top 10 malayalam films ever

The Best Malayalam Film Ever
The Best Malayalam Film Ever

Top 10 Malayalam Films

Manichitrathazhu(Dir:Fazil) This is one film that easily comes to my mind.A film in order to enter the Hall of fame should be perfect in all aspects and Manichitrathazhu is hell close!!! The story ,the screenplay,music,cinematography,direction,performances ...all synchronize so effectively that this film can be a cult film in every sense of the word.Also being commercially successful and at the same time critically acclaimed,this film is a landmark in the history of malayalam Cinema.
Famous dialogue-"kindi..kindi.."
Devasuram(Dir:I.V.Sasi) There is a royal touch to this movie directed by I.V.Sasi.Right from the character of Neelakantan played by Mohanlal to the character of Oduvil Unnikrishanan everybody makes an impact in this film.Noted for Excellent screenplay ,brilliant music and powerful oerformances this film helped Mohanlal win a Filmfare.
Famous dialogue-"enthado warriere njan engine aayi poyathu..thaan chinthichittundo..."
Dasharatham(Dir:Sibi Malayil) The beauty of this film lies in its innosence which still remains undiluted and uncomparable.A refreshengly new story told in a beautiful manner with wonderful performances from all the cast make this movie one of the very best.The songs just enhanced the beauty of this film.
Famous dialogue-"annie anniede kunjine snehikkunathu pole,maggie auntikku enne snehikkamo.."
Godfather(Dir:Siddique-Lal) Yet another laugh riot from the Siddique-Lal combo which set the cash registers ringing for over a year,this film easily finds a place in the top ten.Philomina,a fine actress is at her best in this movie.So is the 500-ran played by N.N.pilla.
Famous dialogue-"panineerum thelichu,pindavumittu.."
Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha(Dir:Hariharan) There are very few instances when a film made on history creats it! A very good example is this movie.For all mammotty fans who have been patient through this,mammotty was just awesome in this film in which he joined hands with Hariharan and MT,other two stalwarts of Malayalam cinema.
Famous dialogue-"chanduvine tholpikkan ningalkaavilla.."
Sandesham(Dir:Satyan Anthikaad) Now this might seem as a surprise entry in this list ,for a few,but for those who have seen the film will agree that the film deserves a place in the top ten. A brilliant script by sreenivasan,Sandesham can be termed as a political sattire which retains its relevance to this day.Sandeesham,true to its title succeds in putting forth a message to all that first is family,then society.
Famous dialogue-"poland enthu ninte tharavattusutho..".."
Oru Cbi Diarykurrippu(Dir:K.Madhu) A film which can be called a trendsetter,it introduced the world of CBI for the first time to the malayalee audiences.Many sequels have been made for this film (another one in the pipeline)but still the original retains its charm.Sethurama Iyer the man who relies on his brains instead of brawns will be etched in the memory of the audience forever.Also actor sukumaran played a classy cameo with his excellent potrayel of the suave Devdas.
Famous dialogue-"orikku chakka veenu muyallu chathanuvechu eppozhum chakka veena muyalu chavo swami.."
Kilukkam(Dir:Priyadarshan) Such a list wont be complete without a mention of the greatest comedy film in malayalam history ,Killukkam.This film merits a place purely based on the performance of the cast.
Famous dialogue-"angamalileammavan aarennu paranju.."
Chanakyan(Dir:Rajeev Kumar) An unforgettable movie illuminated by a novel script and wonderful performances.The only famous movie of Kamalhassan in malayalam,it is one of the finest.
Famous dialogue-"ithillu tholkunna aala jayikkunathu.."
Thalayanamantram(Dir:Satyan Anthikaad) Yet again Sreenivasan shows his brilliance in writing a superb script.All the charecters were perfect but Urvasi steals the thunder with the performance of her life.A winner all hands down.
Famous dialogue-"njan ee polytechnicil onnum padichittilla..athukondu enikku yanthrangalude pravarthanathine patti onnum ariyilla..."

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5 years ago

none f dese films deserve 2 cm in list

clare the gr8 4 years ago

oh......too bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agnes 4 years ago


manu 2 years ago

wonderfully written ,and agree with u BUT were r the padmarajan nad bharathan classics..?

navu. 2 years ago

Its too bad

Binny Varghese Puthoor 2 years ago

I prefer the inspiring movie that I have seen in Malayalam film industry "how old are you", Manju Warrior's Performance really fantastic. I like to call the fantastic return of the Manju Warrior, Giving a thrilling entry.

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