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In Depth Review of TuneUp Media and Current Promo Code Offer

Unfortunate Update - Tuneup has recently shutdown and completely screwed over their entire user base.

If you need an alternative program, Rinse My Music is the other solution available. Good luck everyone and thanks for leaving us all out to dry Tuneup. Good riddance!!


Before getting into our review of Tuneup Media, we have discovered an exclusive promo code. Just click through the following link to automatically apply the offer.

Does your iTunes library look like a complete train wreck? Duplicate songs, incorrect song names like track01s, and missing album art are just a few of the problems you might be experiencing.

Renaming each song by hand will take you forever, and it's incredibly exhausting. You'll feel like a zombie after about half an hour of this mindless busy work.

If you're on this page, you've probably gotten to a certain point where your frustration has amounted and manual iTunes organization is simply out of the question.

It was dealing with these same frustrations that led me to Tuneup Media. It takes care of what used to be hours of this exhausting busy work with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Learn How You Can Organize Your Music With Tuneup Media

If you music collection is a complete mess, Tuneup Media can clean it up automagically

In this review of Tuneup Media I'll begin by explaining to you how this clever program works, and end by showing you how to get a special discount before checking out by using the most up-to-date promo code available.

Before you spend another minute organizing and renaming your iTunes and mp3s by hand, read this Tuneup Media review and find out if TuneUp is really the ultimate music companion.

So how does Tuneup Media clean up your random collection of incorrectly labeled music? Basically, the Tuneup Media system scans the first few seconds of each song and than matches the sound clip within it's extensive song database. From there it returns the appropriate information or meta data pertaining to each song and replaces the incorrect information.This process takes about 2 seconds for each song but it mostly depends on the speed of your computer and internet connection.

TuneUp Media's Main Features

*Clean mislabeled music like "Track 01" and "Unknown Artist"

*Fill in missing cover art - no more gray music notes in cover flow

*Concert alerts based on the artists in your music collection

*YouTube videos, artist bios, merchandise and much, much more

*Automatically remove duplicate songs with the DeDuper function

One of the big concerns I had with Tuneup Media was that I had tons of rare and obscure songs in my collection. I didn't think Tuneup Media would recognize them or have the missing info. But this is where the program really surprised me - it actually managed to find about 95% of the information for my missing songs. This was no easy task either, because I had at least 5,000 songs with missing or incorrect meta data.

For the rest of this review I will basically give you a walk through of my experience with Tuneup so you can get a better idea of how the program works and if it really delivers the quality it promises. I will start from the very beginning and explain everything from the download process to the overall functionality of TuneUp.

Tuneup repair man
Tuneup repair man

My Personal Experience with TuneUp

Down to the nitty gritty of the Tuneup review

The download process for Tuenup is extremely quick and simple- it took me all of about five minutes. Installation also went smoothly and Tuneup lined right up with my iTunes program completely trouble free.Once I got the program installed, I immediately began putting it to the test.

I started dragging over songs like crazy and had my first learning experience with Tuneup gold. I dragged about a 1000 songs at once to the clean up tab and the program got a little overloaded. This was really no big deal and I just made sure to only drag a few hundred songs at a time after that.

Important Tip: I would recommend only dragging about 300 songs to the cleanup tab each time when using Tuneup. Since Tuneup is referencing a database via the Internet, it is important to make the process smooth and not overload the program.

A big part of this tuneup media review is to remind people that the speed and functionality of tuneup depends a lot on your internet connection and computer processing speed. So be sure when you use Tuneup Media to be connected to a high speed Internet connection so the program to preforms optimally.

So I began watching tuneup work it's magic as it cleaned up my screwed up music files. It was actually kind of entertaining to watch my music library get a complete make over but I'm sure most people will have better things to do. Tuneup allows you to confirm the changes or just have the changes made automatically. At first I was doing it manually to make sure things worked as planned but after a I realized how spot on Tuneup was I just let it go to town on my music.

