10 Things to Do with Your Kids on a Snow Day

This morning, the phone rang at 5:30 AM to inform us that the school had a two hour delay due to freezing. I reset the alarm, fell back asleep happy to know that we would not need to rush this morning. But alas, two hours later, the delay had been replaced with a closing. Now what?! Not only must I cancel an important phone meeting, two appointments, and most of my "To-Do" list, I would need to find something for the kids to do today since we didn't have the usual "snow day" snow, just bone breaking ice. And while I am very tempted to let Hannah, Zac and Cody, and Sponge Bob entertain my children while I write hub pages, thankfully, that mommy-guilt has kicked in. So, here are a few activities that I may attempt to organize in the hope of preventing them from killing each other.

1) Bake something  - In our case, my son really wanted this "Big Top Cupcake" maker that was advertised continuously during all of his favorite Nick Jr. shows. We will have to try it out and see if it really is worth the $19.99 plus shipping and handling. However, any recipe would do. Dig in your pantry for an cake, brownie or cupcake mix, and let the kids ice and decorate it!

2) Have a dance party - Take turns putting on the hits and dance around the house. This is a great way to introduce your kids the the music that was popular when you were their age. Get out a broom and limbo. If you have a Karaoke machine, bring it out and sing away.

3) Play a board game - Today is the day to play that board game that takes forever that they are always begging to play like Monopoly or Life.

4) Make a Craft - Dig out all of those beads and make some jewelry, teach them how to knit or cross-stitch, or dig through your recycle bin and create a cereal box city.

5) Plan a surprise for the working parent - Organize a project like cleaning the basement, cooking a nice dinner, or creating a picture collage for Daddy or Mommy when they come home from work. This may be a way to get the kids to help a little with the chores.

6) Create a video for relatives - If you have relatives that live in a different state, take this opportunity to create a video to send to them of your children. Let them create a play, sing a song, do a dance, or lead a house video tour for their Grandma and Grandpa or Aunt and Uncle.

7) Play learning games - Turn spelling words or math facts into a game with prices. Be as creative as possible.

8) Play relay races - If you need to burn off a little of that pent up energy and can't take it outside, create some inside relay races with hopping, jumping, crab-walking, or spinning. The sillier the better.

9) Build a fort - What kid doesn't like a fort to hide in?! Use your furniture, toys, blankets and sheets. And for extra fun, have a lunch picnic inside.

10) Look through photo albums - Dig through old photos of you as a child or your wedding album. Bring out the pictures of their baby days and their first bath. If you have the desire, attempt a few scrap book pages, or request their help with framing a few pictures.

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LauraGT profile image

LauraGT 4 years ago from MA

Always looking for new ideas here! Of course, this last winter didn't provide a single snow day. I'll flag for next year!

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