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Nosferatu the Vampire
Nosferatu the Vampire

Count Dracula

Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee

Vampires and vampire legend play significant roles in the cultures of many areas around the world. These blood-sucking beings are most common in the cultures of Eastern Europe, although similar manifestations are reported in some Asian cultures as well as some ancient cultures. Vampire legends have a distinct background bridging several cultures and eras, making them some of the most compelling stories ever told.

From the beginning of history, vampire-like spirits and beings have been recorded. The Akhkharu were blood-sucking demons, written about back in the time of Sumer. The ancient Chinese wrote about "hopping corpses" which would go around and consume a victim's life essence (commonly known as chi). Even ancient Egyptian lore had a story where the goddess Sakhmet was consumed with bloodlust. From the earliest of times, vampire like beings have been prominent in folklore from several different cultures.

The first step in understanding vampire lore is to understand some of the biological reasons that may have led to such beliefs.

Porphyria in Transylvania

One of the most plausible explanations for vampire myths is the disease porphyria, which occurred frequently in Transylvania.

Porphyria is a blood-related condition where a vital function of blood cells is lost. This results in rapid tissue damage, giving the victim a ghastly pallor and enlarged teeth due to gum damage. The effects of porphyria are greatly amplified upon exposure to the sun, making sun light a likely threat victims would try to avoid at all costs. It is also believed that certain strains of porphyria are associated with neurological conditions, which would result in insanity.

This condition also explains the practice of drinking blood, as these people would likely drink animal blood as a cure for the anemia associated with porphyria.

Vampire Costumes and Role Playing

There are a lot of people who just enjoy the Vampire mythos. Some even believe that creatures who live from human blood are real. They dress as a vampire, and behave as much as they can how they think a vampire would.

Most people who enjoy dressing in vampire costumes don't actually believe that vampires exist; at least not like the vampires we see on television and read about in novels.

An entire subculture has been born from the myths, legends and movies about the vampire.

You don't have to be a hardcore Vampire fan. If you're just looking for something cool for a party or for Halloween Vampire stuff is hot. Costumes, decorations... Wouldn't a Vampire themed masquerade party be cool?


Another explanation for this legend is the disease rabies, as it leads to hypersensitivity, unusual sleep patterns, and intense sexuality.

Rabies is also associated with the compulsion to bite others, and a bloody foaming at the mouth. These two diseases could possibly explain the origins of vampire legends, and perhaps also why they are so widespread.

Do You Believe in Vampires?

Do you believe that Vampires really exist?

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Slavic and Romanian Vampires

The most well-known versions of vampire myth are those of the Slavic and Romanian cultures, which, due to their proximity, are surprisingly similar. Both have several reasons that a person may become a vampire, such as unnatural death, birth defects, or conception on certain days.

Romanian legend gave rise to the belief that being bitten by a vampire would doom one to become a vampire after death. Both Slavic and Romanian myths hold the belief that, with the advent of a vampire, there would be deaths of livestock and family members of the vampire. The favored way to kill a vampire in these two myths is by driving a stake through the heart, decapitation, and if necessary, dismemberment. Slavic and Romanian vampire myths have given rise to the most popular world-view of vampires.

Vampire Legends and Folklore

Vampire legends have played a significant role in the folklore of many regions of the world, since the beginning of history in Sumer, and they will continue to be important through such media as movies, books, and video games well into the future.

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Comments 70 comments

Robin Layne 8 years ago

I beg to differ with you about porphyria. From what I've read, it's not really related to the legend of vampirism; that is a rather modern myth. This disease certainly isn't the cause of the traditional belief in blood-sucking animated corpses. The causes are more varied and complex and not entirely understood.

kentuckyslone profile image

kentuckyslone 8 years ago Author

In the article is says that poryphyria is "One of the most plausible explanations for vampire myths" it doesn't say that it is the explanation or that it is the only one. However I do agree with you 100% that the "causes are more varied and complex and not entirely understood."

ashley mary 8 years ago

i belive vampires are insane humans. i belive we can only be vampiric if we want to. my comments make no sense that is ok, i think were all insane.

jane 8 years ago

i love vampires so i don't care about that stuff.if u hate them then ... .

gooper 8 years ago

I believe that I guess. I want to become a vampire but im still not qite sure. I don't know how you are supposed to find a vampire???

wisdomwitch 8 years ago

i also love n believe in them..would be so wicked if they'd show themselves...

mel 8 years ago

i have read books by stephenie meyer and others and they are really cool i would like them to be right but its just wishful thinking i suppose

Wow 8 years ago

Damn you people are stupid.