I can honestly tell you that Tuneup delivers in every way promised, my music library went from complete chaos to perfectly organized in just a couple hours. The great thing about it was I really didn't have to do anything besides let Tuneup take care of the problem. No one wants to sit around wasting their precious time organizing iTunes songs by hand, and this is why Tuneup has become so popular.

My next test with Tuneup was to see how well it would reverse the process of fixing songs. Unlike other music clean up products on the market, with Tuneup you can actually reverse any song changes that you are unhappy with. Recently I read a horror story about someone who paid $50 for a competing music clean up program and it wound up screwing up every one of their songs with no option to reverse the damage.

Than the person wound up finding out about Tuneup and had to buy a copy just to bring her collection back to order. If only they would have learned about Tuneup in the beginning than they would have never had any problems and saved $50.

For the clean up process I took a sample of 200 songs to measure the accuracy of Tuneup. The result was a shocking 96% success rate. To my surprise, Tuneup managed to restore my songs with 96% accuracy and they were definitely not common songs by any standard. As I said in the beginning of the review one of my big concerns with Tuneup was its effectiveness with rare and obscure songs. So when I went to put it into action I really had a crazy variety of music, to test the program's effectiveness.

Finding cover art was also no problem for the Tuneup companion. With cover art the program resulted in the same accuracy. Of the 200 different songs I had Tuneup find matching art for it actually came up with almost every single one. There were only a couple of songs that Tuneup could not find album art for and they were definitely very obscure. Another bonus of this feature is there is up to 4 different album art covers for you to chose from.

Tuneup wasn't playing around when they put together their album art database so they could deliver their customers practically every album cover available. This is a really cool feature and it helps give your music collection a more personalized and original feel.

You should be able to get an idea of what Tuneup looks like from the screen shot above. You can also even see Tuneup offering several different cover art options to chose from as I just mentioned. If you are still skeptical about Tuneup than you can always use the free trial called Tuneup Media Lite. You get a complete representation of the program for free but you can only use it for one hundred songs and fifty album covers.

Tuneup Media Girl
Tuneup Media Girl

Other Features That Tuneup Media Gold Has To Offer

The Tuneup Media Review Continued...

The great thing about Tuneup is that it is more than just a music cleanup tool. Recently they have been connecting the program with Face Book so you can connect with your friends and exchange information about your favorite music right from iTunes. Not only does Tuneup give you access to the #1 social media site, it gives you Concert Updates, and Artist Bios to further enhance you music listening experience.

Connecting with FaceBook or the "Share" feature allows you to post information about your favorite songs to your FaceBook profile. This can be really handy for the music junkies out there and social media buffs. Besides just cleaning up your songs and finding album art, Tuneup really differentiates itself from other clean up programs with its useful additional features. Here is a brief explanation of Tuneup's extra features:

Extra Features That Tuneup Gold Has To Offer...

The Tuniverse tab allows to you to view content from the web that is related to the artist you are listening to. The first thing you will notice is an artist bio which is provided by Wikipedia, than you will see a music video corresponding to the artist provided by YouTube. This feature can be nice for reading up on your favorite artists.

The Concert tab keeps you informed on any up coming shows in and around your area. This is probably my favorite extra feature that Tuneup has to offer, especially if you live in an area that has lots of concerts. Just listen to a few of your favorite artists with Tuenup and you will be able to instantly see if there are any upcoming shows that you might have otherwise missed out on.

The Current Buzz on TuneUp Media

See what People are Saying about TuneUp

Tuneup has definitely been receiving praise from multiple credible sources in the past year. When I was putting together this review I decided to see what other people on the web to say about the program. From bloggers, to tech sites, to music sites, to forums there seemed to be nothing but good things circulating about Tuneup.

In most cases this is a good way to tell the credibility of a product you are interested in. With Tuneup I didn't find a single bad comment out there. Actually I found one complaint out there and Tuneup had followed up with the customer immediately right on the page.

Here are some things that the top sources on the web have been saying about Tuneup...

"TuneUp is an iTunes utility of a different stripe.."

"Aside from its cool retro rocket-man logo, the service offers nothing short of a complete overhaul of your iTunes library."

