I Love You

sheik 2 years ago

Tanana semma figure pa..........

L rohith kitan 2 years ago

l conform that .

Life long love thamannnnna.from.....

sweety 2 years ago

i lv u tamanna chlm

Jack 2 years ago


nathanU 2 years ago

i love bigini dress nice saree

totel= i love you

manju 2 years ago

i like so mach tammana

sanjai 2 years ago

i love u

i love u

i love u tamanna

nithyq 2 years ago

Hello tamanna ur so beauty i like ur movie i like ur kalori movie pls act only tamil movie mam again act with surya sir madam both of u so chemstry all best for ur future

nithya 2 years ago

Hai tamanna ur very beautiful so struture body ...

nandu 2 years ago

Tamana u are so beautiful

subbu 2 years ago

tamanna you mardme

sabari kettavan 2 years ago

Hai tamana you sweet ice

hiiiiiii 2 years ago


chandu 2 years ago

Hai tamanna your so beautiful

shoaibaxhar 2 years ago

Hi Tam Ana me writer hun Ek kahani hy tmhre ley do u help me

saipavan 2 years ago


shivananda.k kolar 2 years ago

i love you thamanna i weit for only for you in my life you come to the kolar plese i love you bugi

chirag patel 2 years ago

tamannaah is the best actress among all

Bhavy Pandya 2 years ago

नमस्ते ! आपका बहुत - बहुत आभार

धन्यवाद.. I like ( HER ) All movie......

ajahar 24 months ago

Ajahar so luking hot

YASHUCHINU 22 months ago


raj 22 months ago


rakesh 21 months ago

tamanna shape super

rakesh 21 months ago

tamanna shape super

murukesh 21 months ago

Thamanna is very beautiful actor and . I love thamanna . Thamanna is a amul baby.. very likey in tamil nadu

sahil katoch 20 months ago

I luv you Tamana

jaga 19 months ago

I love ur smile...........and so I love u ever.........I hv crossed so many girls but still now I m stunning only by u.............I HV little respect,big crush,big attraction to u..........I will never giveup u to anybody...........I jst keep loving u............ever ever ever I love u tamana.......I want to meet atleast once n my life...........I m waiting fr that day.........

Then no wrds to say........................

manoj kumar 19 months ago

your very hot

Sami 15 months ago

H i i i

babu gudime 15 months ago

you are very beautiful tammu if get a chance i want speak with you dear.

mahesh 15 months ago

u look very pretty

k,shajahanbasha 14 months ago

k.shajahan basha tamanna i like herone your film super good film bat my like heroini

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