Zhang ziyi (asian actress) – her ugly pictures before she was famous (without makeup)

zhang ziyi with makeup and good lighting
zhang ziyi with makeup and good lighting

She is one of the most famous Asian actress known to Hollywood. Her name is Zhang ziyi. I never thought she was extremely good looking (different people have different opinions; this is just my opinion), but she is certainly not ugly. I searched for her name on a Chinese search engine and found these older pictures of her without much makeup or professional packaging from stylists. This proofs the fact that even mega stars have very humble beginnings.

This is Zhang ziyi when she was a little child.

zhang ziyi child picture
zhang ziyi child picture

This is Zhang ziyi in a movie as a minor character many years ago.

This is Zhang ziyi's normal pictures many years ago.

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purplegrass 3 years ago

soooo hideous!

and after all that fame, still so hideous!

oh, those pictures... =S 3 years ago

=O :O ...Oh those pictures... And I just knew that she is A VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE prostitute!

Which was not really a surprise... She seemed quite slutish to me, from the start.

And well, in "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" she wasn't a minor role... isn't she the main character? But anyway.

Loveasia 2 years ago


Peg 16 months ago

She is just lucky. There r so many countless beatiful Asian actreses than her. N with more Canting talents than her. Wats so pretty abt her.? Flat nose bridge with small eyes wide apart n dat sudden sharp chin.

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