"TuneUp can pore through thousands of tracks in iTunes to identify problems and offer solutions."

Video of Tuneup Media from YouTube - Check out TuneUp in Action...

Tuneup Media for Windows Media Player
Tuneup Media for Windows Media Player

Tuneup Now Works For Windows Media Player

The WMP Version released April 21, 2010

If you are a Windows Media Player user than you have probably experienced the same problems that iTunes users are having. Messed up tags and missing album art are just as prevalent for WMP users. Tuneup now caters to these music enthusiasts as well. The WMP version is available immediately and offers all the same features as it's iTunes counterpart.

Keep your iTunes Spinnin!

Keep your iTunes Spinnin!
Keep your iTunes Spinnin!

Biz Markie & Andy Milonakis on Tuneup Media with there iLoveTuneup Ad - Watch this for a quick laugh for the I Love TuneUp Campaign

This is ad is borderline ridiculous, but you should get a laugh out of. I actually just seen an iLoveTuneUp.com commercial on national TV just the other day. I Guess they are really stepping there game up with advertising, going big time.

Tips for Using Tuneup

Only drag a few hundred songs at a time

Use Tuneup on a fast internet connection

Use an ILoveTuneUp promo code to save a few bucks on your copy of either the lifetime or yearly subscription

Run DeDuper after you have cleaned your songs

Its Automagic!

Its Automagic!
Its Automagic!

Share your Itunes Playlist Experience

Have you Spent Counless Hours Organizing your Itunes Playlist?

See results without voting

Tuneup Media Review

Don't forget to use a Tuneup Media coupon code for 2013 before checking out and good luck cleaning up your music library!

If you have used TuneupMedia, please let others know about your experience

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anonymous 6 years ago

I have been using Tune Up for about a year now to clean my massive collection (2TB) of music. Each progressive update seems to increase the lag experienced with the program. I don't know if it is due to the increasing size of my ITunes music collection (I add songs then clean them as they are copied to Itunes) or the program is becoming a memory pig. other than that it works 4 out 5 stars, and the best I can find yet.

anonymous 6 years ago

The Squidoo article I read said it would remove duplicates. I don't think so. If it does, please explain how. I have thousands that need removal. I need an easy way to do it. Thats' why I bought this. Wish I'd saved my money.

jakealoo 6 years ago

@anonymous: Currently Tuneup is in the process of developing a remove duplicates feature. For now you should be able to remove dupes through iTunes once all of your songs have been cleaned and restored with correct meta data.

Follow these steps:


2)Click Display Duplicates

3)Select the dupes and delete them.

If that doesn't work for you, the updated version of Tuneup will surely get the job done.

Good Luck!

SofiaMann 6 years ago

Thanks for the information. Nice lens.

anonymous 6 years ago

I bought the Gold Lifetime version, and then found out that if you upgrade your computer, tuneup doesn't continue as a lifetime program anymore. It only works on your computer that you downloaded the program to. That's not a lifetime program!

anonymous 6 years ago

@anonymous: hmm - i checked the site as i'm intrigued by this program, looks like you can transfer the license (once) to another a computer. Here is the copy N paste:

How many computers can I use my Activation Code on?

TuneUp is licensed for one machine per activation code. You can transfer this activation code once. However, the installation associated with the first computer will be deactivated.

What if I upgrade my OS or reformat my hard drive?

This will not count as a transfer. You'll just need to input your activation code into your fresh installation of TuneUp. If you've forgotten your activation code you can go here to retrieve it.

anonymous 6 years ago

TuneUp made a bigger mess out of my Putumayo Collection then before! At least the file names and ID3 tags were more accurate before, but now thanks to TuneUp I have to manually go through iTunes and edit the info to make them right again. And I bought the Gold version - what a waste of money!

I also was given the misleading impression that TuneUp simply "magically" fixed the albums for you, but the reality is that if you have more then a handful of albums, TuneUp is still unequivocally hands on - meaning, you have to confirm every album that it "guesses" you have.

