Wall-e Movie

Wall-e has to be one of the most lovable Disney Pixar characters. When humans have almost destroyed the earth by leaving so much garbage the planet becomes uninhabitable,Wall-e and his fellow robots are left to clear up the mess. 

But the other robots all break down, leaving Wall-e by himself with just a cockrach for a friend. Things are about to change when Eve is sent to Earth to see if there are any signs of life. Wall-e finds true love. But will he win Eve's heart?

Wall-e - The Last Robot on Earth

The Idea Behind The Wall-e Movie

Wall-e is directed by Andrew Stanton of Finding Nemo. The original idea for Wall-e goes way back to 1994 when Toy Story was just nearing completion. Stanton came up with the idea of what happens if everyone leaves Earth and forgets to turn off the last robot. He and fellow writers John Lasseter,Pete Docter and Joe Ranft turned this original concept into the Wall-e movie.

The movie has very little dialogue. Whole parts of the story are told just by sounds,visuals and an amazing soundtrack.

The Wall-e movie grossed $534 million worldwide. It won a Golden Globe and the 2008 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Disney Pixar Wall-e Trailer

Wall-e U Command Toy

The Walle U Command Robot is  one of the hottest toys of 2009
The Walle U Command Robot is one of the hottest toys of 2009

Wall-e Interactive

This is one of my favorite Wall-e toys. Interaction Wall-E is 7" tall and responds to your voice. If you have the Interaction Eve then it will interact with this too. He moves,produces those familiar Wall-e sounds and lights up too. For any fan of the movie this is a great toy! It is a particularly good choice if you also have the Interactive Eve as they can 'communicate' with each other.

Interactive Wall-e Toy

Wall-e Movie Picture

Disney Wall-e Soundtrack

One of the reasons for the success of the Wall-e movie is it's wonderful soundtrack. A movie without many words has to have something holding it together and this certainly works for Wall-e.

In a bold move Stanton decided to use the song Put on Your Sunday Clothes from the musical movie Hello Dolly for the opening sequence. 

For the movie soundtrack Andrew Stanton decided to work again with Thomas Newman with whom he had worked on Finding Nemo.  Newman composed the ending credit sequence music Down To Earth with musician Peter Gabriel.

Wall-e Down To Earth Soundtrack

Wall-e Movie Live Action

Wall-e was the very first Disney Pixar movie to use live action footage of humans. Wall-e love to watch the movie Hello Dolly. He longs to reach out to someone just as the characters do in Hello Dolly.

An actor was also used to portray the CEO of B N Large.

Disney Wall-e DVD

Wall-E (Three-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy and BD Live) [Blu-ray]
Wall-E (Three-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy and BD Live) [Blu-ray]

The Wall-e DVD is an essential addition to your Disney Pixar movie collection. With lots of extra features including the excellent. This is the Blu Ray edition although there are several other editions available this is of course the highest quality available and offers lots of extra features. One excellent extra feature is the Leslie Iwerks produced documentary The Pixar Story. If you want a glimpse behind the scenes of the success of the phenomenal animated movie making studio this is a great extra feature well worth watching.


Disney Wall-e Eve

Eve stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. Eve is a sleek, sophisticated robot in stark contrast to Wall-e. She has serious trust issues and at first tends to shoot at anything that moves!  At first she is unable to show any emotion but when she slowly gets to know Wall-e she learns to trust him. 

Eve is sent to Earth to see if she can find any sign of vegetation as this would signal the possibility that the humans can return to the Earth. But when she finds Plant and returns it to the Axiom it is revealed that things are not quite a straight forward as they first appear.

One of the joys of this movie is in watching the developing relationship between Wall-e and Eve. Watch out for some truly touching as well as comedic moments. One of my favorites is when Wall-e becomes entangled in all the shopping carts. 

Is Wall-e Just A Movie For Grown Ups?

My kids absolutely love this movie but I know that some of said that it is perhaps the most grown up of the Disney Pixar movies. For me sure it has a message which is pretty vital in this day and age - and this is something that hopefully children will pick up on (and the adults too).

It has many comedic moments and the character of Wall-e is very lovable. Of course it isn't as directed at children as something like the Toy Story movies or Disney Cars but it certainly has something for everyone no matter what their age.

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