Vampires are not the amazing creatures Hollywood has created them to be. They don't all look like Edward Cullen or Lestat. Actually none of them do. They're just demonic beings who take a dead human's body to terrorize and suck the blood from people.

Arcad 8 years ago

No no I disagree with you all none of us are "beautiful" or "demonic" looking we all look normal. I don't need blood I can live off human foods and I don't like it that you people believe that we can do certain things that we cant such as turn to bats lol or jump 40 feet in the air or anything like that yes we are stronger, faster, and we have a hightened sence than humans. we are not evil creatures of the night that just go and kill people because were board or anything and no we don't die from sunlight or anything you have listed we die from natural causes. You should meet a vampire before saying things about one.

vampire girl 7 years ago

vampires are so real i would know i myself am one and i know a whole bunch more they walk around the streets and do all the things humans do but at night all tha changes vampires like to go to bars on the outside of cities and that's when they attract someone and people end up dissapearing THEY ARE REAL:)

vampgirl 7 years ago

WOW i lov vamps but i don't know if i can belive dis CRAP

Vampires Rock 7 years ago

I think Vampires are real

dragonfly 7 years ago

Just because you don't beleave don't knock us because we do ! do you feel your being watched over or drained when you talk about them ? i hope one finds me and makes me one and prove all you none beleavers your wronge we will one day all unite and you will wish you did to so get over your self ( i love you vamps)

7 years ago

Those people who believe that vampires are real and that they are one, or want to become one, GET A LIFE.

If for some STRANGE reason you really are one OR you eventually find a vampire and become one, i don't think they DON'T exist but please show the world who you are, go kill some people, or save some lives using your super strength. Show the world that vampires do exist!!!

its been so many years and no one in the world has heard of a vampire attack so, if they do exist, show yourselves. If you guys don't, then don't blame the world for not believing in you, and being all lonely and shit. Well, you guys would like that anyway if you were real.

curious 7 years ago

i think that the odds of a vamipre being real is not very high. but if they r out there they arnt justgoing to show themselves. then they'd be hunted and studied. if they r real they need the secrecy to survive. which means ull probably never find one. but that still doesn't mean that i don't wish one would find me. i do and am slightly hopeful but doubtful tha it will ever happen

Tayla 7 years ago

Vampir myths and legend have been altered to suit current ages. even with what you believe, i still belive that they are out there. And if it was possible i would wish to be one. not for the immortailty,but to see in a new light

Tayla :) 7 years ago

When someone refurse to a myth or legend, they believe it was something that is created, something that people can blame things on. But when such legend are created, they are based on something solid. for instance, when thinking about dragons, and how countries all around the world, spoke of a flying, creature that breathed fire, you begin to question, is this realy? the reason to the question is because, even though they spoke the same thing, they never spoke to one another. so answere me this question, if there are so many myths around vampires, how come they seem to revolve around the same bases... i do believe in vampires, and i do believ that it would be a great experience to have.

Adono Sekura 7 years ago

@LIL R If you were truly an immortal, you would have much better grammar. Centuries of existence actually improves grammar. The proof lies here: in my comment. As for you other mortals, you are slightly correct. I do not think I am beautiful. Modern society thinks I am, due to their lack of such heightened senses. Yes, I have unnatural speed abilities, but again that is due to your inability to see it as I do. Your eyes are not accustomed to what mine eyes see as "natural speed". Being able to turn into a bat? That's preposterous!!! Ridiculously absurd!! @haha You are right. I am sick. I am sick and tired of the mortals who, like yourself, portray us as being Insane humans. @Tayla I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. But I do admire the fact that you are interested in being a Vampyre only to see things differently. and @Tayla :) You only further my point. I do hope my comment helps some of you to better understand; for you clearly need it.