Sorry folks, this simply isn't the magic bullet we're all waiting for!

anonymous 5 years ago

Plain and simple it doesn't work. It locks your machine up, makes a total mess of compilations (it tries to put each track into an album of its own). The album artwork is so random its amazing... My Itunes has been completely scrambled. Worst $30 I have ever spent. Avoid avoid avoid

jakealoo 5 years ago

@anonymous: Hello Glen, Sorry that you had a bad experience with TuneUp. Have you tried contacting their support line for help?

Use this link...http://www.tuneupmedia.com/support.php

After you visit the link scroll down and click "contact support" button on the right hand side.

Hope this helps,


anonymous 5 years ago

Good program, but it doesn't clean reggaeton songs very good and that is annoying when your collection is almost completely reggaeton... So they could make the cleaning for reggaeton songs better.

historyman 5 years ago

Rather than try to fix 'iTunes annoyances' I have moved to a new music manager / player.

After trying Musicbee, Helium, Winamp, Songbird etc I'm now using 'Clementine' (a stupid name - but I guess its supposed to be a joke on 'apple') . Its 'open source' which means its free (legally) and available at http://www.clementine-player.org/ or just type 'clementine' into google and look for the music player result.


cross platform ie windows/Mac/Linux


supports more formats than iTunes eg plays 'flac' files

tag editing

auto tag info from musicbrainz

auto search for lyrics

album art manager & retrival from Last.fm

device manager - not just an iPod interface


Does not rip cds - however there are plenty of freeware rippers available, I use one from http://koyotesoft.com/indexEn.html.

This app rips to MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC or WAV, and can also retrieve id3 tag info if you wish. Furthermore you can rip at high quality eg 320 bitrate using Constant Bit Rate orV(ariable)BR.

If managing and organising your music files is a big issue for you, then Clementine is worth checking out.

anonymous 5 years ago

Where do I find the current Tuneup Media promotion code?in their blog they say to use: SOFRESH. I wanted to buy it but it says that it's no longer valid. Does anyone a valid one?

anonymous 5 years ago

Check out the furor on the TuneUp Media forums... anyone who purchased a Gold/Lifetime license now has to pay to get access to a new feature added to the software, and the Analyze feature has been removed completely.


So much for "lifetime" upgrades. TuneUp Media sucks as a company.

jakealoo 5 years ago

@anonymous: Use my exclusive 15% TuneUp promo code on the very top of the page. Just click through the link and the promo will be automatically applied.

Good Luck!

jakealoo 5 years ago

@anonymous: There is definitely a lot of frustrated customers out there because of this move but it still can't be denied that TuneUp is a great product. It isn't the #1 iTunes plug-in by accident. High quality software comes at a price, even for a convenience based application like TuneUp.

Sorry about your frustration Halbert, Im sure if you contact TuneUp's support they would offer you a substantial discount on the upgrade.

Good Luck!

anonymous 5 years ago

I can't believe they can label OutKast "The way you move" and "B.O.B". Lifehouse "Storm". These tracks can be tagged by Shazam correctly. TuneUp has some work to do and so do I. Now I have to go through all 5000 song to be sure TuneUp didn't mislabel them. :(

anonymous 5 years ago

It listed some of my dubstep songs as Avenged Sevenfold. That's some crap. I did just use the trial so maybe that has something to do with it.

anonymous 5 years ago

Yeah, this program is crap and it's only popular as an Itunes plug in because they pay for good reviews and referrals.

anonymous 5 years ago

This program is prone to crash, re-name albums/songs randomly, freeze, insist you pay them again, frustrate and piss you off. Great in theory but extremely poorly put together. Do not use! Find another program to fill in the blanks of your music collection.

anonymous 5 years ago

Terrible software! Don't download. I couldn't download it because the file they have for download is damaged. I can't get a hold of anyone at their customer support after sending numerous emails and requests. Scam....plain and simple! I want my hard earned money back but I am afraid it is lost to these people forever!

anonymous 5 years ago

watch out this program is appalling! don't buy it unless you're prepared to change all the random artwork/artists/song names back to normal. A total waste of money - better off putting the $30 in the bin and saving your time.

anonymous 5 years ago

When it doesn't crash it seems to work but you have to be vigilante of what changes is proposing. But it does crash too often (even loading it with 50/75 songs). I can't recommend to others yet and I will check on alternatives as the concept is good.

anonymous 5 years ago

Bottom line: Don't waste your time!


