TWILIGHT- for those who have not seen the movie

Twilight.. couple of years ago, after watching the promotions, I figured its yet another teen flick with a fair, cute looking guy with the usual red lips, a fancy hairstyle as if its meant to be for a hair gel commercial. Soon after its release, the girls were already crazy about this guy who they addressed as Rob...

I, being in my mid 20s, mostly do not like teenage boys who look like high school sweethearts and have the appearance as above. Zac Efron, the guy from 17 Again, Elijah Wood, Harry Potter, Jonas Brothers, Greenday and others like them, they are a big turn off for me. One of the reasons for such behavior are the numerous fans, mostly of which are teenage girls, and some guys too who wouldn’t admit how much they admire such teen icons, they secretly start impersonating these teenage celebrities. My cousin sister is a teenager. She was crazy about Lizzy Mcguire, Hanna Montana and High School Musical. And when the Hig School Musical movie came up, she and her friends were like – “OMG OMG Zach is so cute” then came 17 again and I saw the same reaction” OMG OMG he’s so hot” and same for Twilight too, ”OMG OMG, he’s so sexy”. These Teen celebs are the role models of their teenage fans. You can tell that by the way they have started to dress, you notice change in their hairstyle which are now covered in noticeable amount of hair gel, and the most common one is that they put up the pictures of their favorite ones as avatars in their online accounts.

I think its not their fault, you know… When you are that age, you tend to like the young celebrities more because you can relate to them. I remember being crazy about Leonardo Di Caprio in my teens when I first saw Titanic. I watched the movie 60 times just to see Jack Dawson and his cute face, soft blonde hair, pretty pink lips, killing smile. You wouldn’t hear a 17 year old guy saying that his favorite celebrity is Kate Winslet, Sean Penn or Jodie Foster, (spare Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford because of their extreme personalities) the answer will be Miley Cyrus or Zach Efron or someone like them, and 8 out of 10 teenagers will have the same answer depending on the latest teen flick that’s on the box office.

Audio Books are so much fun. Its like your mommy is reading you a story while you fall asleep. Twilight Saga Audio Books on Amazon

I hope every one must have seen the movie, its time for Twilight's soundtrack

So… back on the topic. My sister told me about this new flick Twilight which I’ve hardly heard of. She said it’s a great movie. It's a sweet movie ( like i care...) the guy is so cute and blah blah blah… I didn’t pay much attention just like always. Then I saw its trailers on TV and came to know it’s based on vampires and blood sucking stuff. “Why do they even bother to make such movies?” I said to myself and I walked away. Teen flick plus blood sucking vamps… how do they do it, I wondered.

Later, I noticed that every teenager I knew is talking about Twilight. It was everywhere. Even on my youtube home page. It was like a fever that spread to the younger generation. It pissed me. I have a tendency to easily get annoyed by the things that the masses go crazy about. Its bad I know. From then on, whenever I encounter into a chat with a teenager, there comes a situation where I have to tell them “Please… no Twilight talks…” and I remember saying it to most of my sister’s friends.

Time passed.. there were no Twilight talks for a while.. then came New Moon. I remember when I first saw the promo on TV I wondered “how desperate can they be for releasing part 2 in such short time.” But it didn’t add to my disappointment because my sister, after watching it, told me that it wasn’t that good. I was glad to hear that and I said, “great” as I walked away swinging my neck side to side in a hip hop style with a wicked smirk on my face. I was relieved. After all it was over…
A year passed, it was 2010 and I didn’t hear much about Twilight. I am in a habit of watching upcoming movie trailers on youtube. I usually don’t know which movie am I looking for, and I just browse. One day I typed “trailer” in the youtube search bar. The results were sorted by `view count’ and guess what was the first result… “Twilight” and for the first time I was not furious, in fact I was amazed, stunned and surprised and said Wow! My curiosity began to grow, but I didn’t do anything about it.

My sister used to come at my place on Saturday afternoons and we would watch movies together. My sister is 16 years old. We mostly watch romantic comedies. I would show her my favorite ones which include A Lot Like Love, 10 Things I hate about you, Just Married etc. One day she randomly asked me “Have you seen Twilight?” I said “no I haven’t and I don’t intent to watch it either” she asked out of surprise “Why?” I told her that I don’t really like vampire movies. She said “It isn’t much about Vampires” she said, Its a Love Story... Her last 2 words caught me. I was going through a very romantic phase of my life at that time. I met someone who thrilled me. It was magical. I became a full time dreamer. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. He belonged to someone else. I was all heart broken at first but eventually brought the pieces together. It was then that my romantic phase began and I learnt love is so beautiful. I used to watch a whole lot of romantic movies like Before Sunrise/Sunset, In search for a Midnight kiss, Romeo n Juliet, The Notebook, etc.. Anyway, considering what my sister said, I rented the movie that night. It wasn’t a quiet night, so I copied the movie on my computer so that I can watch it later. I returned the disk next day. Couple of weeks passed and I didn’t watch the movie until one day my sis insisted.

