5 Ideas To Teach Your Children 'The Importance Of Friendship'


If you can get a child to share his/her toy with another child, I can guarantee they are on their way to friendship.

3. Make them tell each other about their culture

I was fortunate to grow up in Mumbai.  We were surrounded by people from different races, cultures and faiths.

We learnt a lot, enjoyed a lot (so many different celebrations) but I think something more could have happened.

I think getting children to tell each other about their faiths, culture can be good for both the teller and the listener.

Your child learns by sharing his/her knowledge and learns to respect other faiths.

4. Handmade Birthday Cards

I think this is so powerful.

I recently got my daughter a card making set and she immediately set out making them for freinds and family.

the effort they put in, the feeling of having done something for another person and the pride of giving is immense.

Also friends value such creations and keep them safe and share them with visitors.  Every time my daughter visits a friends house and is shown now nicely her card is kept, she beams!

5. Study Together

They already play together, you dont need to do much there.
Get them to study together.

A little suggestion here.  get them to take turns at the playing the teacher and student in a class.  It is fascinating to see them teach each other.  p.s. just make sure they learning the right things!

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