Bought this thinking it would help me clean the final 15% of my music collection that didn't have accurate or complete tag info. I have spent many, many hours cleaning my collection prior to this. I'm very particular about my tags and complete info and cover art. I have 1tb and through experience know that many programs can't handle such a large collection. Tune-up is definitely one of them. I even broke up my collection into much smaller chunks and only allowed itunes to load small folders into the library thinking it would speed it up. nope. man it still slowed to a crawl. Like other reviews i've read, even on their own support forum, it slows to a crawl even for 12 albums. Sometimes it works and zips thru (rarely). But the 2-3 seconds a track is probably an i7 attached to their server. It is a resource hog. It even ignored some tags and suggested albums/artists that were not even close. It is just as hands-on as most other programs. NOthing happens auto-magically.

This is a real simple program so it's funny reading the suggestion on their own forum. Something needs to change. Especially if they want to remain the #1 plug-in. How they got there @$30-40 a pop. Probably works for people with tiny collections. But if you had a small collection you can just use any of the great free tools out there.

It's the right idea but man it falls short. I now question all these reviews on bloggers sites etc who give this glowing reviews. These people need to state what consideration, if anything, they received for doing the review. It all sounds great but on execution it's a fail.

anonymous 5 years ago

Putting aside all the sponsored hurrays, cool marketing and bold claims, what's the reality once you try TuneUp on a real song database? The answer is: TuneUp kind of almost works. See what I'm hinting at?

* The Cleaning module works, but makes enough mistakes that you have to watch it closely if you don't want to lose songs forever (in a big collection, a mislabeled file is for all intents and purposes lost in iTune, because it relies only on the tag info and not the source directory).

* The DeDuper module is so bad it's not even funny. It can even miss duplicates with the same song, same bitrate and length. So, on 3000 songs with about 400 dups, it can very well miss them all... Not great.

* The Cover Art module returns bitmaps found from the net, some of them being unavailable in their full res version. When this happen for a song, TuneUp stays frozen until the timeout (something like 30 secs) happens. Get enough of these, and your collection will take literally _forever_ to be updated. The workaround is: disable this.

* The TUniverse module? If only the TuneUp programmers spent their time on making sure the core features of TuneUp worked reliably before indulging in gadgets like this, I would probably sing another tune today....

* The support? I tried it. They are extremely nice people. Their goal is obviously to help you as long as it doesn't impact their development staff. So, if you don't understand how to use TuneUp, you're saved. Otherwise, you're stuck with your bug and a polite "I'm sorry but".

Conclusion: If you've got money to burn and a small collection, try it out. Don't expect much and you will not be disappointed.

anonymous 5 years ago

Utter Rubbish on the Mac. Keep your money! Constantly crashes and hangs on an 8 core MacPro with 11 GB Ram. Support don't answer. Only interested in your cash. Bought a lifetime licence. Guess what, they added a feature (Deduper) but then say, Yeah, but your licence does not cover that feature.

Search for unhappy users.

AVOID at all costs.

jakealoo 5 years ago

@anonymous: Sorry to hear about your Tuneup crashing on you Charlie. Maybe you could try contacting support or requesting a refund. Unfortunately everyone doesn't have a good experience with Tuneup, but as a whole most people are very satisfied with the software(myself included).

Best of luck to you and kind regards,


anonymous 5 years ago

I've used the free version, and after several crashes and freeze ups, I figured the lifetime version would perform better and was at checkout screen when I had a brilliant idea, check the reviews... Wow, thank you sooooo much for the heads up, I almost fell for it too. First, I couldn't find a great review at all, then saw that analyze had been taken away (which I'm sure I would have had to pay for later on when it was "back up and running") The sad thing is that I needed this so badly, that even with its flaws, I would of purchased, if not for the bait and switch pulled on gold and lifetime users.

anonymous 5 years ago

Before you buy this software, read this from their customer support team

Request #55952

Hi ....

