Worst Sitcom Joke Ever—Broadcasted Daily on TBS

Who knows when sitcom buffs will see a new show nearly as good as Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, or Seinfeld. Todays' American sitcoms  don’t have much to offer--they vary from bad to worse. There’s one bad show that caught my attention with one of its jokes—The Bill Engvall Show. If you watch TBS, you couldn’t have missed the worst sitcom joke ever, broadcasted repeatedly as part of a commercial for Engvall’s show.

Bill Engvall and me

If you’ve never seen it, I’ll try to tell it, but I don’t know if my verbal description can capture the stupidity of those who produced the show and especially those who air it so frequently on TBS: Bill helps his wife fold the family laundry, when he picks a pair of black lacy panties and says, “How come I haven’t seen any of these?”

His wife answers, “They’re your daughter’s.”

“Oh, no!” Bill exclaims in shock and throws the panties back into the laundry basket. And then we are supposed to burst into laugher.

Remember that this is the current commercial for the show so it doesn’t end here. After the scene we see Bill Engvall saying TBS’s slogan: VERY FUNNY! But the joke is on Bill. A funny sitcom joke, Bill, is I-WAS-IN-THE-POOL scene from Seinfeld.

Now I realize why Jerry Seinfeld's anual income from his show was $267 milllion in 1998. It was his ability to make us laugh.

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ChopSkull 7 years ago

Sitcoms have been on a downward spiral since the 80s.  Exceptions like Seinfeld were few and far between- Seinfeld was like the anti-sitcom breaking all the rules.  The early episodes of Roseanne were funny too.  

This clip you mentioned with the panties, I think I did see it.  It was so bad I must have blocked it out of my conscious mind. 

Thanks for bringing it back up! lol

Thank god for shows like South Park to kick awful TV in its ass. 

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