Tayla  7 years ago

It is true our sense are not to the ability of a vampire... and your not insain humans even though some people would say vampirism is formed from the illness called porphyria, but i stand by my argument before, it is to world renound and to believed for these beings to not exist... they may exist in a different perspective from what has been said about them, but none the less they will be a beautiful creature... and thank you for your comments Adono, but i still wish to see through new eyes.

Angilia Lefaye 7 years ago

I believe if vampires did exist, they would look like angels without the wings. In the bible it says that Satan himself is a beautiful creature and he is the difinition of evil. So if Satan is a beautiful creature, then why can't vampires be beautiful. Also what is this crap about sparkling vampires? Even angels don't sparkle! Angels walk among us everyday. Vampires do not sparkle!

Kiatarra 7 years ago

i no seriously aye, wtf is with stefenie meyer and the sparkling... and they would have to be beautiful creatures, with you angilia

Angilia Lefaye 7 years ago

I'm glad you agree Kiatarra. If angels are why can't they be? Anyway I wish they were real because I would so hire one and they wouldn't have to waste their evening looking for the right prey for if Lestat existed, I know a person that would be the perfect meal for him. lol

Hakizimana 7 years ago

It just so happens I know whom you are talking about, Angilia. Glad we're on better terms, friend.

Adono Sekura 7 years ago

IF? You and I are going to have a litte talk come tuesday, Angilia. How DARE you disown us!?

Tayla 7 years ago

What's with the Angilia hate club?? just asking.

Angilia Lefaye 7 years ago

Don't ask about the hate club. Has anyone donated blood lately? Vampires could use more blood. lol There is a blood shortage and more blood is needed. I came up with this awesome t-shirt idea for a new blood shirt. Here it is: Give Blood and feed the Vampires!

hmm 6 years ago

"Wow says:

14 months ago

Damn you people are stupid.

Vampires are not the amazing creatures Hollywood has created them to be. They don't all look like Edward Cullen or Lestat. Actually none of them do. They're just demonic beings who take a dead human's body to terrorize and suck the blood from people."

How do you know for sure "wow"? No one really knows, anyway. I mean, i have no idea why I am debating about this with some complete stranger over the internet but... seriously, you can believe what you like to think but i reckon that vampires are more then "what hollywood portrays" them, too, but they arent a bloodsucking monster either. And for all the people who don't believe in vampires, why not? If the world didn't have unexplainable things and myths and legends what would be left for the imagination? Nothing. Boring. And also I believe that there's more to the eye. Just because it has yet to be proven, does not mean that they do not exist. Whilst science can be useful at times, they aren't not always completely 100% correct. Who are we to say that nothing else except for useless animals are here? We don't know that for a fact now do we? No. So before you go thinking that nothing out of the ordinary and magical doesn't exist, think again!

YEP. 6 years ago

For all the people who are "pretending" to be vampires, your only wasting your time. If vampires have been supposedly around for thousands of years hiding from humans, why do you think they would get the satasfaction of posting a comment on the internet saying that they are appareantly a vampire?

And also, I don't really blame them (if they exist at all) for "not coming out of the coffin". Anyone in their right mind wouldn't. Vampires have been looked upon as evil, dark creatures of the night from most human's perspectives. The only reason why humans have grown so much fear and strong oppinions that they are only bloodsucking demons is because finally there might be a creature that could possibly overrule us all. Appareantly, from what i've read, they're stronger, faster and who knows what else. Anything or anyone which is different in this world (perfect example, different colours of skins and nationality) is posed as a threat or as "unnatural". And if vampires really DID expose themselves to us, what do you think the main reaction would be? Jumping up with joy? No. People would be grabbing their guns or stakes, heading outside at night and declaring war. Well, that's what it would be like in my mind, anyway. So seriously, when you read this I hope you actually think about your current opinion and why it is that.

haley 6 years ago

are vampires really real

La Bitch 6 years ago

I think it depends on your view point weather vampires are real or not.

