top ten handsome men in asia


Top ten handsome men of asia.



1.      Grandson of king FAISAL of ARABIA











2.      Shahrukh khan actor of bollywood.














3.      Harithik roshan an actor of Indian film industry.











4.      Sheikh Hamdan a son of Arabian business man.










5.      John Abraham an bollywood male actor














6.      IMRAN ABBAS a Pakistani model boy













7.      FARDEEN khan is also an actor of Indian film industry.












8.      Salman khan is a famous film actor







9.      Shan a Pakistani film actor.









10. An Pakistani model boy

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jasim 6 years ago

grandson of faisal is cute

and the last one who give him this rank

rizwan 6 years ago

i like salman khan he is the no 1

ingrid  6 years ago

is amer khan not included here????

where does he belong otherwise?

sudesh dhital 6 years ago

salman khan is most sexy n handsome i think he should be in no1 position

dhruv sharma 5 years ago

nice picssssssssssssss

Tahir Javiad 5 years ago

where is atif aslam? huh...

romi shah 5 years ago

romi shah is most handsome boy in asia

hater182 5 years ago

This is bullshit

wahab 5 years ago

don't forget shahid khan afridi, who got the biggest fan club from all of them

fan ni daniel padilla! 5 years ago

ang panget nio!

honest 5 years ago

This is bullshit ranking. why waste time on giving ranks, go do something that you understand..

truth 5 years ago

I thought you said asian, these are all indians

rony 5 years ago

salman most handsome.dn imran abbas n ranbir kapoor

danial 5 years ago

shahrukh khan

suraj paliwal 5 years ago

salman is no one handsome all time

asad 5 years ago

srk is the best

arindom ghosal 5 years ago

Salman Khan

kashif 5 years ago

i like salman khan because he is most papolare in all bollywood actore he is complete actore

sheikh munis 5 years ago

first me

Subham 5 years ago

I thnk all of thm HRittiK roshan should be in no 1

his figure,his height nd his cute face is nt compareble with any1..

he s d no 1

u shd chekd out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Majjji 5 years ago

U guys missed ALI ZAFAR..

Sooo bad


Manish sharma 5 years ago

Salman khan should be on no. 1 rank because he is the world's 7th handsome man or in sabme se koi b uski personality ko tkkr nhi de skta....

Malik javid 5 years ago

Salman khan is most handsome boy in asia

SRK 5 years ago

shahrukh is the bst

kazol 5 years ago

jhon abraham is the most beautyful and handsome boy in asia.

humna 5 years ago

all are ugly my list is here grandson of king faisal ,shahid afridi ,atif aslam,P

bit harsh but true so wat can we do!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

hrithik was the best and others waste

i am in love wid him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nazmus sakib 4 years ago

salman khan is the boss.he is the inspiration of all the young boy in asia.he is the best.

Haroon 4 years ago

yr ali zaffar or atif kidar gay :(

aqib 4 years ago

imran khan is the most hottest man ever born in asia and also a great cricketer, social worker,politician, and brilliant , koi dought hay?

Pawan Masih 4 years ago

East Or West. Salman Is The Best. No One Can Beat Him.

Abdul 4 years ago

Salman bhai is the handsome, stylish, personality & body. Bhai is the no.1 in this list

VINOD HIRAGARA 4 years ago

Mahesh babu is most handsome nd sexy man in asia and who is no-9 n no-10 kya bakwas slection kiya nai

narily 4 years ago

love at first sight ako kay roshan!!!!!!! i hope will see each other someday..

oli 4 years ago

salman is da best in acting.. but i love the sex apeal of roshan.....

talha 4 years ago


Danyal khan 4 years ago

Bhai SRK and Imran Abbas should be at the top. . . But there is also age factor so i think imran should be on 1st rank SRK on the 2nd

ferdinand 4 years ago

i choose imran abbas

he's really handsome and hot

god job for imran

Arunshah 4 years ago

Salman khan is only the hero .he is so handsome man that no one can compare with him all star are fail infront of him.

Aashif 4 years ago

sab gandu hai......

faheem khan 4 years ago

this list is not appropriate.the list is based on publicity and face. all persons are actors or rich people only not a real hero or handsome man in the real life.

faheem khan 4 years ago

this list is based on publicity and face in fact all person in the list are not real hero and handsome man in real life. they are only actor natak mandli wale.

faheem khan 4 years ago

real hero revolutionary should be added in the list,like ernesto che geuvara,bhagat,bose,a real hero and handsome man from their deeds who lead a realistic life,a man who not live a life lived for him,not love be loved ,respected by the inner feeling of herat,i m proud to be a part of their teaching in realistic life.

faheem.khan 4 years ago

respected by the inner feeling of heart,I m proud of to be a part of their teaching in realistic life.every proudy,having dignity,integrity,self respect,egoist youth must at least one time study their biography to learn HOW THE REAL HERO N HANDSOME MAN LEAD A REALISTIC LIFE.

