5 Things Every Parent Should Teach Thier Children

by epSos.de
by epSos.de

1. Importance of Trying

Importance of making an effort is for me one of the foremost things you could get your child to accept and live with.

the results will follow, but if you can get them to ensure that they always try, at whatever it is they want to do or have, then you have taught them a valuable lesson for living a fulfilling life.

2. Importance of Hope

I saw a nice article 5 Ideas on how to keep hope alive.

Teaching your children the importance of hope and letting them know it is alright to hope and also that all of it may not come true but that does not mean they should lose heart or stop hoping is so very important.

3. Importance of Money

the sooner the better.

really.  No two ways about it.  This is a huge life skill.

4. Importance of Family

With ever increasing nuclear families, one-child families and even DINKs - Double Income No Kids - couples, children no longer see the large families of yore.

Gone are the many cousins that they could bond with.  It becomes increasingly important for parents to ensure that their kids remember and value family.

5. Importance of Freindship

With the family taking a back seat and growing smaller in size and influence, the friends are taking center stage.

Parents should not only value and encourage their wards to develop friendships, but also nurture them and let the kids know you are there to support their commitments.

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What Other things should parents ensure their kids know..tell us

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