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Do you love movies that combine drama, true-life experiences, and a story line that makes you feel better about the world we live in? Do you love movies that feature acting of the highest caliber, with a subject that is new and unique? If you do, you'll love Temple Grandin, the blockbuster, critically acclaimed, and multiple Emmy award winning 2010 movie.

This movie, with its simple title, is about the life of a highly functioning autistic woman who took on a “man's” industry, revolutionizing it in the process. The movie has been called “riveting,” “amazingly accurate” in its portrayal of this highly functioning autistic woman, and “exceptional” by members of the viewing public.

Entertainment Weekly's Jennifer Armstrong said the movie is “relatable to anyone with a heart and fascinating to anyone with a brain.” And Claire Danes, who expertly portrays Ms. Grandin in the film has been lauded for handling her role in a way that shows the deep complexities of Temple Grandin's personality and psyche, while also calling forth their weaknesses.

The result of great acting, by an all star cast that includes Danes, Catherine O'Hara, Julia Ormond and David Strathairn, with Mick Jackson directing, is a movie that grabs the viewer's attention from the first moment and holds it until the credits role.

Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a young child in 1950. Her mother, who refused to accept that Temple should be institutionalized and would never speak began to work with her, and enlisted a number of helpers in the cause to assist her in learning to function in a world that was odd and foreign to her.

Highly intelligent, Temple did begin to speak at the age of four, and attended school, then college, then grad school. In 1989 she graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a doctoral degree in Animal Science. The road was not a smooth one though, as being “different,” Temple endured much taunting from those around her who didn't understand her.

Temple Grandin Book

Dr. Grandin has done much for the welfare and well-being of livestock animals in her renowned career, and the movie outlines these accomplishments as well as her life story from her early days. Her struggles with autism and those around her who refused to understand are well presented in the movie.

For anyone who knows someone affected by autism, or is curious about autism, Temple Grandin will be an eye-opener and a true education. And for anyone who just loves great movies that are gripping, sometimes funny, often serious and even a bit sad, this movie is for you.

Temple Grandin is one of those movies that everyone should have in their home theater library. When the mood strikes for high-quality entertainment that isn't full of cheap and silly humor, gratuitous violence, or stunted character development, this should be high on the list as a movie of choice. With the holidays only a short time away, get several copies of Temple Grandin on DVD to share with family and friends, and remember to get a copy for yourself.

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drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Excellent review, Rudra, of a highly satisfying movie of a most remarkable individual, Temple Grandin.

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