night hunter 6 years ago

i hate hollywood movis about vampires they are not real but we do drink blood and we do eat human food and we are not monsters we are just like every one else.i wish i can meet another vampire because i don't know any other.first of all when i told my 2 best freids they dint belive me but then i got hungry at school and i bite my freid.she tasted soo any one know were i can get blood without any one knowing

Angilia Lefaye 6 years ago

I have witnessed seeing vampires for myself eight years ago. They still come at night to visit me. They are the closest thing that I have to a guardian angel. Anyway, vampires do not tell others about themselves for they risk to become science experiments. Those who pose to be vampires are not. Just because one drinks blood does not make them a vampire it just means they are practicing vampirism. Vampires are not demonic but can choose to be either evil or good just like the angels. Anyway I believe Anne Rice's character Lestat said it best when he said, "Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves."

j.b 6 years ago

i guess we r never going to know if those creaturs r real. if they r they should have been exposed with real human prof and there really isn't. if they r real their damn good at hiding.if there has been prof nobodys lived to say the truth about how they look or how they r we shouldn't argu about something that hasn't bien exposed to us. vampz r something nobody will ever understand even if we think we can i like vampz but i just cant say i really believe in them i haven't seen one but demonds r real i have seen many of them but never seen a vamp mabe its for the best that we keep it that way they might b something our emotions just cant handle

Angilia Lefaye 6 years ago

As I have said j.b. I have seen them. They are appear like us, but they have supernatural abilities. But you are correct, it is safer if we mortals never cross their paths or if some of us actually have met real vamps, it is best we keep their identities safe. One should ask some nurses at the blood centers for they have tales to tell.

Lilian Rose  6 years ago

Why must you fight about it? Does is ultimatly matter? Ift they are real they are people when it boils down. Im not hating on people that say they are one because i do not know them... But i do know the deffinition of "Vampire" which is having to be one if you suck blood, Or live off of blood. That is what all stories have in common living off blood. And when you are in your mothers belly you live off her blood.

That makes us all Vampires in a way. Do you not think so

Jack That Bites  6 years ago

Good point my dear Lilian, you seem quite intalectual, Me myself a vampire see you a good companion, or as we call then blood pets. I wish you where my lifeforce dear Lilian Rose.

Vamp Hooker ;)= 6 years ago

Jack, you can bite me.

Lilian makes sence. WHy Y'all Care sooo Muuch!!!!??? THEY ARE PEOPLE> JUST stronger PEOPLE> thay may or may not bE REALLLL< DUUUUHHH

anam 6 years ago

idon't think vampires is real. they are make-up story, right?

susan 6 years ago

they have a real vamp over in MODESTO CA. wow they are all wrong and lots of wrong things are covered up down there be dealing with it in and out as i had two kids down there and would walk away going what is it with all these people ?? well not long ago i started finding out they have been trying to kill me ever and ever! they will wait hack into the police files and the FBI and CIA man iam glad to be here it has been god not cop. they came in after the fact and its been a mess ! girls would say if you go to the cops sue its worest i thought your on dope down here what's wrong with you people ? they are still trying to kill me and its not over its just the cops down there bow down to it they said it was all the vamps and monsters man made gave me a story but they too were calling for help i just don't know why they all don't stand up to this group of people who are letting them live. that's what they said i thought my god help us find it and stop this for the people. so much they have killed and are vamps ect. so man untouched they say.

John MacNab profile image

John MacNab 6 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

Thank you kentuckyslone for a very interesting hub.

faisal tahir 6 years ago

i have never seen a vampire nor i've met anyone who has seen.

i think it is only the influence of movies over the minds which leads us to think that vampires exist.

