5 Ideas To Teach Your Children 'The Importance Of Hope'

1. No Hope is Stupid

Anything your child hopes for is allowed.

No judging it, no criticizing it, no rationalizing it, nothing.

2. Listen

You job is to spend quality time listening.  I am asking you to take it forward.  Spend a dedicated time listening all that your children hope for.

My daughter routinely details her dream home.  it has more baths than rooms, a huge playground but no school, lots of gifts but no shops.  I know.  Its her dream, her hope.  She saves money for it.  She actually does not spend money when she could and chooses to save it for her dream home.  I listen, that is my job.

3. Make them tell you details

As in the example above, I encourage her to tell me more about her home, the one she hopes someday we will move into.

she tells me all kinds of details.  the color of the walls, the location of each room, where her room would be, where mine would be etc.  Let them enjoy their hopes.  She becomes so animated and excited, it makes me feel like hoping for a Ferrari too! (all red and shiny- detailing you see!)

4. Let them Paint their hopes

My daughter enjoys painting.

I love watching her when she is concentrating on that piece of paper in front of her and trying to make sure all colors remain inside the lines.

I routinely tell her to draw what she hopes for.  So if she wants mom to make her something special for school the next day, it is painted into her future!

5. Add to the hope

be excited yourself.

tell her something like 'fingers crossed, gogu, I so hope it happens!'

Let them know you are in their corner.

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