A Childs Fear Of Being Left Home Alone

A Childs Fear

A Childs fear


A Childs Fear Of Being Left Home Alone


     Some children fear being left at home alone.  They’re scared of being in a house filled with echoes and different kinds of sounds. Usually when kids are left home alone, they tell you that they hear the floor squeaking, or they hear someone walking and talking.  Even though we as adults tell them that it’s just their imagination, for some reason, they seem to have a different opinion. 


     Children who are left home alone say they feel abandoned, lonely, sad and helpless.  The adults that are leaving their kids home by themselves need to address this fear issue with them.  You should sit your children down and let them know that you understand their fear, let them know that you at one time have experienced the same type of fear when you were a child.  Being left home alone can be terrifying.  Kids should only be left home alone when it’s absolutely necessary, and they must be the right age to be left home alone. 


     It is perfectly normal for children to experience fears during their growing up years, but most children will outgrow these fears over time.  Children’s fears depend on his or her level of anxiety, their past experiences, and their imagination.  Many fears, if not recognized and treated properly in children, it can develop into more serious phobias in their adult life.  Let’s remember not to make a problem out of the solution, but let us come up with a solution to the problem and help children to conquer their fears.

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MaileySmith 6 years ago

Nice article! I have a 12 year old daughter, and I started leaving her alone in our house when she was 10. I’m confident in leaving her home alone because she is already mature and responsible enough to take care of herself, and also I registered her to SafeKidZone application so that whenever she needs help, or she is in an emergency situation she can summon and ask for an immediate response from trusted friends, family, also from me and the nearest 911 in our area. This is the protection, I provide to my kids: http://safekidzone.com/

adult family home in united states 6 years ago

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adult family home in washington 6 years ago

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Hannah Ministries profile image

Hannah Ministries 6 years ago

Personally I think that children should never be left alone in ahouse if it was not at a certain age that the child want's to start autorizing his indipendency and wants, askes, pleads to be left alone! Thanks for you hub. and welcome on Hub pages.

Cari Jean profile image

Cari Jean 6 years ago from Bismarck, ND

My heart breaks for the children being left home alone - esp. when they are too young to care for themselves. I think it is probably more common than we think it is though. Thanks for a great hub.

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