with great power comes great responsibility

Welcome to galactus vs kronas part two.I've changed my original hub on comics around so many times that I have decided to create another hub dedicated to comics and the comic book industry.Here it is "with great power comes great responsibility",got that title from spider-man,peter Parker's uncle Ben said it first.So welcome to my new hub dedicated to the comic industry,hope you enjoy it.Movies and animation will also be featured on this hub too.So I don't know where to begin so I'll just dive in and see what I come up with.I grew up reading comics actually learned HOW to read before kindergarten because of comics.I know pretty much the complete history of DC and the Marvel Universe all the way up till 1988 anyway,that's the year I stopped seriously collecting comics.The only titles I'm following now is Captain America and the SWORD by the Luna brothers.These are the only titles worthy of receiving my hard earned pennies.So I'm not actually a full time collector any more,matter of fact,besides the two titles I've mentioned,I give the rest of the comics I buy to the young kid down the street,he's a artist like me,whose totally hooked on the idea of becoming a book artist,so I give him my comics so he can gage his talent level,see where he's at and see where he has to go.That's what I do I'll pick up a copy of Wizard,check out the top ten writers and the top ten artist and once a month I'll go to the comic book shop and pick up their work,their supposed to be the best in the business so since I'm on the path of breaking into the business,I need to know whats hot and whats not,because I'm hoping "with fingers crossed and all" to hit the comic book universe like a supernova.again fingers crossed and all.To work with the Best,you have to be the Best,that's my motto,only the best work for the big three MARVEL,DC,and IMAGE.

skeleton scripts

I pick comics at random two or three a week,I guess you can say I'm checking out the competition.I am a MARVELHEAD,but I'm no longer solely interested in just marvel characters,I'm interested in the creators,trying to map out their patterns profiling the industry you could say,see what they all have in common,then go in the opposite direction when my chance comes.From my research into Dc and Marvel I've found that they follow similar patterns,very similar,for example,Captain America was replaced by Bucky,and Bat-Man (from the last time I checked)will be replaced by Dick Grayson,the original robin.Every other month the big two will have another earth shattering event that will create a company wide crossover,another reason I'm not totally into collecting, crossovers spin off into every title on the regular,crossovers cost money,and I would guess that they make money too,judging by how frequent they happen.Crossovers also cheapens the story,limits real creativity from emerging,because the writers are locked in to writing about something that they really don't want to.The buzz is that the big dogs at the top of marvel and dc are handing out skeleton scripts that are designed to guide the two universes into a yearly climax,leading to another crossover.Bad idea,when you put guide lines on your writers you limit what they can do.They can't really break free and let their imagination go because they're "chained" to a specific goal.Skeleton scripts kill the imagination.Stories often write themselves,sometimes you start at this point,and you have a certain destination in mind but when you get knee deep into the story you often end up at a different destination than you intended and most of the time its a better place than the original destination you had planned for your characters in the first place.My message to the Big two is let the writers run free,I bet you will get a much better story,which will result in a much better product,then you would by chaining them to a specific destination.For example I will use the X-Men,once upon a time a long time ago the X-men was on the verge of cancellation,the big dogs in charge at that time stepped out the picture put up a "maybe cancelled at anytime" judgement on the X-men and let the creator staff go completely wild.The writers and artist came in to the X-men Universe with nothing to lose,and created a comic dynasty.They took the worst title "so bad that marvel ran reprints from the 60's"and turned the X-men into the flag-ship of Marvel.Created some pretty darn good stories along the way.When you hand out guidelines to your creative staff you smother that creative potential.Skeleton scripts are a bad idea.


captain america...superboy prime

If you are into comics then you know that cap is dead.You know that Bucky is now the new cap.And like I said in the beginning right now I only follow two titles,the sword and captain America,the death of captain America actually brought me to captain America.I just don't like the way the whole thing went down,caps last few months of life was crap.They could have given him a better death than that.In the last few months of caps life he's at war with Iron Man and the United States government,Iron-Man beats him to a pulp,Iron Man wins the war,and Cap is thrown in jail.On the day of his trial cap is shot in the back by sniper fire,and to top it all off caps pregnant girlfriend agent Sharon carter finishes him off with close range gunshots to the chest.All orchestrated by the Red Skull who gets away with the crime.So after five or six decades of battlingeach other the Skull comes out on top.I don't like that.That whole scenario is wrong on so many levels,first of all this is the way I see it,you have a Billionaire playboy,totally beating the crap out of a highly trained war veteran who does special ops for the government on a regular basis,but still the billionaire wins,Second you have a Nazi who was personally trained by Hitler arrange the assassination of a symbol of America,and pulls it off by having his pregnant girlfriend do it.The Nazi wins,and gets away Scott free.That completely sucks.Now we have a new Captain America running around with a gun.Why the gun? Whats the point of being a superhero if you have to pack a gun?From the outside looking in it seems to me that the big two are totally devoted to shock and awe,totally screwing up their characters along the way.O.K. SUPER-BOY-PRIME,another little disappointfor me.O.k. prime is like super-man from another reality,except he's younger,he's super-boy same costume and all.only difference is he's evil.O.k I can handle that too.But he just couldn't be a evil super-man,nooooooooo.He has to be much worse than that,so guess what super-boy prime is a psychopathic killer.makes Jason look like a pussycat.For real,super-boy is a killer ripping off heads tearing out arms,freezing and shattering bodies knocking out like ten to fifteen hero's at a time,Charles Manson from krypton.Super-boy.come on now.To me that is what the big two have turned into since I've been away,Crossover after crossover,and shock and awe just for the sake of shock and awe.the art has improved dramatically compared to the books I grew up on.The stories are pretty good,but the big two has lost that special magic,And it seems that magic will never be back.It seems that stories and comics are created with profit in mind first,story second,"what can we do to increase the bottom line?" It seems like the big Two have gone corporate.

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The Shark profile image

The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

Hello Yon,

I previewed your latest Hub and I must say you did a nice job.

As a kid I did read some comic books and I think you had an interesting observation when you said it was how you learned how to read.

It does show that if something is interesting that kids will gravitate to it and it can become educational. I have a daughter in HS that enjoys comic books.

My favorite character from the books was Superman. I actually enjoy the old TV series from the 50's with Steven Reeves as Superman as opposed to the movies, although I think Chris Reeves played the role well.

Somehow the old series was just more fun to watch, especially the way it came on, (Faster than a speeding bullet....)

Keep up the good work, I am sure it will evolve and you will find a rhythm for where you want it to go.

Good Luck,

The Shark---taking a bite out of liberealism

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

thanks.my favorite characters are Thanos,Magneto,and the magus,the first magus from the seventies.I gravitate towards the villians for some reason.

The Shark profile image

The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

Ok, that's interesting. Paul McCarteny had a song about him called Magneto and Titanium man. Check it out, it was on his Venus and Mars album.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

I'll check it out see whats up.

SistasExpress profile image

SistasExpress 7 years ago from Chicago

Great hub!! I like comic books! I will keep checking this site out! Thanks.

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