5 Ideas To Teach Your Children 'The Importance Of Family'

1. Old Photos / Videos

I make it a point to revisit old photos and videos.  Some of my freinds have used these to make games to play with their children.

So all photos are loaded on to an automatic photo frame / automated or digital photo frame and the kids have to shout out the names of the people in the photos as they appear.

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My daughter likes old videos though.  She likes the moving images.  She likes to see the facial expressions, the voice, the words used etc.

2. Meet

Nothing can replace the one-on-one interaction and love your children will receive when they meet up family.

As kids we would spend our entire summer vacations at your grandparents house with all the other cousins.  It was mayhem, but we so eagerly looked forward to it.

3. Special Occasions

If you can celebrate them together.

We tend to celebrate all the major festivals as a family. It brings so much cheer, it is amazing. The kids look forward to it and because the occasion itself demands a lot of preparation, gaiety and fun!

4. Create A Family Calendar

We have one dedicated to the family.  The calendar only has the dates marked for birthdays, anniversaries, special moments, best of luck dates (exams, interviews, etc) and death.
the calendar is dedicated to family, made with family photos for each month and we ensure that we as a family call or meet people on those special dates.
the children love it.  they look for the upcoming dates and prepare birthday cards, decide what to do special  or may even make us plan a trip.

5. Share Tales

I have said this many times before.  Children love stories and somehow they remember them too!  why not tell stories about your family?  one of my daughter's favorite story is of her grand father burning his lab coat while trying to conduct an experiment in college.  everytime she hears it she laughs and has on a number occasions asked him about it to verify if I was telling the truth!

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