SUNGHA JUNG - Youngest Guitar Prodigy in the Planet vol 1.

So young... yet so talented
So young... yet so talented

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A Glimpse of Sungha Jung's World

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Moon river

How I found Sungha Jung

I love playing the guitar. It's the only link I have to my best friend. It is still her guitar. But i do not have the skill nor the talent to play it beautifully. My friends tell me I'm tone deaf. I don't even know how to tune the guitar. :-)

I wanted to learn how to play Moon River. It is one of her favorites. Playing it would bring back memories. Some would say to bury those memories and move on. Quite right. But I'm not in the habit of throwing away good memories. And I've moved on a long time ago.

So... I searched bookstores, the internet, magazine shops for the tablatures of the song. Google coughed up a name, Moon River - Sungha Jung. I clicked it and was brought to Youtube. And what do I see? A small child playing the song exactly the way I dreamed it to be. It brought my tears welling up uncontrollably... geez... happy memories can sometimes be sad.

A Little Something about Sungha

Let us clear a few things first. Sungha Jung is not a Chinese. He is a South Korean. It was from his dad, an accomplished guitarist, that his dream of becoming a professional acoustic figerstyle guitarist came from. He turned 12 last September 2008. His musical inspiration is Ulli Bögershausen.

At first he started playing songs by just listening to them. Be it from the internet or the radio, his keen hearing can natural skill allowed him to to duplicate the song on a guitar. Once he has completed a song, his father would take a video and they would post it together in Youtube. Pretty soon his playing style became recognized as something of a wonder. His age alone defines him as a prodigy. It's amazing how his little fingers breeze and float creating music that even professional guitarist have hard time doing (and them with long a=fingers and years of practice). Then known authors gave to him for free tablatures of their own arrangements. Sungah learned all of them further skyrocketing his fame around the internet.

Lately he has been practicing drums and other guitar playings styles. He is also sponsored by Lakewood Guitar's as oj Jan 1, 2009. Lucky kid. He practices at least two hours a day during school weeks and up to three hours during school breaks. He does that everyday. And with a skill like his and practice sessions that long... we all are probably looking at the next guitar god.

Oh and he has 5 original compostions and arrangements.

But that would be for another Hub. Stay tuned.

Grab Sungha Jung's Guitar and be a Guitar God

When the Children Cry

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More Than Words

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I Will

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End of the World

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A Whiter Shade of Pale

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Isn't he great? What do you think? 13 comments

Raj 23 months ago

- Either everyone you shoot is good liknoog or you capture their beauty with your lens. Both? More good music recs- thanks! He's got heart throb good looks a la James Dean.

andrea guiang 4 years ago

you're so cool playing the guitar, i adore you so much

leong 5 years ago

good talented player however if he continue to play fingerstyle only, he missing out a lot. He should form a group or something or he will more probably become a guitarist more than a musician in a long run.

A fan 5 years ago

He is amazing boy.



keryn 6 years ago

adorable kid!! thnk u for helping me discover a guitar hero!!

#1 fan*** 6 years ago

Excellent work!! Keep it up and go all the way to the top. You will always have my support! Concert plans should be set for you now, I'll make it my duty to come!!

camo3166 profile image

camo3166 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

This little guy is gonna be famous when he grows up if not already!!!!

learningguitar 7 years ago

Great hub! Keep up the great and fabulous work!

LooKeong 7 years ago

Amazing guy....

amzill profile image

amzill 8 years ago from United Kingdom

OMG! This kid is amazing. I have sooo enjoyed listening to these videos. Thanks so much for helping me discover Sungha Jung. Amazing.

needful things profile image

needful things 8 years ago from Poland Author

Yep... this kid is amazing. I saw his concert performance and if you close your eye you'd think there were two profeesionals playing the song...

Teresa McGurk profile image

Teresa McGurk 8 years ago from The Other Bangor

Wow. Good guitar is soooo mellow to listen to -- loved "more than words" in particular -- his little free-style at the end is cute.

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