Villagers, an Irish band, first caught my attention a few months ago when I heard their song Becoming a Jackal. I don't compare many people to The Beatles, but the first thing I thought of when I heard the voice of lead singer Conor O'Brien, was how much he sounded like a young Paul McCartney. So I decided to find a picture, to see if there was a resemblance. I was a little spooked out to find there was.

Looks aside, the entire Villagers album blew me away. It was not for the way Conor's voice reminded me of a Beatle. It was for his fearless lyrics, accompanied by a dream like sound that seemed as if discovered in a deep sleep.

I decided I had to see Villagers for myself. Within in weeks, I was at their concert in L.A. Standing on stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a blue light, Conor performed. He was alone, and the eerie songs seemed to bleed from the microphone. No one in the audience moved. At that moment, we were Villagers.

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