Twilight - Edward n Bella
Twilight - Edward n Bella
Edward and Bella - Twilight
Edward and Bella - Twilight
Falling Slowly - Edward n Bella
Falling Slowly - Edward n Bella
Bella's Lullaby
Bella's Lullaby
Beautiful Angel - Edward Cullen
Beautiful Angel - Edward Cullen

....... Finally the day arrived when i played Twilight
I feel such an idiot to have judged this movie from my preconceived notions.. it was beautiful.. it was magical.. it was sensational.. it moved me.. it made me even more romantic.. This movie has made me fall in love with love! A hopeless romantic! I finally came face to face with Edward & Bella... This guy has become the dream vampire of every girl! And Bella, she is virgin beauty. I don't know if its the story line or it was the work of filmmakers that made it a classic tale of love. It made it to the list of my top movies.Everything about the movie was fantastic. The music, the costumes, the dark weather, the other Cullens, Charlie etc. My favourite scene was when Edward stops the van, jumps up on Bella’s truck and leaves. The music in the background was so made for that part of the movie. That was the time when Edward revealed his super powers to save Bella. “your eyes have now opened, to a world where madness craves“ Look at how the song relates to the event. The song is called “Tremble for my beloved” by Collective Soul and it goes like -

“The hour has begun
Your eyes have now opened

To a world where madness craves
To a world where hopes enslaved
Oh, I tremble for my love always

Your windows, opened wide
Your innocence takes flight

Its a world where madness craves
Its a world where hopes enslaved
Yeah, I tremble for you, love, always”

There couldn't be any better song. The song itself describes that part so well.

Another scene that I loved was in the woods when Edward tells Bella about himself, Bella leaning on the huge rock covered with wet green moss and Edward putting his arms gently on both sides of Bella, gazing intensely. “I can’t read your mind... you have to tell me what you’re thinking“ he says. “So the lion fell in love with the lamb“ The sentence in which they exchanged their mutual feeling for each other. Edward finally resting his palm on on Bella’s chest feeling her heart beat. Gosh! even describing this part is giving me tingles.

Edward and Bella have now become a part of my life.

I became curious about the book and decided to buy an audio-book of the Twilight series. The book is amazing, very illustrative, just as my sister described. Its even better. I think I made a good decision of reading the book after watching the movie. The book has so much more in it. My favourite parts from the book were when Edward and Bella were lying on the meadow for the first time. the part is so vivid and intense. The urge to touch, the urge to kiss and holding back all the urges for good. It was amazing, I felt being there in the meadow with Edward. “I felt his cold breath on my lips when he chuckled quietly.“ In the class room, when they just started interacting “I was stunned by the unexpected electricity that flowed through me, amazed that it was possible to be more aware of him than I already was. A crazy impulse to reach over and touch him, to stroke his perfect face just once in the darkness, nearly overwhelmed me.“
Another part that I loved was when they went on a hike, Edward carrying Bella, their first official date and first kiss “And then his cold, marble lips pressed very softly against mine.“ I even loved how Jasper consoled Bella when Alice, Bella and Jasper were hiding in a Phoenix hotel. That part of Jasper was never shown in the movie, but its fine. The movie has to be about Edward n Bella and it was. I thought Rosalie in the book was much much prettier than Rosalie in the movie, but that's just me.

EDWARD n BELLA - FALLING SLOWLY. My personal request: Weather you like my hub or not, please watch this video if you like Twilight

Hardcover Books of Twilight Saga

I feel like watching the movie again n again. I’ve already seen it 10 - 11 times and i keep playing some scenes repeatedly to watch, listen and feel. 

The very next day I saw New Moon also. I think the movie was good. I just missed Edward and that there were so less scenes of him n Bella. The chemistry was definitely not that much which I missed a lot. I even think that Edward looked a lot different as if he’d grown older, which is kind of ironic. His hair was blonder. I loved his hair when they were dark reddish brown in Twilight. He looked tired, worried, older, uglier, pale, unenthusiastic, totally opposite of how he looked in Twilight. Remember that scene when Mike comes up to Bella in the parking lot a the very next day after the accident. Edward was standing a few steps away from them trying to listen to the conversation, Mike asks Bella to be his partner in the prom, remember the wicked look at Edward’s face... I think that was the time he looked the sexiest. Even the day before, right before the accident when Edward was standing next to his car with one arm in his pocket and other resting on the car, he looked terrific! He is gorgeous! When he invites Bella to his house, he was wearing a dark blue jacket and he looked so white and pretty! I didn't feel the same about him in New Moon. Bella did look prettier in the latter. I did love the last dialogues of Edward in the movie when he proposes. Loved the way he said those words “Marry me, Bella“, he murmured so slowly, kindly and swiftly, he had a little smile on his face which was coming and retrieving as he spoke. 

Now I am listening to the New Moon audio book. I am in middle of it. Bella is still looking for Jacob, not sure of where or how he is and why isn't he calling. I think the book is nice. At least it didn't made me miss Edward in the story. I think I will wait to see Eclipse and the read the book. The books does seem to be better. So far that is what I have concluded. I curious for the movie, I checked the filmography of the director and became skeptic about how the movie will turn out. Until then fingers crossed!

I researched about the town Forks, it is pretty. I would want to go there once. I even researched on the La Push. that's a beautiful place too.

By the way, I just got a call from my sister, she scored 96% in her final exam and is in top ten in the entire country. She is so relieved. She’ll be going for higher studies to a beautiful Hill station where she always wanted to go. I’ll miss her. She will no longer be able to tell me about her sweet little movies anymore. Guess I will stack up a pile of good pretty movies to show her when she returns.

Well, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

This is a great review. Like you, I was turned off the teenage sensationalism of the masses. I have never seen the film. I never gave it a chance though I am a major film aficionado. After reading your words, I am going to rent it soon and check it out. Thanks!

estranged911 profile image

estranged911 6 years ago from India! Author

Thanks Billy... I do hope you like it.

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Excellent - I am one of those few it seems who has not seen the movie - now I have at least partially caught up :)

MMMoney profile image

MMMoney 6 years ago from Where U Can Make More Money

very nice description thanks

estranged911 profile image

estranged911 6 years ago from India! Author

Thank you Raven. It surely isn't a movie to miss!

Raven King profile image

Raven King 6 years ago from Cabin Fever

I hadn't seen any the Twilight movies and after your exciting description I would definitely want to see the first. :)

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