Jinnaat exist.

they have their tribes. they have religions. But they have no concern with mankind.

satan belongs to jinnat.

i strongly belive that vampires do not exist because if they exist in anywhere in the world, we might have missed people there daily or we found mutilated people there. because as far as we know vampires cant survive without drinking blood

justme 6 years ago

I will believe in vampires

I want myself to be a vampire

but I do not know how I can become a vampire

kentuckyslone profile image

kentuckyslone 6 years ago Author

If you are interested in Vampires give a look see at

Krystal 6 years ago

I believe that vampires do exsist, but how is it that they are evil? There is no such thing as evil. All it is, is the name us humans put for the absenece of good. For example if you were in a desert for a day without water, then you see a desert oaisis what do you expect to do? Drink some water of course. It's our instinct and it doesn't seem evil to us. Then when a vampire sees a human and they are thirsting their blood what do you expect them to do? It's THEIR instinct, and wanting to survive shouldn't be evil. It's all part of life.

Andrhei 6 years ago

i am very much interested in learning about vampires,I'd like to know if they really did or do exist..A friend told me that there's a mother and child featured somewhere she can't remember that claimed to be living vampires.I have an unusual sleeping pattern and my friends started to kid me about being a vampire..but so far, I haven't feel the need to drink blood,LOL. But if vampires have the same nature of what was shwon in the Twilight series, I'd be proud to be a member of the "Cullens"..they were such chharming, cunning, and good- natured vampires..:)

shadowwolfnut 6 years ago

i have to say, vampires r cool.........


Joseph deboyes 6 years ago

I like vampires I'd like to meet a real live one soon maybe they can be nice to hang out with.

teresa8go profile image

teresa8go 6 years ago from Michigan, USA

Nicely done kentuckyslone but, you're missing the V in first word of the first paragraph. Right now it reads "ampire" instead of Vampire. If it happened anywhere else I wouldn't even mention it but the first word in the first paragraph is a pretty important position.

kentuckyslone profile image

kentuckyslone 6 years ago Author

OOPS! Thanks teresa8go. Must have messed it up when I was doing an edit.

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

Well done, interesting article, kentuckyslone! I'm wondering what your viewpoint might be on "revenants" (out of the middle ages - precursors to zombie legends?). I personally toy with the idea that Revenants are related very closely with both Vampire and Zombie myth/legends. I'm not getting a LOT of responses when I ask about peoples' viewpoints on this but I feel, after reading your article, you might have a very interesting comment or two to share.

cant tell you 6 years ago

so we meet again mythbuster

daisyf1305 profile image

daisyf1305 5 years ago from miami beach

first vampires like edward cullen wow....

vampires r real (I don't think anyof u claimin r one)but if u believe u r wow wonderful.

life holds mysteries, i know and beleive that legends hold some truth, people have seen things

vampires are def not lonely, they don't want humans to know hell the gov doesn't tell us anything u think vampires r going to start struttin.

can u imagine the releigion with stake n holly water.

we as humans need to relax...

being a vampire is not lovely vampires came from demons

yes some enjoy their lives but most wished they were mortals again

so b careful what u wish for

mist 5 years ago

i belive in the once long ago time excistance of vapires.i love the,i think there truly amasing at giving you something to think about1

mist 5 years ago

hey me again i do in some sense belive in vampires but do be careful wat u wish for.i am a srange girl i should kno bye bye

No one 5 years ago

I've really enjoyed reading all these comments and views on vampirism and such. Though I will not post any of this sort... I would just like to thanks some of you for those enlightening points of views and opinions on this particular subject.

Point is, When one denies the existence of one, one denies the existence of more, and denying more, denies a lot... and denying a lot, denies existence itself.

I'm simply saying, if one could believe in God or Satan, but not see by flesh or none have revealed, why believe?

Or as a matter of supernatural occurrences such as spirits or extraterrestrials? Why believe in those?

Why just believe in things proven or only that which can be seen? Life has a way of surprising you... It wasn't meant to just reveal itself, it's meant for experience and the joy of learning, those that are...and those that were.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling, I lose myself quite often in that which is of interest to me. Enjoy your days ahead and learn patience, for all is revealed to those who are willing to wait.


gypsy baby 5 years ago

do your reading.vampires are evil.vampires are the devils angels sent back2take souls for the devil.yes i love the vampires like on on twilight.but that's not guna happen.they are demons.i believe in them.idky i like them so much or just interested in what there about.but anyways read the romanians dracula.he was real.scientist have all these caniables,pple alergic2the just say make you a trip2romania and see if its real.find some1who is old and lived ther a long time and get there history and believe. but i think there real.ther is just some things the government has2hide.dnt be scared on wt ther telling us but befraid on what there not telling us.