Thank you for that information. With that said, our development team has been very busy, and we're not too sure when we'll be able to get around to fixing your issue, and can't give you a timetable for more information. So I want to give you the option of a refund, or you can wait until we get around to your issue. Let me know how you'll like to proceed.


TuneUp Media Support

Hello Jahmanz

Im not sure I understand your response nicely. Which issue is going to take time to sort out?

a) The issue with the artwork ? ( did not change artwork randomly)

b) The issue with the fact that it does not load any more at all ?

c) The issue with it stopping randomly?

d) The issue of it stating that "tune up is not available currently" ... about 12 times a day?

Which issue is your development team too busy to attend too?

Hi ....

Quite frankly, all of it. I wish I could decipher what issues are taking so long, but I can't. So how do you want to proceed?


TuneUp Media Support

Jan-17 2012 12:51 pm

Hello Jahmanz

Oh , well , given the fact that it does not load at all , I suppose I have no choice but to recover my money. It is a pity.

Do you intend advising other potential clients? May I copy them in on your correspondence?

Jan-18 2012 09:09 pm

anonymous 4 years ago

I bought the lifetime version of this because it was recommended by Get Connected. All I can say is "what were you thinking Get Connected". This program is very "buggy". It crashes constantly. You have to make repeated attempts to get it to recognize the tracks and this is only doing a few (10 to 20) at a time. I have a large music collection that I admit was in a mess, but this is what this program is supposed to take care of. I paid $50 for the lifetime version, but if I had a chance to do it over again I would not pay $5. Buyer beware I guess......but shame on you Get Connected for recommending this.

anonymous 4 years ago

@jakealoo: I have had tuneup prior and worked great but since this new design and all for 2012, it crashes all the time and can't get it to work with itunes.

I would need to kill the program through task Manager just so i tunes can do its things.

I have a Core i7 3.2ghz - 16GB Patriot Ram with 2tb 1 tb each drive windows 7 pro Actual Licensed, worked fine prior to update i did in Mar 2012 I only have the clean option - i have 3 tuneup media account and the other 2 left it with old version, than update.

I have found other software and works better for dupe songs, and i have 3 of their licenses was going to chance it with tuneup and since i can't because it keeps crashing.

anonymous 4 years ago

I've had Tuneup for about 18 months now and all it's done is caused me grief. The first couple of months it was fine,then it started crashing/slowing down computer and freezing. I paid for a lifetime version,I take its lifetime is only a few months.

Not happy it seems everyone is pretty much in the same boat irrespective of type of computer /Ram etc. I saw on your website there was update (newer version) which I tried to download but it timed out constantly(corrupt) This product has massive potential but am just stunned you still can't get the basics right.

anonymous 4 years ago

This is nothing more than a ponzi cash flow engine.

From the research I've done, the software has never worked well and is extremely buggy. It's hard to believe they've gotten good reviews from "the Wall Street Journal" and "Wired" magazine but the closer I look, the more I see these "reviews" on the product packaging could simply be small snippets from what would have to be a more accurate but extremely negative review.

In addition, I've found several web 2.0 blogs like this one posing as information providers but in reality they are simply affiliate marketers.

I'll be asking for my refund and expect it to be a lengthy process designed to wear out the consumer's patience and memory to the point that it will quickly be worth more in time wasted than a full refund may ultimately produce.

In the mean time, (let's call it 3 months), they've taken the money and used it for operations, investments, entertainment and ultimately - to go ahead and payoff refunds to the suckers that bought in higher in the pyramid before I did.

I'm amazed that companies like the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, WalMart, and Apple haven't gotten legal cease and desist orders preventing the mention of their organizations with anything to do with this product.

Cute game with "security word" below. As Clint would say "he can't do that to himself".

anonymous 4 years ago

I agree with Hank. It's a sloppy software that messes up more tracks than it cleans. What astounds me is the hype that seems to go everywhere with supposedly credible organisations like Macworld. Don't buy this software it's a fraud!

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