Cradle Cap Cure

An easy natural way to treat cradle cap

I have always seemed to battle cradle cap with my babies. I've tried baby shampoo, brushing, Dove Soap, plain water...but it still comes.

I checked out the web and saw that Olive oil rubbed on the head works as well as Head & Shoulders. He just seemed too little for H&S shampoo, and I'd resort to it if the olive oil didn't work either.

I was washing my little man's head and noticed a few spots forming. Checking out the web I read that it was caused by over active oil glands and then it clogs the pores. So I started washing with Cetaphil, it is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores).

I rubbed it onto his scalp with a little water, then washed the rest of him. I applied more Cetaphil with more water and gently rubbed. I used a soft toothbrush to gently rub on spots, don't be too aggressive or it will take off his skin! yeouch!

It worked for awhile, but the spots did not completely go away, so I tried the next treatment...Olive Oil. It really works well, I rubbed it on his head and left it in overnight. Next morning I washed his head and all these flakes just lifted off, hardly any brushing necessary.

A month or so later, I did it again when a few more spots started up. I still use Cetaphil or Dove for washing his hair, as well as his whole body. But I am sold...Olive oil wins hands down for treating Cradle Cap!

Very easy, Very safe, and Very Effective.

Thanks for reading,


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    Great for cooking too!

    Wonderful Olive Oil
    Wonderful Olive Oil

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