5 Ideas To Teach Your Children 'The Importance Of Trying'

by stevendepolo
by stevendepolo

1. Reward

Reward is more powerful than punishment.

Reward every effort your child makes.  Make the reward proportional to the effort, but do not, I repeat do not make winning a condition.

You can create better rewards to get the desired result, but as of now teaching them the value of trying is more important than winning.

2. Remove Fear

Let them know that there will no consequences to failing.

Nothing should hamper their try.  If they feel even the slightest fear that they may face something terrible (shouting, revoking of privileges, shame) at loosing, they are more inclined to not try something.

3. Small Steps

Take small steps.

Give them something small to try, let them win that, then increase it a little bit more.

Its the same with muscles or physical training.

Children seem to take failure very strongly and in front of other children this may be crippling.  Reward them at every level

4. Share Heroic Stories

Children love stories.  I know, everyone knows that, but what is not used by parents is the opportunity to inspire children using these stories.

A friend of mine continuously uses heroic stories to remind her children that they should not fear anything or fear trying.  Some of the tales have a plot where because the lead character tried something, it got a much bigger/better reward than it was expecting.

It works when you bring the story to their attention at a later stage.

5. Share your own tales

My daughter loves it when I recount my childhood.  She wants to emulate it and sometimes it allows me to get her to do things she may not like to or want to do.

Share with them personal tales and you will see them trying something if you happened to try it yourself when you were a child.

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