A mission to find Baby Coupon sites that actually have coupons

Where can I get 20% Off Baby Coupons?

Baby Coupons - Where are they?
Baby Coupons - Where are they?

A mission to find Baby Coupons in 2 clicks

I thought finding the right baby coupon would be quick and easy - as in 2 clicks away. I was trying to find a diapers coupon and some cheap baby wipes. But I ended up finding a lot of garble (hard to read) websites. I spent hours and another day trying to find what I was looking for.

Well I won’t bother you with the pains I endured with this time-consuming-process but I will point out that, if you want something for nothing, you’re going to get a lot ugly looking websites with a bunch of adverts in your face.

In the end, I thankfully kept a record of some reasonable websites that were easy to use and more importantly, they were offering deals cheaper than our local shops.

So I’ll share with you the websites that I could find a deal within 2 clicks.

My Baby Coupon results

These are my findings of webites with good navigation and good deals.

Locate their Search box
Type in diapers and click Search.
There were a list of diaper offers which links to the supplier.

Locate their Search Box
Type in diapers or “baby wipes” and click the arrow.
To get more specific products to baby wipes, it is best to use the double quotes (“) around the word.
This site was a good online store and had a great range of products to choose from.

This online store is similar the drugstore above.
Locate their Search Box
Type in diapers or “baby wipes” and click Go.
There's another healthy range of products.

Locate their Search box
Type in diapers or “baby wipes” and click Search
Again, to be more specific in your search, double quotes (“).
This site had a wider selection of online shops to compare deals across.

On the sidebar, click on the category name.
Eg Baby Diapers coupon
I like the pictures and descriptions on this site. It’s a bit thin on stock but I like the quality in their description offers.

On the sidebar, choose Babies & kids Offers> Babies & kids coupons
There is a list of offers with the company logo next it and expiry date – very useful site.

Locate their Search box
Type in diapers or “baby wipes” and click the magnify glass.
There is free shipping on orders over $49 which is a very economical way to buy!

So there you have it. My list of personal websites that I’ll shop from that have good deals and are easy to use. Now I’ve got my time back to spend with my baby. Hope you get yours too. Enjoy!

Please share your Baby Coupon finds

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