the 11 types of shit

The 11 types of shet:

  1. The ghost shit: You are sure you've made it. His traces are on the toilet paper but there's no trace of shit in the toilet. It can also be called the Torpedo shit when you'd heard it falling into the water.
  2. The rubber shit: It leaves very ugly marks on the toilet. You clean your butt at least 18 times and it still ain't clean. You must fill your panties with toilet paper in order not to fill them with shit.
  3. The teflon shit: It comes so smooth that you don't even notice it. No traces of it on the toilet paper. You must look into the toilet to be sure you've made it.
  4. The delayed firing shit: You've barely cleaned your butt, stood up, and the next round starts.
  5. The snake shit: Slippery, with the width of the thumb and a length of at least half a meter.
  6. The cork shit: Also known as "the swimmer". Although you've flushed 3 times it still floats in the toilet. Gush! How can you get rid of it?! It usually comes everywhere except at your own place.
  7. The wish shit: It's like having ants in your bowels. You fart, you do everything except actually talking a shit. It usually comes at parties, forcing you to use the toilet for a long time.
  8. The wet butt shit: This type of shit hits the water with high velocity and at a 45 degrees angle throwing water towards your butt. Worst about this is that you never know if the water on your butt is actually water or shit.
  9. The concrete shit: Also called the "Oh My God!" shit. Just as you start doing it and you wish you've done a local anesthesia.
  10. The King Kong shit: Also called the elephant shit. It's so big that it refuses to go away before being shredded.

11.    The beer shit.. One of the most common but one of the most deadly types of shit. It comes in the day next to the night before. Usually it doesn't even smell so bad, but outsides may lie. The toilet is splashed with it everywhere. You're surprised that from your butt, the shit can go on so many directions. After you've done it, you realize that you've ran out of toilet paper and the WC doesn't have a brush. It comes just like the cork shit when you're not at your own place.

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boutlife profile image

boutlife 7 years ago Author

Have you discovered a new type of shit? Post it here, let us all know about it!

Sand 7 years ago

ok man this is the funniest thing i ever read, really dope

keep up the good humor

Obscurely Diverse profile image

Obscurely Diverse 6 years ago from Tennessee, U.S., Earth, Milky Way via Cosmos

Holy shit!

Miscellaneous 6 years ago

Let me add on... The 14th type of shit, although it should be ranked number 1, with holy shit ranking at a close 2nd, is the good ol' fashion, Grade-A, all American load of bull-shit that our government spews out on a daily basis! Damn, this article is the best fecal flinging madness I've seen in quite a while...

chloe shirley 6 years ago

i need a shit now

Popanator 6 years ago

Everything about this erotic post made me so hawnee I choked my daddies chicken until his willie threw up in my mouth, then I fisted his poopie hole while poey wet juices leeked on my face!!!

Myths & Legends 6 years ago

Wow! This blog post, article, or whatever the hell you call it, contains no myths, legends, or folkore here; and it could possibly be the most legendary, steaming pile of cyber-shit to hit the internet since Microsoft's Windows Vista!

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 4 years ago from Earth

WTF type of article is this??? Dang, the crap a person can run into while being online! LOL!

Martel 4 years ago

OMG!!!!!! A ya so sweet. These shits are for real. LOL LOL LOL

Okoh 4 years ago

Very creative... let me add one: the Mexican Shit!!! this bad boy comes out like the Beer shit but it has all sorts of undigested food including but not limited to corn, beans, carrots and tomato skins, this exotic shit is accompanied by the most foul stench that you can't even put up with, this shit usually comes after eating mexican food but you can also get it after indian or chinese food.

totsi frutyyy 4 years ago

oh crap this post is weird it makes me wana go take a shit

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