Vintage Harmony Acoustic Guitar

Why I bought a Harmony Guitar

Buying a guitar for some people can be as easy as going to the music store and picking out the model ,color and type of instrument you desire. At the time I purchased my Harmony I was in Seattle. I tryed over one thousand guitars before I found this one. You might ask why? I picked it out from the 1000s of other instruments because of the way it sounded.

Rather than pick an instrument by brand I have always found it best to choose by sound. Several years later I brought the Harmony guitar into a guitar shop in Seattle. I wanted to buy strings and have it strung correctly, for I did not consider myself an expert by any means. The owner saked where I purchased the instrument, I stated from a pawn shop on the west side. He offered me $1000.00 for the guitar or I could pick any guitar in the store I wanted and he would swap me.

Of course I said I wasnt in the market to sell or trade it but I would look at his selection of instruments. The best guitar he had was a Martin, everyone has always told me they sound the best. The Martin didnt have the tone that my guitar does. Not even close! I tryed several other guitars that didnt even come close to the full rich deep tone that mine has. I didnt sell it to him. I continued to play it for 25 years. It still sounds great!

Vintage Harmony Guitar

Vintage Guitar Show

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Antonio Orrico profile image

Antonio Orrico 7 years ago

Are those prices real? The guitar ping are almost more expensive!

Robert Ballard 7 years ago

Glad you found this old soldier, looks decent and the proof is in the picking, if you're happy, that all that matters.Happy pickin!

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