secret 5 years ago

Look people i love vampires but you have to know the difference between the real world and myths because vampires aren't real. Just because you like something doesn't mean its always real. Like im not saying i hate them but i know they aren't real. Also just because someone might have a disease that makes people look like a vampire doesn't mean they are one. Instead you should be telling get better than act stupid and asked them are you a vampire.!! :D

5 years ago

If some people say witches existed and use magic, why not vampires. If others say god and the devil, why not vampires. If we exist with many other creatures called animals, why not vampires. The only problem is do they still exist or has it become so common people have gone insane with the idea and started to call themselves vampires. With all the b.s people make up about vampires none of us can really know.

un-none 5 years ago

im romanian could i be a vampire?

kentuckyslone profile image

kentuckyslone 5 years ago Author

un-none - Not likely since a vampire is a mythical creature

tony 4 years ago

I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am....which means if i doubt something i think about it than hence it exists

Anonymous 4 years ago

For start all of you who have said that you are a vampire are lieing a true vampire would not reveal their true identity.Second all people who have just said they don't beleive then why did you come to this page.

Anonim 4 years ago

Many of you are correct; however others are terribly mistaken. Vampiri are not at all what others make them out to be. They are beautiful majestic creatures of the night. Steryotypes made them out to be hideous or sparkling in the sunlight...both of with are completely false. Strigoi are known to be life's death as well as death's life. Viata si Moarte. They are the living dead...both giving death to the living and life to the dead. They bring harmony and balance to the world of night. They protect the night, but destroy it at the same time. They are a contradiction in themselves.

china lyons 4 years ago


jasper 4 years ago

My own personal view on vampires are god like creature, made by satan. It says in the bible that satan was once an angel until he became selfish. so god sent him to hell, he made all sorts of creatures, vampires would be an example.

my opinion is they are real, they walk past us everyday, we just don't spot them. when i say god like i mean they have immortality, and some gifts that an ordanary human would not notice. They have souls but everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a different nature.

blueyblue so u knew 4 years ago

i find this very interesting and i think vampiers are kinda real!

Nupteiron Stulker profile image

Nupteiron Stulker 4 years ago from fredericksburg VA

my Vampire name is John Harper Salvatore, Nupteiron Stulker, the Planeswalker. i am very open to what i am because i WANT you to know about vampires. i personally am a daywalker, meaning the sun cannot hurt me. i am also what MTG fans would call a Planeswalker, through "the phase" (more commonly referred to as Out-Of-Body Travel) i am able to travel to other Planes of the physical and spiritual universe... i like to call these Planes 'planets' only because Earth is on my Planeswalker list... daywalkers have no weaknesses other than, I think, age. i cannot be killed other than perhaps a 50 cal. sniper rifle (those things can kill anything!!!) i was born into the Salvatore Family and put up for adoption to get me out of a war... and no i will not talk about the war so don't ask.

kentuckyslone profile image

kentuckyslone 4 years ago Author

So nothing but a 50 cal bullet could kill you?

What about napalm? What about a nuclear bomb? How about a chain saw? Or an ax? How about being dropped from an airplane onto concrete? What if you were stomped by a herd of elephants? How about a 40mm grenade launcher or a shot directly from a tank?

Nothing can kill you "other than perhaps a 50 cal. sniper rifle "? RIDICULOUS

Sunshine 4 years ago

If they where to be real. How would they have been able to hide them self for 1000 if years without us knowing... At least someone would have to know if there where real vampires. What about werewolves? The history is telling us that vampires and werewolves where enemies. Why would vampires exist and not werewolves? I am not saying that they do not exist but the proofs and myths make me somewhat unsure about the existence of vampires.

vampire chick/ goth girl 4 years ago

i so belive in vampires i am one my self well so i like to think. i personley would love to become one it is just where do you find a vampire .oh yeah i am one . go vampires go

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