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Tamsin Egerton Is Expecting Josh Hartnett Baby

Tamsin Egerton is pregnant with the baby of Josh Harnett. Their relationship has largely been quiet as both as done a great job keeping their romance out of the media. Their romance was started in 2012 and then later in 2013 everyone started to talk about them being an item.

A celebrity romance with a first baby. That is really exciting. But having a relationship that is in the lime light all the time is not an easy feat. The stress of being romantically linked to a hot actor like Josh Harnett can be daunting enough but having his baby and now having the media going all over you can be downright scary.

I hope she will be able to handle the stress and have a lovely pregnancy. It will be fun to watch the progress of her pregnancy and to be able to witness what a beautiful baby he/she will be.

Celebrity Relationships Seldom Last

While we seldom see long lasting celebrity relationships. It will really be great if Tamsin Egerton will have a lasting relationship with Josh Harnett. Both of them look really great together and it seems Harnett is thinking about being a father and not thinking about escaping from his new roles. I think thats a great step towards a successful family life.

Tips For A Successful Celeb Relationship

What are the tips for lasting relationships? especially for celebrities

1. Trust and Acceptance

The first thing about a relationship that is so exposed to public is to be able to have complete trust in your partner. She and Hartnett must accept that the media will make up stories about each of them straying or tempted by another party. You just got to live with it and learn that it is the media trying to make a buck.

2. Be forgiving

Your spouse is beautiful. Tamsin will attract good looking men and Hartnett will attract beautiful women. That is a fact. Let it be and be forgiving. If your other half take more than a honest glance, accept it and forgive him or her. If she or him take a bit, so to speak, let it be and forgive. The most important thing is to be able to come back together and love each other.

3. Have fun with each other

You must have fun with each other. Enjoy doing things with each other and spend time doing things together. Have fun and have great sex together. Create good endorphins together. Thats the real secret to great relationships

Best Wishes to Tamsin and Josh

I wish both of them a wonderful pregnancy and beautiful relationship together. And hopefully lots of great movies!

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