Monish 4 years ago

Salman hai sab ka baap,aa gaya hai dekho bodygaurd

Sachin Kadam 4 years ago

Salman Khan is No.1

Amit Rathod 4 years ago

At the age of 45 Salman still looks 25 yrs boy, he is the most handsome

aswad 4 years ago

yar this is not a good list salman khan is the most handsome man in asia or un doubtfully 4 me n 4 lot of ppls he is the most handsome man alive @ age of 47 he still luks 20 years lesser then his original age he is realy realy handsome

Vishnu Vardhan 4 years ago

These are all fake. Mahesh Babu is the most handsome guy in asia. Then the second is Imran khan.

lily flora 4 years ago

imran abbas ix the most handsome

Rasika 4 years ago

wht about Korean actors.dey r also really handsome.Dis z ma list

1. Hrithik

2. Lee Min Hoo

3. Imran Khan

4. Kumar Sangakkara

5. Kim hung Joong

6. SRK

7. Rain


9.Imran Abbas

10. MSD

vedvish 4 years ago

salman is a all over world handsome man

virendra 4 years ago

salman khan is 1

Mayur 4 years ago

salman khan most 7th handsome man in the world and in this site salman khan 8 wtf.

salman khan is the best in the world 4 years ago

I think Aatif Aslam N

Ranbir kapoor is no. 1 handsome

baki to sare gandu hai

zizi 4 years ago

Sheikh Hamdan is the best i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him

sarah khan 4 years ago

i like imran abbas

butkhan 4 years ago

Kapoor family

memo 4 years ago

Malik jalaluddin

mohsin 4 years ago

and me

shruti 4 years ago

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh JOHN.............. U R THE BEST

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia

How long has your keyboard's caps lock been broken? I see you only type in lower case. *SMH*

roshan das 3 years ago

hopeless site,salaman khan is world seventh handsome man in the world he should bi first in asia

sara 3 years ago

Engin Akyurek is the most handsome and talented actor!

oh please, this list is missing him!

bull doungel 3 years ago

Salman khan the great wanted boy of the world mene paar kiya

kuldeep 3 years ago

Hritik is best to anyone's

salman Ali 3 years ago

salman khan and shan

Sheikh saddam al hussain from Dubai(the great city on earth) 3 years ago

Muslims are most handsome in the world.Other are only timepass handsome.I am proud of my religion.Allaha is the great .Allaha makes all things beautiful.

mani.s 3 years ago

hr allwase seennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

CHUN HWA 3 years ago


Sweety 3 years ago

the list is not fair .. They are all actors and famous people .. They should be normal but handsome people also there could be like the handsome man of Asia is not an actor he's a normal person .. No one has seen every1 in Asia than how are u saying that Salam khan is the best? He could be best in actors but not in Asia ok so plz don't compare every1 and don't waste ur time....

lokesh 3 years ago

where is mahesh babu?

zara 3 years ago

nice boysssssssssssss

dolllllllllllllll 3 years ago

hamdan u rrrrrrrrr soooooooooooooooooooo beeaaaaaaatttttttifffuullllllllllllllllllllllll salammmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllll howwwwwwwwwwww aareeeeeeeee u allllllllllllll

hira khan 3 years ago

the most handsome.............the most charming.....the one and only fawad khan........

stepheny profile image

stepheny 2 years ago from united kingdom Author

Thanks All for your precious comments

akki 2 years ago

World's handsome aksay kumar

sufi khan 2 years ago

salaman is the king of the asia,he is the 7th world sexiest man in the world..then here no chance to akshay7 kumar huuuuuuuu

rahul 2 years ago

" Vivian Dsena" !!!! most then most handsome guy in asia really

rohit 2 years ago

Most handsome & nice ,sexy man in world only one Vivian Dsena

shafqat hussain 2 years ago

imran abbas naqvi

Anuva Allen 2 years ago

This site is very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neha 2 years ago

varun dhawan is the handsome and dashing boy in the world

sana khan 2 years ago

Salman Khan is the best ...

momin 2 years ago

Omar Borkan us the most handsome man

UTH 23 months ago

Hey,come on.this list is ridiculous.they are all Indians.i think u must change the title as most handsome Indian men.this list will only work in India but not in Asia.korea,Japan and China posses extremely handsome men than in India.that's the truth.and this list is completely false.

HKK 23 months ago

"Salman khan is the king of Asia." Who says? "Lee min ho" is the king of Asia.and whole world will agree. His appearance and popularity in Asia cannot be replaced by anyone. And Asia means not India.

Richard 23 months ago

I think that writer have no idea about how Pakistani men look like.Only one Pakistani hot young man from Lahore can leave all of the above listed men in the dust.

I urge the writer to visit in Lahore,Pakistan and discover the exotic unmatched beauty of Pakistani young men.

Harshit singh rajput 23 months ago

Saman all times handsome in the world.

AMIT KUMAR 10 months ago


Megha Jadhav 4 months ago

Wats the actors name on 10. no.??

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