stargate abc's

A - Asgard

B- Ba'al

C - Catastrophe Happens at east once a week right?

D - Drone

E - "Eating oatmeal for who knows how long..."

F- Furlings Which no one ever met

G - Gate...sorry lame I know

H - Hathor

I - Iris

J - Joke (O'Neal is constantly cracking them.)

K Kali - A System Lord who voted to accept Anubis as a System Lord

L - Linea...AKA the destroyer of worlds

M - Ma'chello ( funny little man)

N - Naquadah

O - Ori...Well not anymore

P - PPT = Protected Planet Treaty

Q - Quarantine

R - Replicators

S - Stargate...HA HA

T - Teal'c

U- Unas

V - Vala

W - Wood as in Martin the director

X - x-ray or what is silar always having done

and i honestly could not come up witha y or z. do you have one?


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